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To Wing or Not to Wing: Which Eyeliner is Best for You?

Your face is the palette and makeup the paint. But not every style will work, especially around the eyes. With so many different shapes, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what makes your eyes really pop. Wonder no … Continue reading

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How Much Makeup is Right for an Audition?

Applied makeup amount suggestions for an audition varies greatly from person to person. Some cake it on imagining they’re already on stage and in full regalia. Others abhor the stuff and refuse to touch it unless they have to. The … Continue reading

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Applying a Flawless Foundation

Like any foundation, this aspect of makeup is the most important since it is the layer upon which all else is added. Smudge the foundation and you smudge your look. While it can be challenging to create a glow that … Continue reading

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2018 Fall Beauty Trends

To match the changing leaves and cooling temperatures, beauty trends this season are all about matching the bold with the beautiful. Bright Eyes Gone are the hushed browns and darker hues of eyeliner and eyeshadow in favor of bold pinks … Continue reading

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Best Photoshoot Foundation and Concealer

Cameras have come a long way. From pixel messes on earlier cell phones to high-quality masterpieces complete with built-in blemish removers nowadays, it might seem like makeup doesn’t matter. However, this is hardly the case. Selfie pics are far different … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger Naturally

Pouty lips are in. Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with full, large lips. Luckily makeup lets us sidestep our genes. Here’s what you need to make those lips look luscious. The Base Like the base coat on your … Continue reading

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Flawless Cut Crease Eyeshadow How To

Perfect for those with medium to heavy folds over the eyes, the cut crease is the latest and greatest eyeshadow technique. Named because of how it defines the crease by using a contrasting color to cut across the fold, here’s … Continue reading

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Natural versus Stage Makeup

There is a big difference between natural and stage makeup. Where one is to be enjoyed in natural lighting, the other must be bold enough to be seen from across a room as you are showered in very intense lighting. … Continue reading

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Different Mascara Wands for Different Looks

There are a lot of mascara brushes out there. From the usual straight wand to balls and curves, choosing the right one has never been so confusing. Fret no more. Here’s the down low on what to choose when deciding … Continue reading

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Beach-Ready Beauty

Just because you’ll be hitting the waves this summer doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to do so without your signature face. Check out these awesome options for a long lasting look this summer. Fixed Foundation MAC is a well-known name … Continue reading

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