How to Look Better in Photos

How to Look Better in PhotosTackle these tips and tricks to make yourself even more beautiful on camera.


According to research that has recently come to light, the left side of the face is typically considered to be more attractive.

Square Off

Never face the camera square on (unless it’s for an artsy picture). Instead, always tilt your head. This adds depth to those beautiful features.

Look Up

If you’re seated for a photo shoot, have the photographer stand above you so your face has to tilt upward to face the lens. This allows for incredible jaw definition.

Money, Money

“Cheese” might be the go-to for most family photos, but it’s far from the best word to use. Instead of forcing a fake smile as you hit those hard vowels, use “money” to create a much more natural looking smile, complete with crinkling eyes.

Tongue in Cheek

If you’re still worried about an unnatural looking smile, stick your tongue behind your teeth to contain the width. The only catch is to remember to smile with the eyes, otherwise, this trick can make for an unhappy look.

Stand Tall

When posing for a full-length photo, see if the photographer can squat a little to capture shots from a lower angle. This simple change of perspective makes you look taller and thinner.

Head High

If you suffer from what looks to be a double chin in your selfies, chances are high you are pulling your chin in too close to your neck. Instead, hold your head up to clearly separate the jaw from the neck. This has an incredibly powerful slimming look.

Arm Out

No matter how awesome your arms are, they’ll always look frumpy when held close to your body. When posing, keep your arms far from your torso to accentuate the smallest part of your waist.

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Special Resume Skills

Special Resume SkillsWe all have them. The skills we are masters of but don’t really see much stage time. Maybe you’re a pro with the yo-yo. Maybe you can shoot a bow and arrow. Maybe you are fluent in three different languages. While you shouldn’t highlight everything all the time, here are the strongest skills that you should always leave room for.


Too many shows require characters that have an accent and since not every production can get their hands on a native of southern Georgia, being able to naturally replicate a pattern of speech is a highly sought-after skill. The more believable you can pull off acting with the accent, the stronger your chances of landing roles.


Whether you’ve worked with firearms or can’t stop training with swords, even the most rudimentary stage combat is looked at with a positive light. Directors don’t want to waste time every show teaching their cast how to throw a proper slap. The less time they have to spend on that information, the more time they have to put in to make the production better.


If you are of Latino heritage, expect to be asked if you can speak fluent Spanish. Many more doors will open up for you if you play to certain gender and racial assumptions. The casting crew is not seeking to be offensive, they simply need to fit the role they were told to cast, and the more you play to what is most often requested based on your background, the better off you’ll be.


As with all things in theater, no one is you and you aren’t anyone else. Play to your strengths. If you are a master pianist applying for a role that requires musical acumen, highlight your talent. Just be sure to avoid weirder things that could be misinterpreted or otherwise don’t lend anything to a show.

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2018 Fall Beauty Trends

2018 Fall Beauty TrendsTo match the changing leaves and cooling temperatures, beauty trends this season are all about matching the bold with the beautiful.

Bright Eyes

Gone are the hushed browns and darker hues of eyeliner and eyeshadow in favor of bold pinks and purples pulled straight from the glam of the 60s and 80s. Glitter is an extremely popular addition to these tones to make them stand out even more.

Muted Lips

To balance the bright, opt for light pink and otherwise soft lipsticks and glosses to make sure all the attention remains on your eyes. Neutral and beige tones with a small bit of shine offset the glam perfectly. If, however, you love your lips more than your peepers, keep the eye makeup minimal and apply your darkest reds.

Bougie Buns

For long hair, keep it on top of your head in the messiest bun you can muster. Don’t worry about slicking back your hair, either. The less it looks like there was product used to set it, the better the bun.

Claw Clips and Barrettes

If your hair is too short for a messy bun, it’s time to dig out those claw clips and barrettes you sported back in the 90s. Unlike the messy buns, be sure to style your hair so that these hair accessories are more of a decoration and less of a necessity.

Two-Tone Nails

The French manicure will always be a classic, but it certainly isn’t remaining stagnant. While you’ll want to keep the white tips, the main area of the nail can be coated in a deep color of your choice. For the best look, stick with dark reds, browns, and oranges to match the natural color shift of the trees.

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Finding Your Signature Model Expression

Finding Your Signature Model ExpressionA model’s look is their calling card. It’s the one thing that sets them apart from every other pretty face on the planet. Though it may take time to find yours, here’s how you can start figuring out the best look for you.

Cement Your Ego

How confident you are in yourself shines through clearer than any smile you could send at a camera. Long lasting models have a fiery belief in their worth that can’t be faked. Before you can settle on an expression, you have to absolutely believe that you are the best and are willing to do what it takes to rise through the ranks. Once you have this down, the rest is easy.

Judge Your Face

What kind of expression do you want to be known for? Is it happiness? Anger? Sadness? What emotion truly brings out the most interesting look on your face? It may not be the one that makes you look the most beautiful. Spend time in front of a mirror every day practicing different looks. Which ones do you like? Which ones do you not like? Why don’t you like them? Why do you like them? The more answers you can dig up, the more objectively you can shape your style.

Pose for Everything

When you go in for photo shoots, work through all of the faces you’ve practiced in the mirror, regardless of if you liked them or not. Try out things you’ve never tried before. Experiment for as long as you can. When you get the photos back, you can then compare your thoughts on your mirror faces to how they actually look in a professional setting. Show these photos to artists you trust so they can tell you which ones they like the best, and build your best expression from there.

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Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

Fall 2018 Fashion TrendsAnd, just like that, fall fashion is on the horizon. Get an early start year with the latest and greatest showcased down this year’s runway.

Oversized Outerwear

Go big or go home with your fleece and your parkas. Though it doesn’t have to be as loud as some of those runway looks can be, bold colors coupled with the larger look are a no-brainer. The usual fall color options are favored, such as deep reds, golden browns, and beautiful blues.

Quality Quilts

Hearkening back to America’s heartland, quilted clothes and quilt patterns proved to be one of the more surprising choices this year. Excitedly accepted, look for long dresses made in this style or comfy shawls perfect to protect you from the chilly breezes.

Bringing Back the 80s

A fashion slant we’ve seen for the past few runway seasons, the modern 80s inspiration is still going strong. Broad shoulders, angles, and faux leather all made their way into the hearts of fashion lovers across the world. Still, even with the variety of shapes, the colors remained limited to black.

Tall and Thin

If the 80s wasn’t your favorite silhouette, there is still another choice. Seen in very calm colors, including off-white, clothes long in length but thin in shape were also incredibly popular. Dresses and pantsuits dominated this genre with simplicity being this style’s keyword.

Faux Fur

Fur always makes a reemergence. There’s something elegant in look in addition to its being incredibly warm during these colder months. It’s definitely preferred to go faux if you enjoy coats that have the longer fur, but if you want actual animal fluff, sheep’s wool was just as popular, if not more. The best coats were long but a few mid-length options had a positive showing.

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How to Conquer a Dance Audition

Like the actor and cold reads, dancers have auditions full of learning demandingly fast-paced sequences in the span of around 30 minutes (and sometimes less). As with all arts, though, so long as you know the basics, stringing them together in different orders is easy.

Lessons and Practice

If you’re not already enrolled in a class and practicing regularly, don’t wait any longer. Teachers run drills and push you to your limits while practice helps you memorize the moves. If you’re auditioning for a role in a ballet, it’s much easier to pull off a sequence asking for a grand jeté and pirouette when you know both what those are and how to perform them.

Take Directions

Dancing is a visual medium. This means your directors want a specific look. If they say they want the battement at 90 degrees, don’t go higher than that. If they tell you to fix something, know how to fix it immediately. This all ties back in to your practice and physical upkeep. A great performer understands his or her body enough to know how to make those adjustments quickly and precisely.

Listen, Don’t Talk

Your fellow dancers are no doubt gifted with gab. Use this to your advantage. Listen in to what they say about their auditions. Do they mention anything about the floor? Do they mention anything about the role or what the director is looking for? Do they hint at things that will be asked of you that you could practice before you head in? Knowledge is power. Use it.

Be Okay With Mistakes

You are auditioning for other people. They know full well about mistakes. They’ve made plenty. They’re not here to see you perform your audition flawlessly, they’re here to see you react to any number of unexpected things that can happen in a live performance. Show them you know how to cover those and you’ll earn a lot more respect that the dancer that danced perfectly but froze when they were told to fix something.

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Best Tech for Acting

Best Tech for ActingIn this ever-advancing tech world, auditions and everything tied to them is shifting with the sands of change. Don’t be left behind. The better tech you have to manage your career, the better chance you stand to succeed.


Do not underestimate the power of portable internet. Giving you a way to interact with the world at large and immediately follow-up with inquiries, this little device is what connects you to your audience, be they fans or producers. Beyond the internet, your phone also acts as a camera for you to take high-quality headshots of yourself on a regular basis. While you should always hire a photographer to deal with the major shoots, it doesn’t hurt to learn a bit about photography yourself.

Social Media Accounts

Tied to tech more so that being physical tech, social media has allowed for a world of self-branding that has revolutionized the arts. You don’t need everything, but you should choose at least two platforms that best help you connect with others and sell yourself. For many actors, it’s a combination of Twitter and a visual medium (typically Instagram). If you want to push the envelope further, you can start your own YouTube and collect video of your performances or script reads for potential employers to peruse.

Camera and Mic

If you don’t live in a major hub of acting, like LA or New York, you can still audition across the country with a decent microphone and camera. The advancements in tech mean that you can put together professional audition tapes without needing to spend a lifetime’s savings on equipment. Most webcams are all you need for a high-quality video capture and even a $50 mic has with it incomparable sound quality.

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YouTube Channel 101

YouTube Channel 101It’s the new era of entertainment in the digital age. A collection of videos that can lead to monetization, YouTube offers creative people the chance to build their own entertainment empire with little more than a video camera and an internet connection. However, as in any job market, YouTube is a fierce place that requires a keen understanding of some of the downplayed rules.

Posting to YouTube

Creating for this online platform is technically easy. You can make anything you want. Unfortunately, that alone can be a turn off for many. Luckily, there are specific rules you can follow when producing content to better your chances for success.

  • Keep what you post short. Fifteen minutes or less is the ideal. Any longer than that and you lose viewers.
  • Remind viewers to like and subscribe. Your videos will not be monetized unless you have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watched hours within a 12 month period. Though it might seem like a hassle, including that reminder is a proven way to help you hit that goal faster.
  • Keywords are king. For each video, make sure you fill it full of as many keywords as possible to increase your chances of being listed in a YouTube search.

With these three things in mind, go wild with your creative side.

Chosen Content

If you’re looking to have a hassle-free channel on YouTube, keep your content around a PG-13 rating. While you’re certainly allowed to say what you want, ad revenue is not as generous to those channels that toe the line. In addition, content is often best when it offers value to the watcher. This can be through comedy or education. Regardless, so long as you keep posting your videos regularly, you can expect to see a decent return on your investment as time goes on.

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Acting Resume 101

Acting Resume 101Writing any resume is hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be easy. Understanding what directors search for is the key to unlocking the apparent mysteries when it comes to landing a role. Here are the tips you need to pull back the curtain of casting.

Ask Directors

The chance doesn’t come often, but when it does, grab hold and never let go. Ask every director or their assistant why you weren’t cast. Only they have the feedback you need to understand how to make your resume look better. They can see the holes you can’t. Pursue knowledge and you’ll be rewarded.

End in Mind

Why are you putting together this resume? What role is it for? What information are you trying to get across? Answer these questions and you’ll give yourself a barebones outline of what the resume should look like. Your most important information? List that first. Afterward, go back and fill in the blanks with extra stuff that makes your important stuff look even more impressive.

Don’t Waste Space

If the casting director does not care about your height and weight, why would you put that on your resume? Not only would adding that take up space, it would show a direct disregard of direction (and in acting, that’s a bad thing). On the bright side, if they don’t ask for one thing, that means more space to gloat about another.


You should never lie on a resume, however how you say something doesn’t have to be fully accurate. Saying you were the leader of a troupe of four in your last show carries more weight than going with the title you had, Soldier 1. Though this isn’t possible in all place on the resume, definitely have fun trying out new ways to describe the more lackluster titles.

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Best Bronzing Lotions

Best Bronzing LotionsYou don’t need to bathe under the sun’s rays in order to get a beautiful bronze glow to your skin. In fact, you can even invest in a slight shimmer that lasts for a single event. Whatever it is you’re wanting to look your best for, here are the top tans currently on the market.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze

On the cheaper end of the spectrum is a company that has long produced high-quality beauty products for less. Ringing up at around $10, the L’Oreal bronzer goes on easy and tinted (to make it easy to see those missed spots). In addition, it also avoids the pitfall of transforming you into a carrot instead of a sun-baked beauty.

Fake Bake Flawless

Another cheap steal, Fake Bake’s Flawless spray-bottle tanner is perfect for those with fairer skin. Made with a red undertone, it brings out a beautiful glow instead of a fake one. The scent is coconut and the color is immediately noticeable. Expect to pay around $12 for this modern miracle.

Tan Towel Self-Tan Towelette

Coming in a 10 pack, these towelettes are the perfect alternative for those that don’t want to deal with lotions and sprays. Unfortunately, the liquid has to dry before the tan color reveals itself. Even so, it’s a great product in terms of portability with no fear of this $30 pack ruining purses or clothes.

Skinerals Self Tanner

If you’re like a lot of people, rubbing chemicals on the skin doesn’t sound as appealing as a fake tan. Fear no more! With the push for more natural beauty products comes the natural tanner in this Skinerals lotion. At around $22, it’s hardly expensive and well worth the five days it lasts on those with more active lifestyles.

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