How to Change Your Skin Care Routine for Fall and Winter

How to Change Your Skin Care Routine for Fall and Winter

That first chill of fall is always a welcome escape from the heat of summer. On it rides the excitement of holidays, time with loved ones, and a much-needed rest from the business of work. It also carries with it temperature, humidity, and sunlight changes that force a shift in how we should care for our skin.

More Moisturizer

Those cool breezes and winter winds are terrible for retaining moisture. In order to fight the dryness, it’s time to apply even more moisturizer. Invest in a thicker bedtime moisturizer that is made for sensitive skin. You want to make sure those pores remain unclogged.

Avoid Exfoliation

Your skin produces natural barriers to deal with the harsher elements. When we exfoliate, we wipe those away, leaving our now raw skin even more exposed to damaging cold. Where warm temperatures and humidity help protect the skin, cold and dry damage it, so your skin needs as much help as it can get to produce a healthy buffer.

Stick with Sunscreen

Just because the days are shorter doesn’t mean the sun isn’t kissing your cheeks. UV radiation is always a threat. Luckily, however, the angle of the sunlight and decrease in exposure means you can use less of it. Choose an SPF 30.

Drink More Water

It’s easy to stay hydrated in the summer months when you feel thirsty all the time but you aren’t any less prone to dehydration during the fall in winter just because of the temperature fluctuation. On top of that, we tend to drink hot drinks, like teas and chocolates, two things that actively dry us out. By consciously keeping up the water intake, you keep your face full and bright no matter how short the days.

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What NOT to Do During an Audition

What NOT to Do During an Audition

We often list what we should do during an audition but rarely to do we go over the biggest faux pas. Here are the top offenders to avoid.

Show Up Unprepared

Everything the casting directors will want from you is listed on the audition sheet. Do not show up without every single thing mentioned. Not only is an audition a showcase of your talent, it’s a showcase of your ability to prepare. If you show up missing half of what you need, why would they assume you wouldn’t do that when it actually matters?

Apologize or Make Excuses

Never, ever, ever apologize for your work. No one but you knows if your audition was your best work or your worst. Apologizing immediately shows weakness and paints your performance in a negative light even if the directors liked it. Apologizing makes you appear weak and performers need to be confident in themselves and in their work. After all, would you apologize to the audience after a rough monologue? No, you wouldn’t.


We all mess up. We all forget lines. What we don’t do is quit when a mistake happens. It would be like refusing to walk anymore after tripping on a crack in the sidewalk. A huge part of a strong performance is knowing how to course correct when hiccups happen. Don’t quit at the first sign of trouble. Show off how you handle adversity.

Act Shy

There is nothing wrong with being a shy person offstage. However, when you’re onstage, you need to be able to command a room. You need energy, you need confidence, you need charisma. As soon as you step on that stage, the directors need to feel your vibrancy. If you can draw them in, you can draw in an audience.

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How to Create a Professional Social Media Profile

How to Create a Professional Social Media Profile

The blessing and curse of social media is that it has taken marketing and condensed it down into something you can now control. That means you have the power to fully craft and build your online persona long before you start regularly landing gigs. If you’re an actor or a model, here’s what you need to know.

The Platforms

Realistically, you can successfully manage and grow two social media profiles. Twitter is a must-have as it allows you to spread your content to the general populace. As for the other, that depends on where your audience is. If acting is your thing, Instagram can do videos but it’s mainly a static image platform. Instead, look to TikTok. The same advice works for models. You’re selling still images of yourself so a video platform is not the best choice.


Next, you’ll want to research a bit into hashtags and keywords. Each platform is a little different. Twitter has a character limit so hashtags need to be refined. Instagram, however, allows you to throw on as many as you want so you should take advantage of using as many as possible to increase visibility.

The Schedule

Come up with how often you’ll realistically be able to post curated content. Once per week is a solid starting place, but if your schedule is busy, once per month can work. When you post, make sure it is a strong piece that matches everything else you’ve been posting. Add your hashtags and descriptions and send it out into the world.

The Connections

Finally, you’ll need to cultivate a community and nothing works better toward that goal than commenting and liking the work of others. While most may not connect with you immediately, there will be a few influencers with more followers than you who are happy to engage and spread your work.

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Fashion Faux Pas That Can Easily Be Avoided

Fashion Faux Pas That Can Easily Be Avoided

Regardless of how fancy your fabrics are, some fashion sins are unforgivable, ruining any outfit no matter how nice. Before you buy items to flesh out your wardrobe, make sure you understand the basics of what makes fashion.

Be Clean

Does your shirt have a pizza stain? Are there dirt stains on your shoes? Can you smell something awful emanating from your scarf? If you answered “yes” to any of these, throw those articles of clothing out right now. Fashion respects clothing, be it cotton or silk. Fashion is an art that respects those that see your clothing. Make sure your look remains respected and aesthetic.

Be Kept

Underwear that fits what you’re wearing is more important than the outfit itself. You need to contain everything but also create a silhouette that helps show off the outfit to its maximum potential. It will take time and practice, but knowing that nude underwear is a must with whites and how to hide bra straps are they types of tactics that will take your fashion to the next level.

Be Cut

Your clothes should fit you. They should never be so big they’re falling off or so tight your movement is restricted. If you’re continually messing with something, that’s a clear indication you either need to ditch the piece or take it to a seamstress. Proper fashion is all about you wearing the clothing, not the clothing wearing you.

Be Crisp

Unless the material is designed to look wrinkled, make sure everything you put on is crisp. Wrinkles convey a negative sense of being carefree about one’s appearance. An ironed piece allows the material to hang correctly so that attention is brought specifically to the things that are designed to bring out the best in the ensemble.

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How to Determine Your Skin Type

How to Determine Your Skin Type

Skin is different for everyone and caring for it just as diverse. The largest organ your body has, it is an incredibly complex and important part of you that deserves all the care you can provide. Here’s how to figure out if your skin is dry, oily, or somewhere in between.

Method 1: The Blotting Sheet

Get some blotting paper and gently pat it on different parts of your face. Next, hold it up to the light. If it’s picked up virtually nothing, your skin is dry. If it’s saturated with oil, you’ve got oily skin. If it’s somewhere in between, consider your skin normal.

Method 2: The Bare Face

Start this method by cleaning your face. Gently dry it and wait about 30 minutes. After time has expired, take a look in the mirror. Is there a shine on your forehead or nose? Wait another 30 minutes and check for shine again. Has it expanded to the cheeks? If so, your face is oily. If you aren’t shiny but your skin feels stretched when you move your face, you have dry skin. If the shine stays just on the nose and forehead and your face doesn’t feel tight when moved, you have normal skin.

Method 3: The Pinch

Grab your cheek between your thumb and forefinger and give the skin a light tug. If wrinkles immediately show up when you apply pressure, you have either dry skin or normal. If there are few to no wrinkles, you have oily skin.

Method 4: The Pores

Stand close to the mirror and look at your pores. Normal skin means visible pores that are small. Now take two steps back. If you can still see the pores, your skin is oily. If they disappear from sight, your skin is dry.

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The Hottest Halloween Makeup Looks for 2020

The Hottest Halloween Makeup Looks for 2020

Halloween is the best holiday of the year. It kicks off a full two months of celebration as fall turns into winter turns into more winter. With makeup tutorials having taken over the internet, costumes now are more about how well you can paint than what props you can buy. Here are the hottest looks for this year’s parties.


Don’t judge this too harshly. With the success of 2019’s Joker and the adoration many people have for Harley Quinn, it should come as no surprise that clowns are in. The color scheme is up to you but the main features are to hit the eyes and lips with colors that pop. They can be vivid reds and blues or strong blacks and whites.


A classic look that never goes out of fashion, the vampire for this year favors pale skin, prominent cheekbones, seductive eyes, and tempting lips. Dark reds, browns, and blacks are all perfect additions to any vampiric disguise.

Ice Queens

Inspired by Frozen and adored by makeup artists who love a challenge, the Ice Queen look can be as subtle or loud as desired. The challenge, regardless of the ease of application, is the balancing of the cool blues around the eyes and the ghastly paleness of the skin with the deep red of the lips. Ideally, all of it should shine like ice.


Fairy makeup is a great way to look exotic and wild yet somehow modest. Often covered in flowers or vines, the fairy look embraces soft pinks, greens, purples, and whites to build a style that is as alluring as it is pretty. The key is to accentuate the eyes and then subtly accentuate the lips with a slight gloss or shimmer.

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How to Get the Perfect Setup for Zoom

How to Get the Perfect Setup for Zoom

Auditions and meetings were already going digital and now, more so than ever before, an even greater push toward the virtual realm has happened. That means you have to know how to look your best on Zoom. This is how you shine.

The Right Tools

If you want to look good on Zoom, you have to look good without software. There’s an art to digital performance and that requires good hardware—a good camera, a good microphone, and good lighting.

The Camera – Your camera should have a resolution of at least 1080p and be able to go to a widescreen shot.

The Microphone – You need a crystal clear sound to match your crystal clear image, otherwise the video will be disorienting. If you need to be able to move, invest in a high quality clip microphone you can attach to your outfit. If you will be stationary, buy a unidirectional condenser microphone.

The Lighting – Great, basic lighting involves two front lights with detachable light reflectors and a single back light with a detachable deflector.

The Setup

Now you’ll need to set the space. Turn on your webcam and take a look at the shot. The top of your head should only have a small bit of space between it and the top of the frame. Once you’ve found the perfect angle, how does the lighting look? Try it with the reflectors and without. Which looks better? Once that looks great, it’s time to play around with what the computer can do. First, check out the software that came with your webcam. Play around with the settings. You should be able to adjust things like the white balance and saturation. After you’ve found a setting you like, open up Zoom and use its features to add any final touches.

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Skin Care Tips in Your Teens and 20s

Skin Care Tips in Your Teens and 20s

Your skin is a fingerprint of the life you live. Daily habits and lifestyle choices make their permanent mark over time as skin elasticity fades and the body grows older. To keep age from setting in too early, here’s the TLC you need for your skin in your younger years.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

UV radiation is one of the most damaging things that touches your skin. Too much of it can cause sunspots, premature wrinkles, and a leathery look. Make sure you are always applying a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 every time you go outside every single day, rain or shine.

Value Vitamin C

Often touted for keeping you healthy in the face of the flu, vitamin C is also a blast of amazing support for the skin. Including decreasing skin aging, reducing skin cancer chances, and flushing you with an even, healthy glow, make sure you don’t start your day without it.

Live Healthy

Young skin stays young with internal help as well. Getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, and managing stress levels are all necessary ways to keep aging at bay. Learn how to balance your life now and you’ll form great habits that will keep you looking fresh faced for the rest of your life.

Exfoliate Once a Week

Too much exfoliation can cause unsightly redness and tiny tears in the skin but gentle exfoliation that happens only once a week helps brighten the skin by aiding it in sluffing off dead cells and any stubborn dirt. Look for products that contain glycolic acid, an ingredient that can penetrate the dermis and break down the lipids that bind dead skin cells together, allowing for effective removal.

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How to Recreate the Latest Runway Trends

How to Recreate the Latest Runway Trends

Fashion is always moving forward. It’s here today, gone next season. That leaves little time for those of us that want to recreate such crafted styles but lack a full team of artists and designers. Here’s how to become your own fashion team.

Identify the Basics

Everything in fashion is based on something that came before. Once you find out what the specific design is based off of, you have exactly what you need to recreate it. With the original in hand, compare the two and make note of what was changed for the runway. How is it different from the original? When you can answer that, you’ll know how to achieve the current iteration by adjusting the base.

Find a Tutorial

Chances are high a how-to video or article won’t be ready about specific looks the day of the fashion show. However, there should be plenty of tutorials on how to achieve the original look the new one is based off of. Start there and practice. If you can do the basic, you can add a little more flair to match the runway. That being said, a lot of new stuff can be combinations of older designs so you may need to find a few tutorials before you get everything you need to succeed.

Practice Being Critical

A critical eye is essential for runway replication. You have to be able to try to recreate the look then examine yourself and identify what works and what doesn’t. Furthermore, you then have to be able to figure out why certain things don’t work. If you know the why, you can figure out how to fix things so that you successfully copy the new fashion while having it flatter you.

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Top Films for Monologue Inspiration

Top Films for Monologue Inspiration

There’s good reason the best film monologues are the best. If you find yourself stuck trying to figure out how to best go about performing your monologue, study these films and the performances that make them noteworthy.

Independence Day (1996)

Bill Pullman manages to deliver one of the most patriotic speeches ever put to film as the world’s forces band together to take down the alien threat looming above their heads. It’s a moment that every battle scene has but few manage to pull off. Take note on the building of intensity, the pauses, and the punctuation of emotion.

Jaws (1975)

Telling a mesmerizing story is hard, especially when it needs to feel organic and made up on the spot. Robert Shaw nailed his recounting of surviving sharks feasting on his friends for four days before rescue arrived. Watch Shaw’s face. Notice how he never becomes loud but the intensity still manages to grow with every word.

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