2020 Spring Fashion Trends

2020 Spring Fashion TrendsAfter having survived the chaos that is the holidays, it’s time to reward yourself with the upcoming spring specials soon to be seen on city streets across the world.

Daringly Disco

Disco has been resurrected with the reemergence of the disco collar. Wide and angular, they are a sharp addition to the business professional. Invest in jackets that sport this type of collar in a contrasting color. After all, why do daring if it goes unnoticed?

Haltingly Hot Pants

With tights or without, short shorts are back. During the chillier spring months, strap on some stockings as a bottom layer to keep those legs warm will flaunt your new look. Couple the shorts with long sleeves and you’ve got yourself a curious contrast that bound to impress.

Wondrous Wallpaper

Developing independent of the disco revival, 60s wallpaper designs are seeing a return on suits, dresses, blouses, and everything in between. These colorful and shapely styles throughout the previous floral frenzy in favor of geometric jumbles.

Fancy Feathers

For those decadent dinner parties, feather frocks and tops were all over the runways. Bold and beautiful, they are sure to pull attention from everyone in the room. However, be sure to avoid a fully feathered outfit. Instead, pair the tops with nice jeans or pants to offer a tame contrast.

Perfectly Polka

This spring will be seeing the return of countless shapes and styles not seen since decades prior and one of the more back and forth patterns, the polka dot, joins this lineup. Big dots, small dots, colorful dots—all are welcome with its return. That being said, rumor has it that bigger is better.

Happening Highlighters

When it comes to color, the highlighter look is still as hot as ever. Just like with previous seasons, go big or go home when picking how much of your look glows.

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Understanding Your Acting Age Range

Understanding Your Acting Age RangeAge plays a very important role in what you can and can’t be cast as. Instead of taking this as a limiting factor, here’s how to use your age as leverage to land more parts.

The Basics

So where do you fit? What is your age range? Generally speaking, your age range is your current age plus or minus five years. That being said, you’ll sell better adding those five years to your age rather than subtracting. With age comes experience, the experience you didn’t have five years ago. Few can actually pull off being younger but almost everyone can pull off an older role.

The Goal

The best plan you can have for yourself is to always be looking forward. Embrace that you won’t be 20 forever and instead see what you could become as you get older. This will keep you fresh and always striving to add to your repertoire so that when you do finally reach an old enough age to play King Lear, you have everything you need to land the part. Too often actors become stagnant because they got cast as a lead 10 years ago and become stuck in that image of themselves. Learn from Sunset Boulevard.

The Acceptance

Finally, own your age. Dress appropriately at auditions. Don’t joke about how people are always mistaken about how old you actually are. Research respectable and talented actors in your age range to gather an idea of how to present yourself. It’s all about honesty and realism. The casting crew wants to know that they can discuss the topics your age range would be faced within the performance without having to worry about hurting your feelings. Act like a professional and you’ll be able to keep landing roles no matter your age.

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To Wing or Not to Wing: Which Eyeliner is Best for You?

To Wing or Not to Wing: Which Eyeliner is Best for You?Your face is the palette and makeup the paint. But not every style will work, especially around the eyes. With so many different shapes, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what makes your eyes really pop. Wonder no more. Here’s how to figure out the eyeliner style that best suits you.

The Eyes

Before buying anything, you need to pin down a few things about your eye size and shape.

First up is the size. To determine this, compare them to your nose and mouth. Average eyes are about the same size as these regions on your face. Small eyes are smaller and large eyes are larger.

Next is the shape. This is determined by the whites of your eyes. While looking in a mirror with a relaxed expression, if the top and bottom of the iris are slightly covered by the eyelids, you have almond eyes. If there’s any white at either the top or bottom, you have round eyes.

The Liner

Now that you have keywords to assign to your eye shape, you can mess around with different styles that are best suited for your specific look. In regards to wings, try to avoid them if you have almond eyes as the added length makes your eyes seem narrower. Wings are best when used with round eyes.

Eye size affects where the liner is placed. If you have small eyes, you can help them pop more by using the liner only along the outer corners of the eye. If you have large eyes, this can be emphasized even more by using the liner to really highlight the upper contour of your eyelid.

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Fashion Week: The Where and When

Fashion Week The Where and WhenBegun at the start of the 20th century, fashion week has a long, proud history of showcasing only the best fashion has to offer. While shows run year-round and focus on other things, such as bridal fashion, February and September maintain the two official weeks where the big four fashion capitals of the world (New York, London, Milan, and Paris) celebrate only the latest and greatest in seasonal couture.


While referred to as a week, the time table is actually a full month. The first week belongs to New York, the second to London, the third to Milan, and the final to Paris. With 2019’s celebrations already behind us, 2020 is quickly finalizing everything. This coming February kicks off on the 6th and runs until March 4 as designers spare no expense to reveal their upcoming collections. Tickets are already on sale but they go fast as they are highly coveted, especially for the shows put on by the big names.


Initially, fashion shows were held wherever there was space. This all began to change in the early 90s when there was a big push for consolidation. In New York, Bryant Park became the first main stage, erecting white tents to house the shows. The runways were later moved to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Such a practice worked for a while, but as of today, the hope for a central location has dissipated once more, resulting in a return more creative spaces procured by designers, including waterfront carnivals and former post offices. Around the world, Both Milan and Paris use the entirety of their cities to transform the week into even more of a tourist event while London has a dedicated show space that is occasionally left for other venues.

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Making Your Wardrobe Multi-Seasonal

 Making Your Wardrobe Multi-SeasonalWhile we all certainly want the funds to be able to fully redo our wardrobe every single season, reality means we don’t get to. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a wardrobe that is as timeless as it is functional.

Focus Your Fashion

If you want a wardrobe that works at every time and every season, you need to rethink your fashion. Instead of buying kitschy catches that will be out of date by the end of the year, invest in looks that flatter your body and never go out of style. A nice pair of jeans, for instance, can last years and are useful in the fall, winter, and spring.

Load Up on Layers

The real secret to a wardrobe that doesn’t get stale is to invest in layers. The tank top you wear in summer can easily pair with a blazer in the chillier weather. Lay out all of your clothes and take in what can be layered together and how many different styles you can pull off. The more, the better.

Colors and Patterns

As you piece together your new one-wardrobe-fits-all-seasons looks, pay attention to your colors and patterns. Even though you’ll be going for a multipurpose closet, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain, boring colors. While you will still need base colors that can work with virtually everything, outer layers can embrace your stylish personality.

The Spark

Finally, remember to hold on to those pieces that make you feel confident and comfortable. Just because you’re working on downsizing doesn’t mean you can’t hold on to a few things that can really only be worn in a few, select situations. After all, everyone has their guilty pleasure that brings a smile to their face each time they put it on.

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When to Update Your Image

When to Update Your ImageChange is never-ending and that means our headshots and comp cards are a never-ending series of updates. However, this doesn’t mean you have to take new pictures every week. Instead, follow these simple guidelines to know when it’s actually time to invest in new shots.

How’s Your Hair?

Trims can be ignored but major changes to length, color, or style mean it’s time for new headshots. Your potential employers need to know what they’ll be working with and they want to know that what they’re working with isn’t directly from the 90s.

How Many Years?

If you haven’t changed your hair, how long has it been since your last shot? It is considered extremely unprofessional to lie about your age and if your pictures are from even three years back, it’s time to capture the current you.

Are There Other Physical Changes?

Did you drop weight? Gain weight? Get a tattoo? Bleached your teeth? If you’ve changed your physical appearance in any drastic way, order some new photos. Again, your comp cards and headshots should be the most accurate depiction of you right now.

What’s the Photo Style Trend?

Luckily, this one takes a bit to change, but it’s still an important consideration. Back in the day, black and white shots were all anyone needed. Now they’re expected to be in color. Many are also solely digital and only thumbnails are shown initially, meaning new cropping and compositions are in order.

Are You Constantly Mismatched?

If you find yourself not getting called in much or called in for gigs you don’t match, there’s a high likelihood your photos are sending jobs the wrong image of you. Do they look professional? Is your personality shining through? As your business card, the more you invest, the better the return.

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Learning an Accent

Learning an AccentConvincing and correct accents are an incredible way to expand your potential as a performer. However, where do you even start? With around 6,500 languages in the world and each with their own dialects, it is pretty overwhelming. Don’t let that stop you. Here’s how to do it!

Know Thyself

What roles are you landing? What roles are you auditioning for? Chances are there’s a through-line. Isolate that and you can isolate the accents that will serve you best. Do you do a lot of Shakespeare? Aim your sights at the dialects of England. Are you a fan of Chekov? It’s time to finally master your Russian.

Popularity Contest

Next, find out the most widely spoken dialect of that language. The more common the dialect, the more likely it is someone from that country will speak it, meaning the accent is far more valuable in the performance sphere due to its high percentage of usage.

Jump In

Now it’s time to start practicing. With language, the best teacher is immersion. Watch videos of native speakers. Listen to their songs. Mimic how they say things. Do this every day. In addition, find your trigger—a word or phrase that helps you immediately jump into that accent.

Find a Teacher

Once you’ve nailed the accent as best as you can manage on your own, find professional help. This is typically in the form of a coach but can also be someone you know who has the dialect you’re aiming to master. Either way, you now have immediate feedback from someone able to hear the flaws you don’t. After that, it’s all about repetition. The sooner you can speak the accent without thinking about it, the sooner you can add it to your list of talents.

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The Portfolio Building Job

The Portfolio Building JobNo matter what industry you work in, you need a portfolio. This collection of your ability to successfully perform work related to your desired profession is how employers decide if they want to give you a chance or not. With the right jobs, you’ll be able to entice anyone to give you a call back.

The Job

A portfolio building job, though it may sound like something for beginners anxious to flesh out their portfolios, is actually something that anyone at any professional level may take on. It is a job that you use as a stepping stone to hone a skill you want to improve for your resume. Typically, these jobs put you in a role that is easier than what you’re used to, but the skills it provides increase your personal value.


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How to Goal Set

How to Goal SetArt, engineering, medicine—every professional achieves greatness in their field due to goal setting. But what does that even mean? How do you set goals that lead you down the path you want to take?

The End

Before you can even hope to get to your destination, you have to know where you want to end up. Pick out what you want your endpoint to be. It can be as grandiose as performing at the Grand Ol’ Opry or as simple as landing a paid gig. Don’t limit yourself but don’t pick something that would be so intimidating it causes you to quit before you start.

The Middle

With the end in mind, next, you need the major, achievable steps along the way. The easiest way to do this is to work backward. If you want to sing at the Opry, you have to be a country singer. If you want to be a country singer, you have to be discovered. If you want to be discovered, you need an agent. If you want to get an agent, you have to apply. Now you have a fleshed-out roadmap. It may not list all the details (such as time frame), but it gives you achievable goals that logically lead to one another.

The Beginning

Now it’s time to start. What is the first goal that will lead you down your path? Go after it starting today. Be sure to always remain flexible. While you might not land an agent immediately, you could land small singing gigs here and there. These then culminate in a portfolio that makes you desirable to an agent resulting in a pick up later. In the end, there are many paths to your goal but they all lead to nowhere if you never take that first step.

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Accessorizing for Winter

Accessorizing for WinterIf you love accessories, you no doubt love winter. The only season where it’s acceptable to wear your entire closet for each outing, there’s practically nothing you can’t do. Here’s how to make the most of your winter wear wonderland.

Haute Hats

Any fashion is a good fashion when it comes to winter hats. So long as the color scheme and material match the rest of your look, you can wear whatever you’d like. Bucket hats are perfect for those felt pea coats while wide brims compliment tighter-fitting warm wear. For those that enjoy hats as accents, look to match the hat and the purse so the style carries over regardless of if you’re wearing a coat or not.

Stylish Scarves

Another accessory that completes any winter outfit is the scarf. Thick or thin, scarves can be as useful or as decorative as you need them to be. When paired well, this piece of clothing will tie the entire outfit together, meaning you’ll want to invest a few different options, including neutral colors and loud prints.

Nice Necklaces

Necklaces are a fantastic way to add sophistication to any outfit, especially when so many winter tops tend to be nothing more than a single color. If the top has no neck, wear a collar necklace to add some flair and style. If the top is a turtleneck, pendants are the best option.

Glorious Gloves

Gloves are a must in the colder regions. When deciding which ones you’ll wear, take a look at texture, style, and color. Like your scarves, gloves can be statements or they can be classy accents that help bring out other parts of your outfit.

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