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Lifestyle and Mature Modeling

Contrary to popular belief, modeling agencies need people of all ages, especially for lifestyle and mature shoots. While the fashion aspect of modeling might end by the late 20s, there’s a lifetime of work available for the model that knows … Continue reading

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Styling Your Leather Jacket

Styling Your Leather Jacket Let’s face it, leather jackets are cool. They’re one of the few fashion fits that is timeless. One jacket can last you your entire life. Unfortunately, you do want to change up your other clothes. Here’s … Continue reading

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Bathing Suit Body Types

Bathing Suit Body Types Let’s face it, no matter how fit you are, not all bathing suits look good on every body type. Instead of heading out knowing you don’t look your best, wear what works to impress. The Pear … Continue reading

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing High Heels

THE BEST WAY TO KILL FOOT PAIN IS TO NOT WEAR HIGH HEELS. BUT IF YOU INSIST FOLLOW THIS IMPORTANT DO AND DON’TS FOR WEARING HEELS: Buy heels late in the day and not in the morning. Your feet are … Continue reading

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Our most favorite fashion/beauty website is STYLE.COM. The site features the latest designer fashion shows, red carpet news, parties, style news, trends (including trend reports), street styles, shopping guides, accessories, beauty and videos. It is like a one-stop site for … Continue reading

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Vegan Health & Beauty Products

If you support living free from animal products you will love www.veganhealthandbeauty.com! The site promotes the best range of cruelty-free health and beauty products available today. None of their products are tested on animals and none contain any animal ingredients … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions!

In an effort to help you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions we suggest the following approach. Only select 2-3 resolutions and no more than that! Make sure your resolutions are realistic and can be accomplished within a reasonable time period. … Continue reading

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Argan Oil contains a high concentration of Vitamin E and Carotenes (Vitamin A) which are two vital components that make up healthy skin. Its vitamin rich content can produce instantly noticeable effects when applied topically to the skin.  Argan Oil … Continue reading

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As if the trendy, snug-fitting pants weren’t hard enough to pull off, it turns out that skinnies may cause nerve damage. “Too-tight pants can put pressure on the nerve in the pelvis, causing painful burning and tingling in your thigh … Continue reading

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Female Model’s Tote Bag

From the start of a model’s career, she must build a ‘tote bag’ and stock it with all the tools of the trade. The bag should be light weight, waterproof, large enough to hold a portfolio and have a shoulder … Continue reading

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