Best Bronzing Lotions

Best Bronzing LotionsYou don’t need to bathe under the sun’s rays in order to get a beautiful bronze glow to your skin. In fact, you can even invest in a slight shimmer that lasts for a single event. Whatever it is you’re wanting to look your best for, here are the top tans currently on the market.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze

On the cheaper end of the spectrum is a company that has long produced high-quality beauty products for less. Ringing up at around $10, the L’Oreal bronzer goes on easy and tinted (to make it easy to see those missed spots). In addition, it also avoids the pitfall of transforming you into a carrot instead of a sun-baked beauty.

Fake Bake Flawless

Another cheap steal, Fake Bake’s Flawless spray-bottle tanner is perfect for those with fairer skin. Made with a red undertone, it brings out a beautiful glow instead of a fake one. The scent is coconut and the color is immediately noticeable. Expect to pay around $12 for this modern miracle.

Tan Towel Self-Tan Towelette

Coming in a 10 pack, these towelettes are the perfect alternative for those that don’t want to deal with lotions and sprays. Unfortunately, the liquid has to dry before the tan color reveals itself. Even so, it’s a great product in terms of portability with no fear of this $30 pack ruining purses or clothes.

Skinerals Self Tanner

If you’re like a lot of people, rubbing chemicals on the skin doesn’t sound as appealing as a fake tan. Fear no more! With the push for more natural beauty products comes the natural tanner in this Skinerals lotion. At around $22, it’s hardly expensive and well worth the five days it lasts on those with more active lifestyles.

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Best Quick Fixes for a Wardrobe Malfunction

Best Quick Fixes for a Wardrobe MalfunctionWe’ve all been there. A strap breaks. Pants split. Buttons burst. As much as we like to play it down with the term “malfunction,” it’s a disaster that can sideline a performance in a heartbeat. Don’t be a victim. Your outfit will fall apart. Here’s how you limit the carnage.

The Falling Hem

Someone stepped on your outfit and as you moved, the hem lets loose its horrifying cry. Don’t panic. Find a stapler and get to work. While it’s much nicer to stitch it back together with a needle and thread, you don’t have that luxury. No staples? Safety pins. No safety pins? Strong tape. You can always make the seal stronger later.

The Loose Top

Your shoulder straps keep falling off or your bra cups open themselves to the world, much to your mortification. Make the top tighter in the same way you fixed your hem. Safety pins are a great way to hold together extra fabric in a concealed fashion.

The Burst Button

Buttons are not adverse to pressure, but they still can give, offering your group an embarrassing display. If there’s no needle and thread to quickly reattach it, there are still some options available. If it’s a decorative button, double-sided tape will do the trick. If it supported you, use a paperclip to close the buttonhole.

The Coffee Stain

Stains happen, no matter how careful everyone tries to be. There are plenty of stain pens out there that are easy to carry and conceal, but if you don’t have one, find a vending machine. Buy club soda or seltzer water. Put a dry paper towel under the stain and dampen another with the liquid. Dab at the stain until it lessens. It won’t go away entirely, but it will severely minimize the damage.

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Best Photoshoot Foundation and Concealer

Best Photoshoot Foundation and ConcealerCameras have come a long way. From pixel messes on earlier cell phones to high-quality masterpieces complete with built-in blemish removers nowadays, it might seem like makeup doesn’t matter. However, this is hardly the case. Selfie pics are far different from photoshoot shots. With the lights and the cameras, makeup becomes even more important. Here are the top foundations and concealers loved by working professionals.

Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani

Arguably the pick for any makeup artist, this $62 foundation is easy to blend and leaves a beautiful finish when set. As a bonus, it also manages to make the skin appear healthily hydrated, adding a youthful glow to the subject regardless of age.

Radiant Creamy Concealer by Nars

A big test for most concealers is how well it works covering eye bags and this $30 concealer by Nars performs very well. It also does a great job staying in place throughout the course of the face’s many movements during the day.

Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation by Dior

Around $62, Airflash is a fun way to apply foundation without needing a super brush or feeling like it’s been caked on. Simply spray on the face for a light finish that dries matte, meaning less powder. If you need a little more, spray on the back of the hand and use a brush to transfer.

Complexion Palette by Kevin James Bennett

Ideal for the true artists out there, this $80 pack of different concealer colors is, hands down, the best when it comes to building and creating natural shades and tones. From all major skin colors to a solid collection of corrective colors, you can bet you have exactly what you need to look perfect for the camera.

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Summer Jewelry Trends

Summer Jewelry TrendsClothes aren’t the only thing gushed over during fashion week. After all, what’s an ensemble with the perfect jewelry to tie it all together? Here are this summer’s hottest trends.

Big and Bold

This season calls for one aspect of your jewelry set up to be big and beautiful. To make the jewelry a bit wieldier, opt for plastics. More specifically, clear plastics do the best job making big statements with a lot less weight. Clear also goes with every outfit.

Animals on Display

From necklaces to brooches, animal designs were all the rage. Butterflies and lizards were only a few of the designs proudly worn across the runway. Some were colorful, others monochrome. The only major thread was that the colors of the animals matched the clothes worn by either enhancing an already prominent color or complimenting many.

Bold Brooches

Definitely a jewelry piece of older times, brooches still manage to make their way back into fashion from time to time. If you like pinning little accents to your clothes, this summer is yours. Aim for bold, large brooches that can either be used to clasp something or decorate a lapel.

Little Layers

Coming to the world from California, thin necklaces layered over plain button-up shirts and deep V-necks are perfect for jewelry lovers not too keen on single, loud items. Typically there are three necklaces with each one shorter than the last. Big earrings are a great addition but by no means necessary.

Perfect Pearls

What’s a season without its favorite expensive piece of seasonal jewelry? Rejoice lovers of pearls! Bring out those necklaces and earrings and adorn yourself with your favorite gemstone. While small pearls are still acceptable, this summer is all about being bold so the bigger, the better.

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How to Style Your Box Braids

How to Style Your Box BraidsAchieved by separating the hair into boxes and then braiding the sections with either the natural hair or extensions, box braids are a fantastic way to achieve length and fullness while allowing for a myriad of design options.


Arguably the most popular way to style the braids, buns can be as elegant or as casual as you want them to be. The rule of thumb is that the fewer braids that are out of place, the fancier the bun is. For maximum effect, opt for buns that add to your profile by accentuating the best features of your face. Where one might find elegance in a bun that rests on the crown of the head, another could absolutely rock a side bun decorated with an accent.


Unlike buns, ponytails become more elegant the less they look like there are bobby pins or hair ties holding them in place. To achieve this, many add braids to the braids and then wrap those around where the hair tie sits. If you go for a half up, half down look, make sure the hair left down has body or decoration to keep it from looking flat and bland.


For casual appeal, a simple braid down the back or pigtails are a great way to add design to your hair without needing to spend a full day at the salon. However, if you’re aiming for a “wow” factor, asymmetrical braids that push the hair over one shoulder or braids that wrap around the head in some way are fantastic ways to try out bold and beautiful looks.

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Reputation Management and Respecting Schedules

Reputation Management and Respecting SchedulesTime is money. If you understand this phrase, you understand why always being on time is necessary when working to manage a positive professional reputation.

The Bigger You Are

As you become more successful, your time becomes increasingly more limited. The sheer number of projects coming in means you have to be able to pick and choose those that will be worth your time due to their financial or promotional potential. This is why you should never disrespect casting directors or their time. By arriving ready to go as soon as you are called, you are showing maturity and professionalism, two things that are often very rare in this field.

Managing Your Reputation

The most important reputation you have is the one shared between the professionals in the line of work you pursue. Be a carefree, feisty individual publicly, but always be a respectful, hardworking individual to those you actually have to work with. Fans will think what they want and draw their own conclusions but your fans won’t get you jobs. Only those you’ve interacted with behind the scenes will. They’re the ones that know other directors and other professionals. They’re the ones that have invitations to events where you can network with higher-ups. They’re the ones that will support your career. So long as you can keep the media separate from the work, you can find great success regardless of the character you give the world.

Despite all of this, if you find you don’t have time to publically manage your reputation, it’s okay to hire others to do it for you. There are many agencies willing to help you craft a public persona to your liking.

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How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger Naturally

How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger NaturallyPouty lips are in. Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with full, large lips. Luckily makeup lets us sidestep our genes. Here’s what you need to make those lips look luscious.

The Base

Like the base coat on your nails or the foundation on your face, all good beauty work starts with the first layer. For lips, you’ll want a peppermint balm since peppermint is a great way to increase blood flow to the lips, making them naturally redder and plumper. This balm also moisturizes, helping separate dry skin from healthy skin.

The Brush

Probably the strangest part for those of us that are learning lip work for the first time is the toothbrush technique. The idea behind this is that the smoother the lips are, the more light they reflect. The more light they reflect, the fuller and thicker they look. After allowing the moisturizer to sit for about five minutes, take a toothbrush, dip it in water and gently brush your lips in concentric circles. This will pull away the dead skin, leaving only the fresh, smooth stuff behind. In addition, the stimulation will cause blood to rush to the lips, again creating a fuller, darker look.

The Shape

Now you’re ready to go big. For the most part, models that pose with those larger lips don’t actually have lips that big. It’s all movie magic in that the lips are painted on. To achieve this, concealer is applied to the lips to make them the same color as your skin. This increases the canvas size, letting you draw on whatever lip size you want. Most use a lip liner to create the outline and then color it in. As for color, choose nudes and pinks for a fuller look.

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Questions for Your Photographer

Questions for Your PhotographerThough we do accrue photographers we prefer to work with, seeking out new talent is a great way to expand our portfolios and abilities. When it’s time to go on this hunt, here are the four major questions you’ll want answered before deciding who to work with.

What do I bring?

Though a pretty obvious question, you’d be surprised how many different things photographers can expect their clients to bring. The more seasoned professionals will no doubt have this information listed publicly, but newer names may not yet have this figured out. In addition, asking this question means both of you are on the same page come the day of the shoot, drastically reducing miscommunication that could result in a bad session.

What kinds of photos do you specialize in?

Every artist has an expertise. Know the photographer’s. Are they great at headshots? Have they mastered action shots? Finding this out means you can use the photographer to the best of their abilities to obtain shots you don’t have for your portfolio yet or shots you want to practice. In addition, this reduces the chance of you paying for something they simply can’t provide.

Will these be on location or off?

As with specializations, some photographers prefer to meet up at specific locations while others prefer studios where lighting and environmental challenges don’t exist. Be sure to find out what they work best with to verify your ambitions match up with their capabilities.

How are the pictures sent?

Finally, confirm how you will receive the photos. Most photographers nowadays provide digital copies but will these be on a disc, through an online service or will there be something else? In addition, will you receive access to all the photos or just some of them? Often times this single question determines if the price point is worth it.

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Creating Your New Character Role

Creating Your New Character RoleCharacter creation is one of the most challenging aspects of any actor’s career. Not only do you have to create physicality for this person or thing, you then have to give them a voice and understand the forces that drive them to act the way you’ve chosen. While daunting at first, there are steps you can take to develop a strong character without burning yourself out.

Gather Information

Read the text you’re given. If the text mentions anything outside of its world, look into that material. Find out what you can about the character. If you aren’t given specifics about age or where they were born, come up with something. When were they born? What was their family like? Where there any events that shaped them growing up? These are all important questions that provide you the color palette from which you will paint this character.

Find Mannerisms

To keep the scope limited, find three physical ticks this character has. The best place to look is the script. Often time, other characters will comment on how this character acts. Maybe they even mention some physical things. If it’s a short and you need to develop a strong character really quickly, what are three words that define your character? How do you then embody those traits? If they’re happy, your character will most definitely smile. If they’re not confident, maybe then slouch.


Finally, add your voice. Feel how all of the physicality has affected your thinking. Look at the words you character uses. Is it mostly positive or negative? Are you young or old? Is it verbose and grandiose or short and sweet? Though this may be the least developed aspect of the character, it’s the icing on the cake when it aligns with everything else.

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Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

Summer 2018 Fashion TrendsDitch the jackets and ban the boots, summer is here in all of its fierce, fiery fashion.

The Beach is Back

Floridians will rejoice this year to hear their daily wear is this year’s hottest summer trend. Bold patterns with bright colors and swaying palm trees lit up the runways on everything from wrap dresses to three piece fashion suits.

Fielding Flowers

Along with images of the beach, flower prints proved just as prominent. Unlike the beach theme, the floral patterns proved to be much smaller in size and muted in color. A sheer look featuring briefs on display ended up being one of the higher fashion uses of this style.

Rainy Days

Those that live in wetter climates will enjoy the return of the clear plastic raincoat so popular in the 1960s. Also like that time period, current coats come with colorful linings designed to match the outfit worn underneath.

Suit Shorts

A fashion faux pas up until this summer, suit shorts are quickly become the higher end version of cutoff jeans. Perfectly matched with heels and a nice blouse, many women are breathing a sigh of relief for such a comfortable and breathable look for the dead heat of summer.


Celebrating the 80s, puff sleeves are back. From large and in charge to barely there, women of all shoulder types can enjoy the reemergence of this trend. Paired with high-waisted jeans and different types of boots, it’s a great look fit for any level of style requirement.

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