Acing Your Voice-Over Audition

Acing Your Voice-Over AuditionNerves are rough during auditions but are the worst when it comes to voice work and singing. Your breath becomes shallow, your mouth goes dry and it seems as if your diaphragm will never settle again. Don’t fret! Even with nerves, all of the practice and rehearsal you did beforehand will help you get into your rhythm and nail the audition.

Warm Up

The throat is a muscle. You don’t jump straight to working out without a proper warm up. Why would you jump straight into an audition without giving the same courtesy to your voice? Sing a few scales. Buzz the lips. Spit out tongue twisters. Get everything moving in unison before you’re called in.

Characterize Fast

With the script in hand, make strong choices fast. Who is the character? What is their age? What is the situation? You’re not trying to give the judges exactly what they think they want. Your goal is to give the judges a clear, precise character right off the bat. Fumbling for footing will only hurt your audition.

Drink Water

While dry mouth will probably show up no matter how hydrated you are, drink enough water so that it’s more of a phantom dry mouth than actual dry mouth. In addition to negatively impacting your tongue and its ability to produce sound, not enough water impacts the entire vocal tract, minimizing lubrication and otherwise wreaking havoc on your ability to produce a voice.


Don’t ever be afraid to act as you do the reading, especially if it helps you make the voice even stronger. In fact, most all voice actors are theatrically trained. Feel the emotions the character feels. Throw your hands around in frustration. Whatever it takes to make that character vocally come alive, do it.

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Comp Card Measurements

Comp Card MeasurementsThough measurements are a must in the modeling world, it may come as a surprise that so many individuals simply don’t know how to take accurate measurements. Don’t be one of those. Here are the basics.

Getting Started

For reliable measurements, grab a measuring tape and a friend. If you cannot be nude in front of this individual, put on skintight clothing, like a bathing suit, to mimic the tape measure being as close to the actual skin as possible. Stand with your back straight and arms relaxed. When taking the measurement, the tape measure should lie flat to your skin.


For height, measure yourself with your back against a flat wall. Do not wear shoes. For your weight, jump on a scale with as little clothing as possible.

Neck (Males Only)

Take this number from about an inch up from where your neck hits your shoulders. Instead of a tight measurement, place one index finger under the measuring tape and record that.


Place the tape measure around the largest part of your chest. This goes for males and females. Make sure your arms are relaxed and at your sides. This number will not match your bra size since it includes the breasts.

Sleeve (Males Only)

Place your hand on your hip and start the tape measure at the spine. Run it over the shoulder, over the elbow and stop at the wrist.


This is not your pants size. This is where your torso bends when you lean to the side. If you have trouble finding it, bend side to side and put the tape measure there. It should be about an inch or two above the belly button.

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How to Cry on Cue

How to Cry on CueIt’s the dream of every actor. Not a single role goes by where a good tear couldn’t make the moment even better, especially on camera. While not all actors can let loose when told, it’s a skill that certainly comes in handy when trying to get cast.

Stay Hydrated

Before tackling the emotional aspects of crying on command, it’s of the utmost importance to know that you can’t expel water from the body unless the body has water to expel. For this simple little concept to work, you have to drink lots of water.

Don’t Force It

For those of us that have cried and do cry when the feeling strikes, we know that it’s never forced in those moments. Our emotions are simply too strong to hold the tears back, resulting in an overflow. If, on stage, you’re obsessed with analyzing how to make that happen, you’ve already severed your connection to the sadness that would have led to tears. As soon as you tell yourself you have to cry, you won’t.

Accept Your Sadness

Odds are society has taught you to push your sadness away. Whether you needed to keep a straight face at home or were teased at school for crying too much, we, as humans, develop many ways to alter such a negatively received response. To open that outlet once again, it takes time, patience and practice. You must reteach yourself how to react to sadness. You have to learn not to cover it up but to let it out. This alone can take years of work as you figure out the “what” behind the block. Only then, however, can you hope to recondition yourself to accept crying as a normal, natural response to an emotional state to extreme duress.

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Different Mascara Wands for Different Looks

Different Mascara Wands for Different LooksThere are a lot of mascara brushes out there. From the usual straight wand to balls and curves, choosing the right one has never been so confusing. Fret no more. Here’s the down low on what to choose when deciding on a look.

Straight Wands

For beginners, straight wands are the best. They add natural length and separation to create a fuller look. Perfect for every lash type, they are the most common option since they offer little room for error.

Curved Wands

When you’re ready to move on to a more challenging application, curved wands offer just that. The shape follows the natural curvature of the eye, lifting the lashes to create a soft yet voluminous curl.

Orb Wands

Hard to find due to their relative newness to the marketplace, orb wands were designed with precision in mind. This makes them the top choice for perfectionists. The orb shape covered in bristles allows users to apply mascara to difficult lashes in harder to reach areas.


For the previous three options, there are types of bristles you can choose from. The most common is nylon. This material is suite for virtually all lashes. The bristles are also numerous and close together, making it easier to apply a lot of mascara in one go, keeping clumping to a minimum.

Plastic Bristles

Plastic bristles are made from molds and are the single best way to achieve a perfect mascara look without any clumping. The molding process means high precision bristle arrangement. Because of this, most are designed to coat each lash, resulting in superior length and definition.

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Mistakes to Avoid as a New Model

Mistakes to Avoid as a New ModelTo err, human. We all make mistakes. That doesn’t give you an excuse to make mistakes that professionals warn about time and time again. Educate yourself on the modeling industries top beginner blunders so you can appear more professional than your competition.

Unflattering Photos

Every great artist is able to critique their own work. They know immediately when something isn’t up to industry standard. Why, then, would models even dream of keeping unflattering photos in their portfolio? The goal of modeling is to always look flattering. Two great shots are better than a book of mediocre options. Do not be afraid to toss photos that look bad.

Short Correspondence

Nerves make us do weird things, especially in email correspondence where facial expression and aural tone are non-existent. Do not be tempted to fix this through emojis or overly-wordy emails. Simply provide the information asked for, ask any questions you have and move on with your life. Professionals are busy and only seek out the information they need when they need it. It’s important to practice being a professional that respects everyone’s time and money now rather than later when it might be too late.

Wide Exposure

You should never do a job that challenges your integrity, but you should be open to all jobs that don’t. How are you going to figure out your niche if you’re unwilling to try out different genres of modeling? Just because Paris turned you down doesn’t mean you can’t kick start your career elsewhere. An enormous part of finding true success is knowing an opportunity when you see it and then accepting said opportunity even if it’s not exactly what you had in mind. There are many roads to getting what you want out of life.

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Parent 101

Parent 101

What to Expect When your Child Enters the Entertainment Industry

Child stars are introduced to the world every day. Some fizzle out while other manage to maintain healthy lives. Behind all of this madness are the parents. Whether driven mad by the unexpected pressures of childhood fame or adapted will to the new rigors, here’s a peek into the reality of being the parent of a child entertainer.

You Are the Balance

The entertainment industry is not a parent and, if it is, it’s one of the worst ones out there. As the family leader, it will be up to you to remain aware of the happiness of your child. Though working, they still need to be kids, have kid hobbies and know that it’s okay to stop when they want to. Remember, though, that they look to you to give them direction in these matters, making it that much more important to be an example of a healthy work and life balance.

It Affects Everyone

When your child enters the entertainment industry, so does the family. This is even more challenging when there are other siblings involved. You and your spouse must continually communicate about what needs to be done so that none of your children are overshadowed by a career that, naturally, overshadows others.

Always Be On Guard

For as many wonderful people as there are out there, there are just as many underhanded creeps trying to take advantage of both your child and you. There will be offers from people that claim they can transform your child into an Academy Award winner, and you have to be smart enough to know how to weed out the liars from the honest workers. It’s always okay to say “no” to something if the situation feels wrong. Your child deserves all the protection they can get.

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Streetwear: What is It?

Streetwear What is It?A surprising entry into the high fashion industry this past fashion season, streetwear is beginning to gain a reputation for being respectable in its own genre. As to what it is… people are still trying to put it into words.

What is Streetwear?

In a nutshell, streetwear is what normal, non-fashionable people wear every day. Including baseball caps, hoodies and, most importantly, t-shirts, it’s the fashion of the common folk. However, fashion streetwear is the more expensive stuff pumped out by brands like Tommy Hilfiger. Most of those designs are of a higher quality and of a higher price.

To many younger fashion fans, though, streetwear is anything that isn’t a part of the larger industry. Maybe it’s all clothes that spawned independently. Maybe it’s clothing focused on a culture. In the end, even the most in-depth research is showing that streetwear is simply a term trying to force a definition onto something that is far too varied to have one. After all, it is the clothing of those that don’t follow fashion shows and fashion trends.

Dressing Down

If streetwear is something you’re looking to pursue, simply look around the area you’re in. Observe what the more casual people are wearing. Most of it isn’t fitted and a lot of it is comfortable. It is clothing made for function rather than form. You’ll find that the more practical woman avoids heels and overly tight clothing, choosing instead to wear flats and pants. Streetwear men opt for hoodies, t-shirts and sunglasses.

To make all this more fashionable, the steps are pretty straightforward. Make sure everything is fitted and clean. In the end, this is what ultimately differentiates Streetwear from streetwear.

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How to Transition from Student to Professional Actor

How to Transition from Student to Professional ActorAfter leaving school, the real world is quick to remind you that things are different now. There are no schedules, no grades and if you want to succeed, it’s entirely on you. This is an experience that leaves many aspiring actors lost as to what they should do to become what the industry would refer to as “professional”.

Go Big or Stay Home

Once school ends, you’ll be faced with a big question: do you stay in a small town and build up a resume or do you head to a major city and try to make it big? Even if you’re a student in a major city, like New York or LA, the question is still there and both choices come with their own set of pros and cons. If you stay in a small town, you’ll build connections faster and have a greater chance at landing lead roles. Unfortunately, you’ll probably outgrow the area very quickly and either move or stagnate. If you head to a major city, you’ll learn from some of the greatest talent currently working and possibly get the chance to become a star. Unfortunately, you’re up against people that have been training since they were five.

Hone Your Craft

The only thing that separates a student from a professional is how you think of yourself. In fact, the greatest professionals refer to themselves as lifelong students. Learning is the only way we continue to improve. To truly have a shot at making it in your field, you have to seek out mentors to train you so that each time you audition, you have something new and better to offer. With little jobs here and there coupled with continued study, you’ll find yourself with the success you always wanted.

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Winter Beauty Trends 2017

Winter Beauty Trends 2017The air is getting colder, the nights are getting longer and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Fall is in full swing but winter is not far off. Prep your glam with this year’s favored looks.

Muted Makeup

With the more muted colors of winter comes a more muted makeup look. Smoky eyes are still en vogue but instead of going for that charcoal pencil, choose a taupe or a gray. Couple this with a shimmering creamer for eyes that continue to draw attention without being too loud. Pair this with a more pink and natural looking lipstick and you’ve found a practically perfect look.

Wavy Locks

Long, wavy hair is still fashion forward but the types of waves this winter have grown to cover both large curls and small kinks. That being said, each type requires its own set of tools. To be ready for both, invest in a curling iron for the large ringlets and a straightener for the small kinks.

Natural Knots

Another hair craze arriving just in time for the holidays are the knots. From large knotted buns worn loose and at the base of the head to smaller knots along the top of the head, be sure to get your bobby pins and hairspray ready for some exciting new experimentation.

Give Me Glitter

Be it eye shadow or lipstick, glitter is back in full force. Though the general makeup trend has gone more conservative, no one can stop the influx of glitter in both muted tones and loud hues. Just remember that if you’re going loud and proud to only do that to one area of the face. Glitter should always be used responsibly.

Eye-catching Eyeliner

For those not fans of glitter, colorfully loud eyeliner was also used a lot during the winter fashion shows. From reds to blues, no color was off limits.

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Winter Fashion Trends 2017

Winter Fashion Trends 2017Already parts of the world have seen their first snowfall, heralding the coming of this year’s cozy winter. Don’t fall behind in your wardrobe planning. Start putting together your outfits now to be ready for the holiday rush.

Shiny Silver

Though runway looks aren’t always outfits we can pull off in everyday wear, there are trends that can be adapted. This year’s biggest crowd pleaser was silver. Whether used on padded outerwear or made into pants, this season is all about silvery glam.

Nice Knits

This year, knitted tops are back in. Worn as sweaters, wraps or jackets, knitted garments aren’t just for the elderly anymore. Be sure to opt for designs that incorporate frays or other interesting knitted textures for a truer adherence to this year’s fashion.

Sweet Suits

Whether you work in the corporate world or not, business attire is on the rise. With a skirt or with pants, fitted suits are a fancy way to dress yourself for success. In addition, shoulder pads maintained their appeal, proving to be this year’s longest lasting fashion forward choice.

Pretty Polkas

A trend that comes and goes quickly, polka dots were in high demand on the Parisian runways. Word to the wise, however, it’s only black and white that’s acceptable for this year’s variant.

Tempting Turquoise

A color seen commonly in jewelry but not in clothing, turquoise has actually be pulled forward to become more than just an accent. From top to bottom, entire outfits were made of this stunning blue hue. Blacks, browns and reds proved to be the more popular accent colors in these ensembles.

Flattering Flannel

It seems the Pacific Northwest had an impact on designers this year with the influx of flannel. Button up tops were the piece of choice when it came to rocking the multi-colored square prints.

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