Winter Beauty Trends 2017

Winter Beauty Trends 2017The air is getting colder, the nights are getting longer and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Fall is in full swing but winter is not far off. Prep your glam with this year’s favored looks.

Muted Makeup

With the more muted colors of winter comes a more muted makeup look. Smoky eyes are still en vogue but instead of going for that charcoal pencil, choose a taupe or a gray. Couple this with a shimmering creamer for eyes that continue to draw attention without being too loud. Pair this with a more pink and natural looking lipstick and you’ve found a practically perfect look.

Wavy Locks

Long, wavy hair is still fashion forward but the types of waves this winter have grown to cover both large curls and small kinks. That being said, each type requires its own set of tools. To be ready for both, invest in a curling iron for the large ringlets and a straightener for the small kinks.

Natural Knots

Another hair craze arriving just in time for the holidays are the knots. From large knotted buns worn loose and at the base of the head to smaller knots along the top of the head, be sure to get your bobby pins and hairspray ready for some exciting new experimentation.

Give Me Glitter

Be it eye shadow or lipstick, glitter is back in full force. Though the general makeup trend has gone more conservative, no one can stop the influx of glitter in both muted tones and loud hues. Just remember that if you’re going loud and proud to only do that to one area of the face. Glitter should always be used responsibly.

Eye-catching Eyeliner

For those not fans of glitter, colorfully loud eyeliner was also used a lot during the winter fashion shows. From reds to blues, no color was off limits.

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Winter Fashion Trends 2017

Winter Fashion Trends 2017Already parts of the world have seen their first snowfall, heralding the coming of this year’s cozy winter. Don’t fall behind in your wardrobe planning. Start putting together your outfits now to be ready for the holiday rush.

Shiny Silver

Though runway looks aren’t always outfits we can pull off in everyday wear, there are trends that can be adapted. This year’s biggest crowd pleaser was silver. Whether used on padded outerwear or made into pants, this season is all about silvery glam.

Nice Knits

This year, knitted tops are back in. Worn as sweaters, wraps or jackets, knitted garments aren’t just for the elderly anymore. Be sure to opt for designs that incorporate frays or other interesting knitted textures for a truer adherence to this year’s fashion.

Sweet Suits

Whether you work in the corporate world or not, business attire is on the rise. With a skirt or with pants, fitted suits are a fancy way to dress yourself for success. In addition, shoulder pads maintained their appeal, proving to be this year’s longest lasting fashion forward choice.

Pretty Polkas

A trend that comes and goes quickly, polka dots were in high demand on the Parisian runways. Word to the wise, however, it’s only black and white that’s acceptable for this year’s variant.

Tempting Turquoise

A color seen commonly in jewelry but not in clothing, turquoise has actually be pulled forward to become more than just an accent. From top to bottom, entire outfits were made of this stunning blue hue. Blacks, browns and reds proved to be the more popular accent colors in these ensembles.

Flattering Flannel

It seems the Pacific Northwest had an impact on designers this year with the influx of flannel. Button up tops were the piece of choice when it came to rocking the multi-colored square prints.

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How to Stand Out in an Audition

How to Stand Out in an AuditionLet’s face it. At an audition, it’s you versus the world. Countless individuals show up to give it their all in the hopes they’ll prove their worth as a potential employee. Though the area of expertise may be different, it’s not so dissimilar from any other job interview. Here’s how you stand out.

The Entrance

You have approximately ten seconds to make a lasting impression. In those few moments, the judges will collect virtually all they need to know about you. Because of this, you need to enter the audition already fully charged. This doesn’t mean come up with some awkward shtick that may or may not backfire. It simply means that your performance begins as soon as your number is called.

The Audition

Now that you have the attention of the room, it’s time to show off that you’re worth investing time and money into. This better be practiced and perfect before the audition because last minute cramming is worthless. Ideally you’ve put in months of back work with critiques and coaching from professionals. As for choice of work to audition with, only your best will suffice. Don’t try and save up your best and most impressive for later. Do it now. Prove that your entrance deserved their attention with this payoff.

The Dress

It’s never a bad idea to dress the part. Whether you want a specific role or not, dress for a role and give it your all. Such amount of focus will give you a much more interesting audition than trying to cover every possible character. Type cast yourself and have fun. Based on your looks and voice type, there are roles you could fill halfheartedly and still be seen as doing them ten times better than another actor.

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Nutrition for the Holiday Season

Nutrition for the Holiday SeasonHoliday treats don’t start with the holidays. They start with the release of all things pumpkin spice. However, that doesn’t mean you get to go wild and still keep your figure. If you’re looking to lose weight, you can’t keep telling yourself that you’ll start after the holidays. Build good habits now and you’ll be able to achieve what you want.

Sugars & Fats

Your biggest dietary enemies this season are the sugars and fats lurking in every single holiday treat. From the whipped cream used on coffees to the butters used in cookies, these two ingredients are calorically dense and nutritionally empty. This means they don’t give your body the vitamins and minerals needed to remain healthy and active. Instead, they fill up your stomach, making you feel bloated without feeling satiated. This leads to eating even more to try and not feel hungry.

Veggies, Veggies, Veggies

In the end, only a balanced diet will help you avoid the traps of the holiday season. If you’re full on healthy things, like spinach, chicken breasts and olive oil, it’ll be easier to turn down unhealthy treats since you’ll be more aware of how bad those treats will make you feel after eating them. Ideally you’ll want a diet rich with a variety of veggies, some whole grains and some protein. For your drink of choice, stick to water. You can also have black coffee or tea with honey as a sweetener.


While basic nutrition remains the same regardless of the seasons, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge a little bit. After all, when else does egg nog hit the shelves? To enjoy treats without sabotaging your dietary hard work, give yourself two days each month to enjoy what you want.

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How to Wear Outerwear Indoors

How to Wear Outerwear IndoorsWith winter well on its way, it’s time to once again remind ourselves how to be fashionable during such cold months without appearing new to the practice. When it comes to outerwear and the indoors, there are definitely some acceptable and unacceptable practices floating around today that should never be crossed, even by the most fashion-forward.

Coats Off

Coats are never acceptable indoors. Take them off. If there’s a jacket underneath worn to look great, however, that can stay on.


Men are virtually always required to take their hats off indoors unless it is a public place, such as a post office or airport. Women, however, can get around this rule if the hat is a small fashion accessory. Like the jacket, if you’ve worn it to make the outfit cuter or trendier, you are allowed to keep it on.


Like the hats, scarves indoors is more about the function of the article of clothing. If it is designed to be worn as an accent to your look, keep it on. Silk scarves are perfect for this. If, however, it is used to keep you warm from the elements, take it off with your coat. This is a rule that applies to both men and women, though many take offense to men wearing scarves when not outside.


Gloves, being more function than form, follow the rule of the coats. They are not to be worn indoors.

Still Not Sure?

If there are other pieces of outerwear you have floating around your wardrobe, the quickest way to determine if it should be worn indoors is to ask what its main function is. If it’s to keep you warm, take it off when you get inside. If it’s to make you look good, keep it.

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Hair Trends 2017

Hair Trends 2017Time to start planning those holiday hair styles. If you’re looking to stay trendy, here are the top ways to tame your tresses before we ring in the New Year.

Loose Braids

Braids seem to always be in. However, it’s the type of braid that changes with the seasons. This winter, look to do soft, slightly undone braids. The minimal mess makes them appear romantic.

Beautiful Buzz

If you’re a fan of extremes, blonde buzz cuts have been sweeping their way across the red carpet. Though not all fashionistas are down for such an extreme change, it’s an easy to do, easy to care for look that is entirely in.

Piled Up Pony

Ever the cute look, pony tails this season are all about being placed high on the head. Since the high up is the most important part, feel free to turn the pony tail into a bun or a knot based on the event you’re headed to.

Short and Sweet

If you’re a fan of the bob, keep it sharp and blunt this year. Even with curly hair, a very angular, clean cut is the top of the list in terms of fashion. Messier is definitely out with this style.

Sexy Shag

Messy is out, unless, of course, you’re sporting a shag haircut. The key features to this look are bangs parted at the middle and hair that reaches the shoulders. A few waves here and there never hurt either.

Super Straight

Flat irons rejoice. Super straight hair is making a small resurgence this winter. Just remember this style is best used by those with healthy hair. If your locks are fried, do not attempt. If you want to keep your locks healthy, add a heat protectant before straightening.

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The Best of Fashion Month

The Best of Fashion MonthMore colloquially referred to as Fashion Week, this month-long event is a global parade where all of the hottest designers debut their collections for the upcoming seasons. Pulling in celebrities, models and photographers all bent on capturing the allure of haute couture, it’s the extremes that really bring out the best.

Haute Horror

For horror fans out there, Calvin Klein premiered a wildly lavish set celebrating the darker aspects of the season. Pom-poms and dangling axes decorated the ceiling while the models paraded around grungy wear complete with printed t-shirts and shoes inspired by Friday the 13th. While there were other designs that graced the runway, it was the macabre feel that really took center stage.

All Style

True to his reputation built on class, style and wealth, Ralph Lauren’s show went loud and proud this year instead of choosing the more usual route of toned down. Next to a fleet of sports cars, including a 1938 Bugatti, models paraded around fashions that remained true to the quintessential American feel Lauren has made his own. The show was made even more impressive by having taken place in the famed designer’s garage in Bedford Mills, New York.

Silence is Golden

Perhaps the most unforgettable show was Marc Jacobs’ bold silence. There were a total of 56 models that strode the runway not to the blaring music from speakers overhead but to their own rhythm. With a ground made of old wood planks, the footsteps echoed. Then, as if a breath of fresh air hit the show, all models came out for a finales set to the 1981 aria from Diva. It was a show of higher fashion with even higher theatrical tastes.

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The Secrets of the Elevator Pitch

The Secrets of the Elevator PitchMission Statement. Vision. Elevator Pitch.

These three terms are all synonymous but change based on the industry you work in. It is a short, succinct description of who you are, what you stand for and what you see as your goals for the future. This little introduction, when done well, is a great way to kick off a conversation or alert professionals that you take your job seriously.

The When

Like every form of communication, the elevator pitch only makes an impact when used in the right situation at the right time. While there is really no one right answer, there are a few rules you can follow to understand if the situation is right for your pitch. Do you have less than a minute? Were you asked to describe yourself? Are you trying to incite small talk? If the answer is “yes”, chances are you won’t go wrong throwing out your introduction.

The How

How you deliver your pitch is often more important than when you deliver it. To start, keep it short. If it doesn’t fit in one or two sentences, it’s too long. Second, have a few ready to go based on who you’re talking to. Audience has a profound effect on what language and phrasing is most successful. Thirdly, practice it regularly so it becomes a natural thing to say. Nothing is more terrifying than coming to an audition unrehearsed and ill prepared. The same goes for delivering a successful elevator pitch. Sure, the first few times will seem a bit wooden, but the more you do it and the more it becomes second nature, the more relaxed and natural it will feel to you and appear to everyone else.

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Songwriting 101: Protecting Your Songs

Songwriting 101: Protecting Your SongsEver since the explosion of the internet, personal ownership of created content has been heavily disputed. In an arena where anyone can steal anything at any time, how does a songwriter protect their original content?

Library of Congress

Before diving into copyright protection, remember that you can’t prevent all forms of piracy. It exists and it will happen in some form or another, be it a blatant copy or simply a reimagining of your idea. You can’t fight every battle. You can only be informed and choose the battles worth fighting. In the end, the cases you choose to pursue should be based on your best judgement. A younger kid just getting into online performance probably made a simple mistake. A full company taking your song, however, is far less innocent.

To protect your songs, the best way is through registration with the Library of Congress. While your work is automatically protected in the United States once it exists in a tangible format, the Library produces a public record of it that provides legal advantages should you choose to pursue copyright infringement.

In order to do this, all you need to do is fill out a registration form, submit the correct fee and submit your work. This can all be done either online or through the mail. Once this is received, there is a procedure the Library will go through before accepting your work. First, they process the payment. After that clears, they examine your application to make sure everything is filled out properly. Following this verification, your song is assigned a number and a certificate of registration is mailed to you. Your work is them added to an online, searchable public record.

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Post Audition Checklist

Post Audition ChecklistJust like any job, the follow-up to an audition or agency interview is as important as the interview itself. Knowing what to do won’t guarantee a role or position but it will guarantee that your name will become a respected one for future endeavors, increasing the likelihood of success down the road.

  1. Review Your Performance – How do you feel it went? What could you improve? What did you nail? Give yourself introspection time to better understand how to perform even stronger next time. Write down what you discover in a journal. Every audition is a learning experience if you make it one.
  2. Send a Thank You Note – It’s important to let the agency or casting company know that you appreciate the time they took to judge your audition. A simple form of recognition is enough to communicate that you understand it’s an intense process on both sides and their input is greatly appreciated.
  3. Alert your Peers – If you have an agent or directors that you worked with to prepare for the audition, let them know how it went. They are eager to hear all about it. You can also use this time to thank them and elaborate on how what they did served you well.
  4. Toss Unimportant Audition Papers – If you were asked to read for a side or received any sort of paper used solely for that audition and nothing more, throw it away. You did the best you could and holding on to superfluous material makes moving forward harder.
  5. Move On – After spending time analyzing, making notes and celebrating your audition, move on. You will audition many times and need to learn how to let go. Getting bogged down on one thing only hampers your ability to see the next success on the horizon.
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