Commercial Print Modeling Basics

Commercial Print Modeling BasicsRunways capture the imagination when thinking of modeling, but walking, turning, and walking back is hardly the extent of what it means to model. In fact, one of the most prolific avenues is actually one of the faster branches to break into—commercial print. Run by companies and their need to show off products, audience appeal means a much more diverse spread of opportunities for you.

The First Look

Your headshot here is more important than anywhere else. Since this is how you are first seen, it is absolutely crucial you spend the time and money necessary to create a good one. The strongest contenders immediately connect your face with those looking at your profile. Avoid artsy shots with blur or extreme angles. Sell your face and you’re that much closer to landing a job.

Know the Market

Research companies. Research their products. Research the audience. Agents who work in this field can all agree that a knowledgeable aspiring print model is far more successful than those going in blind. Being honest about the company and what they’re selling means you can accurately assess your own traits to honestly determine if you truly fit the mold they want to fill. In short, don’t waste time.


Unlike runway models, commercial print requires a bit more control over expression. In fact, many successful models in this line of work are actually, in part, trained in both acting and modeling. Modeling makes sense. After all, you need to know how to pose. Acting, however, may seem a little too distant, but it’s not. How many advertisements have models in a scene exhibiting one clear emotion in a single photograph? The easier it is for you to achieve that flexibility, the more valuable you become.

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Must Have Hair Care Products of 2019

Must Have Hair Care Products of 2019Every year hair products get better and 2019 is no different.

Glam Gloss

Arguably the coolest addition to any haircare ritual is gloss. Designed to add a shine to colored hair that only seems to happen after a visit to the salon, hairstylist Kristin Ess continues releasing her Signature Gloss blends so that color can remain full and shiny regardless of when the next touch up is.

Cheeky Charcoal

From face masks to body scrubs, charcoal is the latest in beauty products that seems to be safe to use almost everywhere. Dry scalps have long been detested and Drybar On the Rocks Charcoal Scalp Scrub is just what the stylist ordered. Not only does it keep the scalp healthy, but it also washes away residue from the products you use daily.

Succinct Shampoo

This shampoo comes with a price tag. At $28 per container, the Living Proof Detox Shampoo is hardly a casual purchase, but it is a must-have item if your hair needs a full cleaning. It is a full on purge of pollution, product, and water residue that will leave your hair feeling healthier than it ever has.

Losing the Limp

We all know about oils and how those help with shine, but what about those of us that simply want bounce? Virtue Texturizing Spray is the newest contender on the field. Used during the Golden Globes, its lightweight mist is no pushover when it comes to long-lasting hold.

Blonde is Better

While John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Miracle Masque is hardly the only product using lemon this year to strengthen hair both before and after coloring, it’s definitely on the top of many lists. This is because of its focus on lemon oil and the oil’s natural ability to repair hair health safely and naturally.

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2019 Nail Trends

2019 Nail TrendsAs with every change of season, so come the exciting new styles and celebrations of fashion with it. Be the first one ready to celebrate spring with these exciting nail designs.


Truly a fashion born from the love of a bygone era, CD nails are a fashion that may not last longer than this spring, so enjoy them while you can. The secret is in the gloss, making the reflection shine like when a light is held to the back of a CD.

Galactic Glam

Certainly a trend but a trend that’s actually been taking off over the last few years, many makeup and nail artists have latched on to the mystic beauty of galaxy-inspired designs. Because this style requires a true artist’s eye due to its intricacy, don’t be afraid to pay a bit more to guarantee you walk out with a look that will catch positive attention.

Metal Magic

Metallic nails have truly found a permanent place in the general fashion line up. Appearing at most fashion shows nowadays, the only big decision to make for the season involves trying out the newly released brands and picking your favorite.

Perfect Prints

If you like changing your nails up often, this season is your season to shine. Matched nails and clothing prints are the biggest statement you can invest in this year.

Sexy Squiggles

Hearkening back to the general designs of the 80s, squiggles, and scribbles, broad lines of color without any pattern, are ideal when you wear a lot of accessories. It’s an addition to the planned chaos that actually ties everything together in a very respectable way. Currently, the best way is to choose one color and squiggle that over a clear bottom coat.

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2019 Spring Fashion Trends

2019 Spring Fashion TrendsWinter woes be gone! We are done with the gray days and are ready to launch into spring with these feisty fashion features that took runways by storm.

Solo Shoulders

If there’s one look that will most definitely find its way into cities across the world, it’s the return of the single shoulder tops and dresses. Alluring without being garish, single shoulder straps are a wonderful way to welcome the return of warmth.

Bold Butterflies

In the early 2000s, butterfly accessories were all the rage. And now they’re back. However, instead of nesting themselves in the hair, these winged wonders are making their mark on tops and sleeves, acting as lapel pins more so than bobby pins.

Cheeky Checkers

Black-and-white checkerboard patterns were all over this year, and what better way to celebrate the idea of spring and the picnics that follow? While tops were the preferred choice for where to don the pattern, a few dresses and the occasional sandal featured this classic as well.

Baby Blue

If color is what you’re really looking for, then look no further than pale blues. Clearly the main color for this season’s couture, you can have a lot of fun with this fashion. Go for solids, celebrate patterns, or simply decorate with accessories.

Ornate Orange

Fear not if blue isn’t your color. Orange is another beloved choice this season. Aim for a bright version of the color and, again, have fun pouring it into whatever style you prefer. The more orange in your outfit, the better.

Cut Colors

To tie everything together, let’s assume your outfit contains more than just one color. How do you pull it all together? With very broad strokes. Known as color-blocking, the fashion-forward are keeping their colors in solid shapes, juxtaposing them against one another, rather than trying to blend.

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Belt Bags

Belt BagsBelt bags are 2019’s answer to the fanny pack. By altering the design ever so slightly, designers have created something wholly unique in look and fashion.

The Belt vs. The Fanny

When searching for a belt bag, couture sites often also throw fanny packs into the same string of results, but this is unfair to the belt bag. There are differences, however subtle. First and foremost, the “belt” part of the belt bag is actually a major distinguishing feature. These bags are designed with a matching belt that you can wear. Fanny packs simply fit on the waist with a latch. Belt bags are also designed more as detachable purses that can either be held or worn, depending on the needs of the wearer.

Finding the Fashion

There is no doubt that the belt bag is a high fashion item, and because of this, you want to make sure that you invest in one that very clearly is well made and well designed. This means finding one with an actual belt that can stand on its own with or without the purse and vice versa. Since fanny packs typically have a more triangular shape, the best belt bags are rectangular. In short, they look like small handbags. Many designers emblazon logos loud and proud but there are quite a few that come with subtle but striking dashes of color that really add a look of sophistication.

How to Wear It

The biggest dilemma, as with most fashion pieces, is how and when to wear it. As it stands, you can wear the belt bag with anything, though high-waisted pants or skirts are ideal. Add to this a matching quality between the clothes and the bag and you now have yourself the perfect outfit for a belt bag.

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Voiceover Auditions

Voiceover AuditionsAuditioning for voice roles, be they cartoons, commercials or the ARSM, is a very straightforward process with clearly defined rules and goals. Put your best foot forward by knowing the basics so to better show off your skills and impress those you hope to work with.

Complaints & Excuses

Professionals don’t complain and they don’t make excuses. If you had time to work with the script beforehand, even five minutes prior, never blame a bad performance on poor preparation. That relates to the directors that you are unable to take responsibility for your own performance and will blame others in the future. The same goes with complaining. Professionals bite their tongue and push forward because they understand the project is more important than their pride.


Always be on time. This is a given. However, always being on time includes arriving prepared with everything you need, such as your resume and any other materials you may have been told to come with. In addition, don’t show up and expect time to warm-up. Arrived ready to go at any moment. After all, there could have been cancellations, meaning you are called in earlier than expected.


Voice acting requires a lot of mental, emotional, and vocal aptitude. Chances are you’ll read a line one way and then be asked to read it again in a different way. As a performer, this should come as no surprise, but when just using the voice, alterations can seem a lot more challenging. Go along with the direction and don’t be afraid to act it out physically. Making fists or jumping up and down can aid in getting across the emotion needed to nail your audition.

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Acting Audition Tips

Acting Audition TipsMaking it as an actor is no different than making it in any other profession. With enough time and effort and connections, you’ll eventually find a stream of well-paying jobs in a rewarding career. Never stop researching how to get better, and you’ll eventually nail every audition you hit.

Be Confident

Human emotions are very easy to read, especially for actors. Before you can get any better in your auditioning process, you need to have your confidence on lockdown. You need to believe you’re the best. You need to know you can outperform anyone in the room. This confidence will give your actions the determination and direction necessary in landing a role.

Be Curious

If you have questions, engage in conversation with the casting directors. When they ask for something, don’t be afraid to try a few things to test out the waters before jumping into the altered performance. If you can communicate that you are fun to work with without being too much to handle, there’s a good chance you’ll be hired on personality alone.

Be the Character

You need to know who you’re auditioning as inside an out. Does it matter if you just got the script? No. The faster you can come up with clear motivations and characterizations, the easier it becomes to nail your audition.

Be Difference

Not all anger is shown through yelling and not all happiness is shown through hugs. Instead of dishing out the tired tropes of what people generally expect when seeing a certain emotion, break away from the stereotypes to present a fresh take on what otherwise might be an old character. Though it won’t always land you the part, this creative way of thinking is a good way to get you noticed for other projects.

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Lifestyle and Mature Modeling

Lifestyle and Mature ModelingContrary to popular belief, modeling agencies need people of all ages, especially for lifestyle and mature shoots. While the fashion aspect of modeling might end by the late 20s, there’s a lifetime of work available for the model that knows where to look.

Lifestyle Modeling

Most popular for print, lifestyle modeling aims to capture moments in life. These can be candid jokes between two friends or celebratory times between families. Because of this, the models picked are older, starting around the mid-20s. In addition, with the necessity to make these images appear real, the subjects look real, with normal flaws found in all humans. This means imperfections in things like weight, teeth, or height. Appealing to a wide audience means presenting models a person could look at and pretend to be. Typically, the age range for this category extends into the 40s but can overlap with the mature category.

Mature Modeling

For those 35 and up, you can still get into modeling so long as you’re not dead set on walking the runways of Milan. Unless you’re a legend in the modeling field, a more realistic approach would be promoting yourself as a mature model. Much like the lifestyle jobs, mature also flourishes in the print industry where companies use images to sell products to the masses. If you look like the audience the product is marketed for, using you offers far more benefits to the company than trying to employ a much younger person.

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Body Shape: Styling Your Body

Body Shape: Styling Your BodyEvery body shape can look good so long as you know where to draw attention. Here are the quick and dirty rules to looking your best no matter your shape.

Pear Shape

You have a small chest and wide hips. Most women fall under this category.  Your rule is to keep the top busy and the bottom bland. Because your hips are already so prominent, you want to draw attention away from them with v-necks, scoop necks, and cowl necks. Layers are great (up top) and don’t be afraid to buy embellished dresses.

Hourglass Shape

You have a large chest and wide hips with a small waist. Because this is such a great spread of assets, form-fitting attire is your best friend. Make sure everything is tailored to your silhouette and don’t be afraid to show off just how small your waist is. Most dresses will flatter your figure, just be wary of loose-fitting dresses.

Apple Shape

Apples have wider shoulders than hips and larger stomachs that can jut out. Your goal is to hide the stomach and bring focus to your upper body. Wear A-line anything with loose material, flowy shirts that don’t hug you tight, and v-necks. While not every dress will work on your body, strapless is a choice you can rock like no other.

Athletic Shape

Athletes have a very close shoulder to hip ratio and lack big curves. Instead, they can come off as more boxy. Accentuate your muscular look by showing off your arms and toned tummy. Halter tops, racerbacks, and strapless tops are the best. For dresses, choose styles that show off your favorite asset and minimize areas you don’t care for with dark colors and vertical shapes.

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On Location Photoshoot Tips

On Location Photoshoot TipsOn-location photoshoots can be more stressful than those set up in a controlled, indoor environment. Outdoors, there’s no way to control the lighting or the weather, leaving those involved relying on research and luck to nail the shots.

Talk to the Team

Do not show up the day of and expect a perfect shoot if no one knows what they want from the project. Reach out to those you’ll be working with long before the photoshoot and talk through all of the goals as well as what will be needed to achieve these goals. Remember, too, that weather can be fickle and light does not last, so be ready to bend if, for instance, it rains. Again, talk with the team about contingency plans. What can be skipped? What can’t be skipped? Are there alternative shoot locations at that site?

Dry Run

If you’re close enough to the decided location, take a day beforehand and spend some time in the area. Get to know the ground you’ll be standing on. Is it uneven? Is it soft? How will that affect the poses you plan on capturing with the camera? If the location is not nearby, gather up photographs of the place and plan out what you want to be doing at each one. Having an idea of how you want to model around will save time and provided professional focus during the shoot.

Have Fun

Though stressful, don’t forget to have fun with the photoshoot. Tell jokes during the downtime. Smile if something doesn’t work out. Bend easily to new ideas when there’s time to get experimental. The more polite and fun to work with you are in a stressful situation, the better you’ll be remembered and the higher the chance you’ll be hired again for future on location shoots.

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