Fall Nail Trends

Fall Nail TrendsWhile this season’s fashions are falling into a more neutral arena, nails are where explorations in excess are being pursued.

Half and Half

Top or bottom, side to side, or even diagonally, nails are being cut in two this season. From single colors paired with patterns to clean fades from one shade to the next, splitting the nail is a must. Some even sought this style with stickers. Either way, this option offers the most versatility in terms of how loud or muted you want the look to be.


Rather than polka dots, these spots are designed to look more like splatters from a paintbrush. They are unequal in size, shape, and placement. In addition, they’re not meant to stand out unless you really take a look at the nail design. Opt for a dark solid bottom color and a darker version of the bottom coat for the stippling.


Another prominent paint job was one that favored flare on a single nail (preferably one of the index fingers). In the more extreme cases, actual things were glued to the nail, such as pearls or butterflies, but more demure models displayed single letters or soft designs.

Prominent Pearls

If you’re hoping to go extremely high fashion and don’t plan on using your hands much, pearls were seen all over the runways. Some were glued to the nails themselves to add texture and contrast to a color, but most were glued to the fingers, either on the cuticle or up and down the digits.

Bold Blues

If you’re on the market for a simple seasonal color, look no further than dark blues. Sometimes paired with lighter blues when doing the half and half look, navy featured prominently, often matched with coats and jackets of similar hues.

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Recording Your Reels

Recording Your ReelsReels are non-negotiable for the aspiring film star. There are millions of people out there vying for limited roles and only a few directors hired to judge applicants. They have to be brutally efficient and many won’t even consider applicants that don’t have reels. By ensuring yours is competent, you can guarantee being seen, and being seen is the first step toward getting cast.

What You Need

Your reel needs to be a collection of high-quality clips from professional projects that lasts about two and a half minutes and displays two to five different scenes. If you’re just getting going, this is something you’ll need to procure.

For starters, check out any local film projects and go audition. You may not be paid, but you will begin to amass high-quality clips. Another choice is to pay for time in a film studio. They have all the tech for creating professionally recorded clips. All you need to provide is the material.

Other Considerations

While the tips and tricks for recording a winning reel are endless, there are a few key points that you need to take to heart.

The first is to start strong. This runs counterintuitive to the idea that your ending should be the big finale, but keep in mind that you need to catch the director’s attention immediately. If they aren’t amazed from the start, they won’t even make it to the end.

Next, pick a genre for each reel. Variety is great for displaying range, but the reels are so short that they are watched specifically for your potential in one specific genre.

Finally, if your strongest clips are shared scenes with other actors, make sure the clips open and end on you to prevent any confusion as to who the reel is focusing on.

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Modeling Call Bag

Modeling Call BagA professional is always prepared, and modeling is no different. Regardless of how long you’ve been in the field, know that your preparation comes in the form of a bag and its contents.

Your Updated Book

Also referred to as your portfolio, you should never, ever leave home without it. It should be clean and only contain photos and modeling comp cards. That’s it. If you still feel the need to bring contact sheets, notes, or other pieces of paper, keep those in a separate folder.


Never forget your makeup. You’ll need to do touchups. You’ll need to alter your look. Male or female, makeup is necessary for maintaining your look.


Like makeup, hair can get messed up on a trip over to the audition space. Never leave things you can control to chance. Bring extra bobby pins. Tuck away that hair spray. Anything you need to maintain a well-crafted coif, bring to the audition.


A surprise for many newcomers, modeling will sometimes ask you to put on an outfit and show it off. Imagine being given something white and you are without your nude undergarments. Suddenly your audition becomes a lot less appealing. The wider the array of support, the more you can confidently display.

Clothes Kits

Sewing kits, stain removers, and anything that can help thwart a wardrobe disaster should make the journey with you. While clothing conundrums tend to be rarer than makeup mistakes, they still can happen and, often, happen in a much bigger way than smudged eye shadow.

Two Shoes

At the very least, you’ll need a set of flats and a set of heels, preferably nude. This collection can and should grow as you gain more experience, but when you’re just starting out and probably lack the funds to afford so many soles, this minimum will get you through most auditions.

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Fashion Week: What Is It?

Fashion Week: What Is It?Nowadays, fashion week is a huge party thrown globally in all of the major fashion capitals of the world. From Paris to Los Angeles, models strut the latest looks of celebrated clothing designers to celebrities and press. But how did it get to this point? Why do we put so much attention on single weeks of fashion?

Early Shows

Starting at the end of the 19th Century, fashion, and the desire for it was becoming an increasingly marketable venture. With the industrial revolution now making way for cheaply produced mass clothing, business-savvy designers wasted no time selling to the masses. Models were hired for small groups of clientele, and, by the early 20th Century, these elite gatherings had become popular events lasting several weeks long.

Founding Tradition

Come 1918, the demand for couture had reached a fever pitch, sparking the first-ever professionally organized shows held two times a year on fixed dates. This setup is what would eventually become fashion week. At these early meetups, guests were highly regulated. This served to both maintain an air of exclusivity while simultaneously trying to curb rampant piracy common in clothes design at the time. While World War II brought things to a halt, fashion week was back on schedule as soon as the battles ended.

Setting the Stage

Though the activities at the shows were set, it wasn’t until the 1960s that fashion week, as we recognize it today, truly solidified what it was and what it represented. Energy was thrown around, pushing aside the stuffy showings of old. Free-flowing models were told to abandon traditional catwalk etiquette. Then, in the 1980s, tickets were sold to the public, finally solidifying fashion week as the fun and fancy clothing celebration we experience it as today.

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Can You Model with Tattoos?

Can You Model with Tattoos?It’s a question with a very important answer. After all, nearly 50% of the population sports a tattoo. So, with a one-in-two chance you’re sporting some ink, is it even possible to forge a career in modeling when ads and runways very heavily lean toward unmarked skin?

The Answer

Yes. You can pursue modeling even with a tattoo (or more than one).

The Caveat

That being said, stop getting tattoos unless you absolutely are dedicated to becoming a tattoo model for magazines and the like. It’s a niche gig, like many, but it is a pigeon hole, and if you have higher aspirations than an ink magazine, you need to put aside your hobby.

The Plan

Let’s say you have a tattoo. Here’s how you continue to pursue a wider world of modeling.

First, invest in Dermablend or another high quality, thick foundation that can cover your current tattoos. Next, practice blending the makeup to your skin in such a way that the tattoos are fully covered and the makeup is unnoticeable. While Photoshop is always an option, the less the digital artist has to do to touch up your shots, the easier the job is for everyone.

Third, don’t lie to the modeling agencies. They will find out, and when they do, they will not look kindly on your insincerity. Be straightforward and present your ability to cover the ink up should it need to be hidden. In addition, keep your portfolio free of visible tattoos unless you’re aiming for a gig that welcomes the ink. While the modeling world is certainly more conservative, it’s not necessarily exclusionary when true talent appears. Be bold. Be brave. But be flexible, and you can make it far.

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Child Acting

Child ActingYour child is dead set on acting, but they are pretty young, meaning they’ll rely on you for the majority of their support in this venture. Do you agree to it? Do you tell them to wait until they’re 18? How can you make this call?

Are they actually into acting?

No one knows your child better than you, but that still doesn’t mean you have a full read on the situation. And even if you did, what’s best for one child isn’t good for another. While no one can give you the one correct answer to this situation, there are things you can consider to inform your decision.

Do they take direction well?

Can they adapt to change? If so, how well?

Can they take “no” for an answer?

What’s their track record with other hobbies?

Do they sincerely love acting more than anything else?

Can I commit?

Every hobby comes with its own financial burden. Beyond money, however, is a host of other things to consider. You’re their ride to and from auditions. If they get a part, are you willing to move should that be required? They will need headshots. You will need to find them an agent and act as the central contact. Can you manage such a responsibility? Also, consider the rest of the family. If they have siblings, how do you keep everyone united when one child is pulling you away?


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Goal Setting

Goal SettingImportant in every aspect of your existence and desire to succeed, goal setting is a tried and true art that has served the betterment of mankind. The stronger your ability to wield this talent, the more success you’ll find in your goals, regardless of where those goals lie.

Short to Long

Any good goal has an end date – the date at which the goal should either be reached or reassessed. Taking this idea a step further, you’ll want to take a note from businesses that have plans for the next year, the next five years, and the next ten years. This allows you to assess if everything lines up as well as give you a clearer picture of the road you have to take.

Work Backward

Now that you have a vision of ten years down the line, work backward. Create from your major dream the little steps it will take to get there. Five years down the road, where should you realistically be to even have a shot at your ten-year plan? One year from now, what will push you to that five-year goal? Tomorrow, what will set you up for one year from now?

Get Specific

Specific here means achievable. This is the most tedious part of the process since it involves you breaking apart each goal into smaller, measurably achievable points along your path. Paid acting is a great ten-year plan, but how do you start that today? Do you have audition materials, either a resume, headshot, or monologues? Choose one of the three and start there. By year’s end, you should at least have a good headshot and solid enough monologues to start getting you bit parts in shows that then build your resume.

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Best Motivational Instagrams to Follow

Best Motivational Instagrams to FollowInstagram, for all its models and memes, is actually an incredible place to cultivate inspiration and motivation. With summer here and New Year’s goals finally seeing fruition, here’s how to keep yourself focused while you have fun in the sun.


The start of the week is challenging. After all, you no doubt had a weekend to get some sleep and forget about work. This is where motivation_mondays comes in. Pairing inspirational quotes with beautiful backdrops, it’s a great way to remind yourself of your own possibilities as well as soften the challenges of day to day living. As a bonus, they post quotes every day of the week.


Unlike most Instagrams that focus on photos, entrepreneur has an emphasis on videos. It is a fantastic collection of up-and-comers as well as established businesspeople that found their own success. Including inspiration and wisdom from those who have achieved their dreams, it’s a library of useful information that can be applied to any business venture.


It is said that you are the culmination of the top five people you interact with most. Because of this, it’s no stretch to then say that what you read affects how you think. This is where mindset.therapy’s strength lies. Videos and picture quotes are posted that focus on reminding you to take responsibility for your own life as well as remembering to let go of the things you cannot change.


When you aim for success, you will be going against the grain of what society tells you is worth pursuing. From materialism to narcissism, mindofhabit posts habitual reminders that glory does not lie in the pursuits of the everyman. Glory lies in seeing past the masses and embracing the potential of the horizon.

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Neon Trend: How to Style and Wear It in Fashion and Beauty

Neon Trend: How to Style and Wear It in Fashion and BeautyNeon doesn’t have to be an avoided color, and now that its various shades are showing up across fashion runways around the world, it’s time to learn how to wear it responsibly before investing in this year’s color scheme.

Avoid Full Highlighter

While neon is back from the ‘80s, you’ll still need some practice before the big leagues. Start safe with muted colors that are then paired with one neon article. You can go with a black tint bolstered by a pink shirt or otherwise turn a neutrally toned outfit into an eye-catcher with some neon pants.

Mix it Up

This addition might prove to be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Mixing a neon with a print is far from a faux pas if you manage to find colors that complement one another. The easiest way to do this is a find a print that already has small splashes of a neon color on it and simply wear a piece of neon that matches the print. Once you have that down, you can expand to see what else works.

Step Out in Stripes

As you transition to more neon on your clothing, stripes allow you to include a higher percentage of neon while still avoiding the highlighter look. Horizontals are the preferred choice with this though the size and angle of the stripes are points you can play with to accentuate your natural curvature. Remember, you still want the piece to flatter you.

Neon Colors

When you’re finally ready to go full neon, choose two to three neons to pair together. Because of the bright nature of the colors, which colors you pair don’t matter too much. Just make sure you can find shoes to match.

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Tips for Summer Skin Care

Tips for Summer Skin CareEmbrace the sun, but keep the tanning to a minimum. While the warmth feels great on the skin and boosts vitamin D production, it can also lead to early wrinkles and age spots when not enjoyed responsibly. Protect your glow this summer with these tried and true protectors.


Your cells require water to maintain their structural integrity and workload efficiency. If you are dehydrated, your skin will be the first place it shows, with more sag and a sunken appearance. Avoiding this is as easy as drinking water regularly. Not only will your skin look full and clear, but you’ll also feel healthier.

Protect with SPF

Whether you choose makeup, moisturizer, or sunscreen, blocking that pesky UV radiation is the best way to fight premature wrinkles and sun spots while still gaining the advantage of a natural vitamin D boost. Find a lightweight formula that your skin can absorb quickly to prevent mixing with your face’s natural oils and sweat. If you have sensitive skin, consider trying out sunscreen designed for the more sensitive needs of kids and babies.

Matte with a Mask

The heat causes a chain reaction that ends in more sweat and more oil on your face. Avoid a glossy look on your face with regular face masks. These help pull out the dirt and oil accumulated throughout the day to help you lessen the unwanted shine.

Clean Twice

After you wake up and before bed, take a gentle soap or face cleanser to those pores. They are on overdrive during the season and need help with the removal of unwanted things. Every cleanser is different, so don’t be afraid to experiment with what works best for your face. You may even find yourself using a different concoction at night than you would in the morning.

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