Creating Your New Character Role

Creating Your New Character RoleCharacter creation is one of the most challenging aspects of any actor’s career. Not only do you have to create physicality for this person or thing, you then have to give them a voice and understand the forces that drive them to act the way you’ve chosen. While daunting at first, there are steps you can take to develop a strong character without burning yourself out.

Gather Information

Read the text you’re given. If the text mentions anything outside of its world, look into that material. Find out what you can about the character. If you aren’t given specifics about age or where they were born, come up with something. When were they born? What was their family like? Where there any events that shaped them growing up? These are all important questions that provide you the color palette from which you will paint this character.

Find Mannerisms

To keep the scope limited, find three physical ticks this character has. The best place to look is the script. Often time, other characters will comment on how this character acts. Maybe they even mention some physical things. If it’s a short and you need to develop a strong character really quickly, what are three words that define your character? How do you then embody those traits? If they’re happy, your character will most definitely smile. If they’re not confident, maybe then slouch.


Finally, add your voice. Feel how all of the physicality has affected your thinking. Look at the words you character uses. Is it mostly positive or negative? Are you young or old? Is it verbose and grandiose or short and sweet? Though this may be the least developed aspect of the character, it’s the icing on the cake when it aligns with everything else.

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Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

Summer 2018 Fashion TrendsDitch the jackets and ban the boots, summer is here in all of its fierce, fiery fashion.

The Beach is Back

Floridians will rejoice this year to hear their daily wear is this year’s hottest summer trend. Bold patterns with bright colors and swaying palm trees lit up the runways on everything from wrap dresses to three piece fashion suits.

Fielding Flowers

Along with images of the beach, flower prints proved just as prominent. Unlike the beach theme, the floral patterns proved to be much smaller in size and muted in color. A sheer look featuring briefs on display ended up being one of the higher fashion uses of this style.

Rainy Days

Those that live in wetter climates will enjoy the return of the clear plastic raincoat so popular in the 1960s. Also like that time period, current coats come with colorful linings designed to match the outfit worn underneath.

Suit Shorts

A fashion faux pas up until this summer, suit shorts are quickly become the higher end version of cutoff jeans. Perfectly matched with heels and a nice blouse, many women are breathing a sigh of relief for such a comfortable and breathable look for the dead heat of summer.


Celebrating the 80s, puff sleeves are back. From large and in charge to barely there, women of all shoulder types can enjoy the reemergence of this trend. Paired with high-waisted jeans and different types of boots, it’s a great look fit for any level of style requirement.

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Preparations and Expectations for Commercial Auditions

Preparations and Expectations for Commercial AuditionsOne of the most common auditions on an actor’s docket, commercials are a great way to make money and hone acting skills in front of a camera. Unfortunately, the process can seem wild and unpredictable with more failures than successes. Luckily, there are things you can do to vastly improve your chances.

Fix Your Looks

With about 30 seconds to tell a scripted story, your looks are everything. Many times whole auditions aren’t watched with casting directors making their choices a mere six seconds in. To work this to your advantage, you have to absolutely make yourself look the part. If the role calls for a mid-30s housewife, dress like a mid-30s housewife. If it needs an energetic force of will, let loose. Beyond that, talk how the script dictates. If it wants an accent, practice your accents. The closer you are to the desired character, the better chance you have of being noticed.

Listen and Adapt

At the audition, you’ll receive a script and you’ll probably also receive direction. Aside from your looks, the director needs to know if you can even adapt to his demands and coaching during a reading is imperative to gleaning this information. Where many people often start a string of “yeahs” before the director finishes, don’t do that. If the director is talking, be quiet and listen until they are done. Only after they finish their thought should you ask clarifying questions.

Think Small

Remember that commercial auditions are not for the stage. It doesn’t want big movements, it wants smaller, more true to life reactions. Act as realistically as possible in front of the camera to show off your capability as a film presence. While you may not book this job, if you’re good enough, you will be remembered.

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Choosing the Right Men’s Formal Suit

Choosing the Right Mens Formal SuitAs women must research for that perfect gown, men must research the type of formal suit they’ll need to pull off a stunning look. Here are the facts to find the perfect fit every time.

The Basics

Though there aren’t as many formal suit types as there are dresses for women, there are very important fashion distinctions that cause a formal suit to lean more business versus more gala. Once you figure out the formality of the event, it’s time to take in the two main factors that determine a suit’s dressiness. The first is the lapels. Thin lapels are formal while the thicker ones are executive. The second, pockets, are where the style flairs really shine. Jetted or flapped are standard for any formal look. Rounded pockets, also known as patch, are less formal. Peaked are rarely acceptable but notched are considered a classic.

The Colors

For any suit, there are three colors you can choose from regardless of any prints added. Gray is a universally liked color that’s not too formal but not too relaxed. Blue is a bit more serious but certainly not formal. Black is as classy as it comes.

The Fitting

Much like women, the best suits are tailored. Depending on the store, you may be fitted there. If you’re not, head to a local seamstress and have it done. Just remember that material can always be subtracted but it can never be added, so buy loose rather than tight.

The Cost

Accept that a great suit, one that will last you the better part of a lifetime, will cost money. You might luck out and find a solid choice in a discount store but when it comes to clothes, money often matters a lot more than you might think.

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Plus Size Modeling

Plus Size Modeling

Models come in all shapes and sizes and nowhere is this truer than in the burgeoning plus size modeling market. Having exploded in the last few years, here’s what you need to know to make the most of this fashion phenomenon.

The Basics

To be considered a plus size model, there are physical requirements that must be met, just like with any sphere of modeling. The desired bodies are typically a size 12 or larger with aesthetically proportional measurements. The rule of thumb is that the waist should be around 10 inches smaller than the hips. If you want to work fashion, you should be 5’9” to around 6’. Fit models are a bit smaller at 5’6” to 5’9” and commercial models are the most lenient in that height doesn’t matter. Finally, be sure your hair, skin, nails and teeth are all healthy looking.

The Representation

Most major modeling agencies have representation for plus size models and there are even some that work solely with this clientele. Who you choose is ultimately up to you and who offers to take you on. To get started, you’ll want to submit your information to various agencies to see if you spark interest. Luckily, no experience is necessary to begin this process, but continually adding to your resume in the background does help.

The Jobs

Plus size modeling covers virtually every sphere that regular size modeling does. From runways to centerfolds, you can pursue any avenue you want. That being said, it is important to recognize your best features and pursue the avenues that exploit these. Putting your best foot forward is the strongest way to make the fastest progress toward your dream modeling career.

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Flawless Cut Crease Eyeshadow How To

Flawless Cut Crease Eyeshadow How ToPerfect for those with medium to heavy folds over the eyes, the cut crease is the latest and greatest eyeshadow technique. Named because of how it defines the crease by using a contrasting color to cut across the fold, here’s how you can master the look perfectly.

Apply Primer

Every artist begins with a blank canvas. Unfortunately your skin is not blank with all of its pits and creases and color changes. Apply a foundation or eye primer over the lid of the eye to create this blank slate.

Lighten the Lids

Across the eyelid, add the lightest eyeshadow you’ll be using for this design. This will make your eyelid pop even more against the dark cut the upper lid will provide.

Trace the Crease

Next, pull out a flesh tone eyeshadow color. Use your brush to spread this along the hollow of the eyelid along the upper eye socket line. This will give you a light sketch of your upper eyeball.

Add Eyeliner

Pull out your eyeliner and lightly trace a line across the shadow you just applied. Remember to keep this part light. You can always go back and add more if the contrast isn’t bold enough. While black is the most common choice here for maximum pop, feel free to test out other colors based on your skin tone and eye color.

Blend Upward

Pull out your blending brush and blend the eyeliner upward in circular motions to keep the bottom of the line sharp. At this point, your eyelid should be bright and bold with an unblended switch to the dark that traces the eyeball.

Finish the Top

Finally, take your last color, typically a gold or bronze, and add that to the brow below the eyebrows.

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Nail Trends 2018

Nail Trends 2018From the runway to the home, nail trends this year proved to run the gamut of possibilities.

Single Accent

Across the countless designers, one of the most popular looks was to have one color across all the nails and then slap a small accent on one finger. Some included a line, others included a word. Regardless of what it was, so long as there was a single nail embellishment, the look fit the fashion.

Black is Back

Black nail polish has been a tempestuous force in the fashion industry, disappearing almost as quickly as it appears. Luckily, however, it seems designers finally settled on designs that fit into a happy medium. Not too bold, the black nail polish was often either blended to create a stunning color gradient across all nails or used to accent other colors with beautiful lines and shapes.

Pure Metal

Opting for silvers and bronzes, toned down metallic nail polishes were all over the runways. The less noticeable they were in color, the more celebrated they were. In addition, these tones always matched the facial makeup color scheme.

Featured Flowers

As far as designs went, flowers reigned supreme. From floral designs different for each nail to one detailed rose blooming on an index finger, flowers are the best way to have fun. Color didn’t matter in the least with some flowers even being the only color on the nail.

The Short and Long

As far as fake nails were concerned, models only wore them to achieve pointed lengths. If not this, natural nails kept trim and shaped short were far more popular.

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How to Break into the Industry past your 30s

How to Break into the Industry past your 30sThey say it’s never too late to pursue what you love. What they don’t tell you is how difficult it is to make a late-in-life change, regardless of the industry. However, don’t fret that you’ve lost out on your youth to younger models. There’s always a chance.

Think Connections

You’ve no doubt amassed a large network of people from a wide array of jobs. Use this to your advantage. Maybe you know someone that knows someone in the fashion industry. Ask to set up an interview. Gather what information you can in terms of where to start and the best path to take. Realize that no success is achieved without a lot of time and dedication, but by starting now, you’re going to reach that goal sooner.

Think Transference

So you don’t have any modeling skills. That’s okay. What skills do you have that you’ve shown expertise in over the last few decades? Are you a fast learner? Are you adaptable? Are you driven? Don’t ignore the skill set you’ve put together because you don’t think it has anything to do with modeling. In fact, a vast number of your current skills are applicable in any industry. You just have to understand how they transfer over. Use that to your advantage as you focus on what you can do versus what you can’t.

Think Volunteering

If you’re truly set on pursing modeling, offer to volunteer for fashion companies. Though they may not be modeling gigs, such a position gets you on the inside where you can see the realities of the life of a model. While there you can determine if such a career is still one that you want to chase down.

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Pantone Colors 2018

Pantone Colors 2018Begun in the 1950s as a commercial printing company, Pantone evolved to become the world leader in color matching, developing a system used by brands of every industry across the globe. Ever since 2000, they have declared a color of the year, one that matches the needs of the emotions of the world. In addition, they provide runways with a yearly color palette.

Ultra Violet

This year’s color of the year turned out to be Ultra Violet. A combination of red and blue, it spans genders and speaks to past royalty. Loud expressions of it, especially through makeup, can mean defiance while muted versions imply secret creativity.

Cherry Tomato

What good is a fashion color palette without a bold red? This year’s choice is an orange red that exudes energy. It is bright and daring, one that excites viewers before they can register what color they’re even looking at.

Palace Blue

To balance such a bold color, this more muted blue still remains energetic but doesn’t try to steal the red’s spotlight.


Yellow with a touch of blue, Meadowlark is as outgoing as the Cherry Tomato but far less aggressive. It is a yellow that challenges even the sun in its brightness.

Nile Green

Interestingly enough, the Pantone palette didn’t forget to include muted colors to counteract the loudness of the primes. This green, for instance, is very much a pastel. It is calming to look at and works as a strong base to branch out from with the other colors.

Ash Rose

Next to this is an earthy red that walks the line between red and brown. Like the green, it is a very calm color chosen to act as yet another base on which to build.

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How to Cuff Shirts

How to Cuff ShirtsA universal look that indicates work is about to be done, the cuffed shirt has since transformed into a fashion statement for those that aren’t actually going to be doing any hard labor but still want to appear active. It’s also a great way to stay cooler on hot days and otherwise come off as more casual than a button-up normally allows. That being said, there are three ways to do it, each serving their own purpose.

The Basic Roll

Perfect for actually doing work, this takes the sleeve back past the elbow. First, unbutton all the buttons of the cuff. Next, flip the cuff back and keep flipping, using the cuff to set the width of the fold. Do this until the sleeve is back past the elbow. It can go higher if need be.

The Casual Roll

If you’re aiming for a casual look, this is the easiest and quickest way. As like the first roll, unbutton the cuff. As for the gauntlet buttons, those can be left buttoned or unbuttoned based on preference. Fold the cuff back and fold it back once again. Tuck in any loose material.

The Master Roll

For the fashionable roll, you can’t go wrong with this. It may take some practice, but it is deemed the most acceptable when choosing to do this for style rather than purpose. Unbutton the cuff and unbutton the gauntlet buttons if you need to. Flip the cuff back once. Next, pull the flipped cuff back to either just below the elbow or just above it. Take the bottom of this folded sleeve and fold it up until it covers the cuff about halfway or three quarters of the way to show off as much or as little of the cuff as you want.

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