2020 Mens Summer Fashion

2020 Mens Summer FashionKeep cool this summer by looking your best. Here are the top trends from the runways of the fashion world for men.

Cuban Collars

What’s a summer fashion without a loose shirt that really lets the body breathe? Enter the Cuban collar style. Complete with large, flat collars and short sleeves that end at the elbows, you can choose to chill in a single color or embrace repeating palm trees.

Loose Suits

For men this season, tailoring can take a back seat. Suits should be relaxed this year so they can be worn both in and out of the office. Just remember to keep that blazer buttoned up. For casual outings, tennis shoes are a perfect pairing (and comfortable).

High Waists

The past always comes back and this year it’s the high waisted trouser. Designed to sit on the actual waist rather than on the hips, these callbacks to the 40s look extra chic in khaki paired with a fitted t-shirt or button up.

Knee Length

On the knees? Above the knees? Below the knees? Every season is different when it comes to the length of men’s shorts. This year, the rage is all about over the knees. While making them a little less comfortable in hotter conditions, these shorts should be worn extremely loose. Pair them with bright colors and button-ups for maximum style.

Prefer the Patches

A revival from the 80s, patchwork button-ups were all over the runways this year. There were animal prints, plaids, and stripes. Some were symmetrical, others not. They were worn with shorts, with suit pants, and with bottoms of bold designs. The common theme was loose and not tightly fitted.

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2020 Summer Fashion Trends

2020 Summer Fashion TrendsOpen your arms wide and embrace that beautiful sunshine! Summer is around the corner and it’s time to prep that closet for this year’s explosion of color and style.

Notice the Neon

Every season now for the past year has been slowly pushing neon colors back into the limelight. This summer, it’s no longer an accessory. Neon is now the main event with outfits colored in full glory. It’s loud. It’s proud. It’s this summer’s palette.

Wispy Whites

If neon is a bit too bold for your tastes, you can go in the exact opposite direction and embrace nothing but white. Perfect for regions where the sun is unforgiving, unlike neon, the white should be worn with dresses only. Color can be added with shoes and accessories.

Trendy Trenches

Perfect for any color and any style, trench coats are the best choice for weathering any summer showers. Find a fitted finish or leave it loose, the main takeaway is to stick with a khaki color and brown but bold buttons.

Suited Up Shorts

Not a common choice seen too often, the shorts suit is once again making its appearance in the business world. It’s a great, sophisticated choice in cooler office wear for those that want to remain professional but want to avoid skirts. While some designers would opt for the shorter shorts, the general consensus is to stick with knee-length bottoms.

Wonderful Waists

Also heading back to the office (and the more casual outings) is the waistcoat. Its sleeveless design makes it a prime choice for the hotter months but its fitted form also allows it to transition easily between fashion accessory and proof of professionalism. While the majority on the runway were a single color, patterns proved a great way to add a little more without going overboard.

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Pinpoint the Perfect Photoshoot Find

Pinpoint the Perfect Photoshoot FindLocation! Location! Location!

Photoshoots can thrive or dive based on location alone. But how do you make sure the place you pick is perfect for your portraits? Here are the questions you need to ask before nailing down your venue.

Person or Place?

What is the main driving factor behind your photoshoot? Are you going to be setting up for a fashion lineup or are you planning on capturing a special moment? Locations enhance the feel of what the photos are about but you first have to know what that is. Do you need to enhance the thing taking center stage or do you have to enhance the feelings you’re trying to capture?

What Kind of Lighting?

If you need consistent lighting throughout the shoot, it’s important to really consider keeping everything in a studio where lighting is consistent. If, however, the shoot must be outdoors, what time of day? Outdoor lighting means a time crunch. Anything outside will need to be relatively preplanned to make the most of everyone’s time.

Is There Variety?

The give and take of photography involves working with planned shots then mixing it up with some improvisation. This makes a single place with a lot of variety much better than one spot with one look. In addition, the easier it is to use the variety, the better shots you’ll get. Photography, after all, has a flow and if that’s regularly interrupted, it can become near impossible to get what you need.

Are There Other Options?

Weather can surprise us. No matter how hard we aim for that sunny day, rain can always arrive. If your location works during both the best and worst conditions, you have a great spot. Plus, things can always go from bad to good. It might rain during the morning and clear up later, allowing you to add more options to your shoot.

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Continuing Your Training

Continuing Your TrainingIt’s a falsehood to assume that once you’ve done enough training, you’re set for life. The reality of the matter is training is never completed only continued. Those that refuse to learn anything more once they’ve graduated to what they perceive as the final level become stagnant and eventually fade away. However, careers don’t ever have to go quietly into the night so long as you’re always learning and working and perfecting your art.

Weakness to Strength

Strengthening your weaknesses is the greatest side effect of bolstering your natural strengths. After all, weaknesses are what hold you back so by improving, you naturally get better at things that would otherwise stall your career. In time, those weaknesses become negligible to a point that they aren’t even a concern. You’ll eventually reach a point where people will ask if there’s anything you can’t do.

Complacency to Contentment

The biggest detriment to any career is stagnation. We, as humans, were designed to be curious. We thrive in environments where we are challenged and given new tasks to learn. However, it takes a high personal drive to seek out those that challenge us further. There are many that fall into a rut because they reach a level they’re comfortable and refuse to advance but, as they say, ships weren’t built to sit in the safety of the harbor.

Doubt to Confidence

Nothing breeds fear more than a lack of understanding. By asking more and more questions, you uncover more and more information that builds not only your confidence but also your ability to perform on command—an essential skill that translates well in every situation. The more tasks you can perform at an above-average level, the more opportunities you have to choose from.

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Getting Started with Fitness Modeling

Getting Started with Fitness ModelingWith the rise of social media has come the explosion of fitness modeling. Professional athletes, self-made gurus, and everyone in between have all brought to light that a career can be made out of perfecting your profile.

If you want to get started through a modeling agency, here’s how you get going.

Get Fit

It seems pretty obvious but fitness models are fit. Their bodies are prime examples of what the human body can achieve when at its physical peak. Muscle tone is defined and height is pretty important. For women, this means 5’6” or taller. For men, this means 6’0” or more. There’s also the genetic factor of muscular symmetry. While you can find jobs with abs that don’t mirror one another, you’ll have a greater advantage the more symmetrical you are.

Get Social

Ultimately, your goal is to land an agent who will book gigs and handle paychecks but with the free marketing that is social media, you should get started building your portfolio right away. Buy a domain and populate a personal website. Jump on Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and whatever else is currently popular. Learn hashtags to get your name out into the community. Work toward becoming so popular that you can’t be ignored. In no time, you’ll be able to piece together an amazing portfolio.

Get Unique

The fitness world is as vast as it is small. Within each genre are a multitude of skillsets just waiting to be capitalized on. What do you do better than other fitness models? Do you have an amazing back? Focus on posing for back exercises. Are your quads sculpted? Get shots of you running and squatting. In the fitness modeling world, niche work is how you get your foot in the door.

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Modeling: Commercial versus High Fashion

Modeling: Commercial versus High FashionModeling is a diverse field with jobs for every age, every shape, and every size. That being said, it does come with two very separate spheres—commercial and fashion. What you end up in and, realistically, what you should pursue is very much based on your physical features.


The Basics

Commercial fashion is all-encompassing and sports the highest number of modeling opportunities. It’s the type of modeling you see in magazines, on billboards, and on other print or digital mediums. Because of this, there’s no one standard the models are held to. Every product being sold requires a different look so a uniform fit is impossible to impose.


Commercial modeling is possible to do wherever modeling agencies set up shop. While the most successful are located in big cities, like New York and LA, it is possible to find relative success in smaller towns.


High Fashion

The Basics

High fashion is strict with what it expects from its models. This is because they must model clothing and if that clothing doesn’t hang correctly, it’s not meeting the needs of the designers. These models are walking displays. For women, they are expected to be between 5’8” and 6’0”. Men must fall between 5’9” and 6’2”.


Fashion models are globetrotters, flying around the world to walk runways in New York, Paris, and all the major fashion hubs. They are also expected to perform at social events to endorse brands they have contracts with.

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What to Expect Joining an Agency

What to Expect Joining an AgencyAfter you’ve figured out the auditioning part of your career, it’s time to think bigger and broader. But to do that, you need an agent, someone who will find jobs for you through their list of contacts. Here’s what to expect from a reputable agency when you’re ready to take that next step.

Getting Prepared

Now that you’re representing the agency, they will have a standard you will need to adhere to. This is especially true for your portfolio photos. Either they will schedule a session with you to update your photos or they will refer you to their preferred photographer. On top of this, there is a chance you will be asked to style yourself.

Getting Gigs

Agencies typically have an advantage over self-promotion in that they have contacts and these contacts will get you privileged information in the form of go-sees. These are preliminary auditions where you are evaluated for a certain role. If you’re a fit, you’ll be booked. As a word of warning, like with every job, there are predatory practices. Your agency should negotiate every part of the deal and you should never sign any sort of release form unless you have prior consent from your agent.

Getting Paid

The agency, along with landing you bookings, is in charge of collecting the fees. Because you are using their services, they will take an agreed-upon portion of your earnings, so never spend what you don’t have. This is also extremely important to remember since some shoots can go under and will be unwilling to pay for your services. In these cases, they will try and help you recoup the losses, but not much else (unless your contract states otherwise).

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Famous Male Models

Famous Male ModelsA handsome form with symmetrical features and a strong frame has long been regarded as a thing of beauty. We certainly know the Greeks and Romans appreciated male models with all of the statues made during that time period, but what about nowadays? As it turns out, males can still be lauded globally for their beauty.

David Gandy

Gandy is arguably the current definition of a male supermodel. Born in Essex, England, he originally wanted to pursue a veterinary degree but lacked the grades. He worked some odd jobs here and there but then, at 21, his flatmate secretly entered him into a modeling competition that he ended up winning. He was awarded a modeling contract and the rest, as they say, is history.

Tyson Beckford

The face of the 90s and early 00s, Beckford is best known as a Ralph Lauren Polo model. He was born in Rochester, New York and is considered the most successful male supermodel of all time. He was discovered in 1992 and hired on by Ralph Lauren in 1993. By 1995 he was voted “Man of the Year” by VH1 and began showing up in the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” list run by People magazine.

Fabio Lanzoni

Though of an older generation, it would be remiss to leave the pop culture sensation out of this lineup. Born in Milan, Italy, Fabio got his start early when he was discovered by a photographer during a workout session. Modeling in Italy for a time, he came to New York where he took up acting as well. Most famously, he modeled for a number of harlequin romance novel cover images and headed the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” ad campaign. Today he continues working and making appearances in film and TV.

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How to Get Beach Waves

How to Get Beach WavesBeach waves are beautiful. Loose but luxurious, they complement every face and every style. Here’s how to pull off this summer favorite without needing to schedule a trip to the salon.

The Ponytail Technique

If you have long hair (think down to your shoulder blades or longer), you can use the ponytail trick. Simply pull your hair back into a ponytail and wrap strands of your hair around a curling iron. Once all the hair has been curled, let it down, scrunch it, and spray it with hairspray. This technique allows you to easily track what hair has and hasn’t been curled however it can be pretty time intensive based on how thick your hair is.

The Buns Technique

Even easier than the ponytail are the buns. Wet your hair then part it down the middle. Secure each side up in a bun and wait for your hair to dry. Then, let your hair down and run your finger through the strands to separate the waves. Once you have the look you want, spray it with hairspray to cement the hold. If the top of your hair is too flat, tease the strands close to the scalp to add body before setting the look.

The Flat Iron Technique

If you have a flat iron, beach waves are super easy to make, regardless of how long your hair is. Part your hair in half. Take one side and twist it tight. Use the flat iron along the entirety of the twist, undo it gently, tease the hair, and apply your hairspray. Do the same for the other side and you have yourself a beautiful set of beach curls in less than ten minutes.

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When to Use an Elevator Pitch

When to Use an Elevator PitchThe elevator pitch, with its unknown origins, is one of the fastest ways to sell yourself, your services, or your product. Here’s what you need to know to avoid selling yourself short.

The Basics

Elevator rides take roughly thirty seconds to two minutes. This is how long your pitch should be. Due to the brevity of the speech, your first two sentences are the most important. Unless they immediately hook the listener, your pitch is a dud. On top of this, keep the language simple. Fancy words will only serve as a distraction from what you’re selling. Focus on facts and not fluff. You want your listener to immediately know who you are and what you do.

Make sure you have a few pitches to pass around. Who you talk to should influence what you tell them about yourself and what you plan to achieve with your skills. For example, take a photographer and a fashion designer. While both need models, both need very different types of models.

The Sell

When should you use the pitch?

Anytime anyone asks you to talk about yourself and your goals. You can certainly hunt down higher profile individuals to see if you can sell yourself but a smarter idea would be practicing pitches for different agencies to describe why you would be a valuable asset. Portfolios and resumes do speak volumes, but many decisions are made based on presentation.

If your pitch never really sells, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Employers hear pitches all the time and have a lot of knowledge to give in terms of what works and what doesn’t. Even asking for feedback could net an agency’s interest since you’re showing an enthusiasm to learn and adapt.

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