Goal Setting

Goal SettingImportant in every aspect of your existence and desire to succeed, goal setting is a tried and true art that has served the betterment of mankind. The stronger your ability to wield this talent, the more success you’ll find in your goals, regardless of where those goals lie.

Short to Long

Any good goal has an end date – the date at which the goal should either be reached or reassessed. Taking this idea a step further, you’ll want to take a note from businesses that have plans for the next year, the next five years, and the next ten years. This allows you to assess if everything lines up as well as give you a clearer picture of the road you have to take.

Work Backward

Now that you have a vision of ten years down the line, work backward. Create from your major dream the little steps it will take to get there. Five years down the road, where should you realistically be to even have a shot at your ten-year plan? One year from now, what will push you to that five-year goal? Tomorrow, what will set you up for one year from now?

Get Specific

Specific here means achievable. This is the most tedious part of the process since it involves you breaking apart each goal into smaller, measurably achievable points along your path. Paid acting is a great ten-year plan, but how do you start that today? Do you have audition materials, either a resume, headshot, or monologues? Choose one of the three and start there. By year’s end, you should at least have a good headshot and solid enough monologues to start getting you bit parts in shows that then build your resume.

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Best Motivational Instagrams to Follow

Best Motivational Instagrams to FollowInstagram, for all its models and memes, is actually an incredible place to cultivate inspiration and motivation. With summer here and New Year’s goals finally seeing fruition, here’s how to keep yourself focused while you have fun in the sun.


The start of the week is challenging. After all, you no doubt had a weekend to get some sleep and forget about work. This is where motivation_mondays comes in. Pairing inspirational quotes with beautiful backdrops, it’s a great way to remind yourself of your own possibilities as well as soften the challenges of day to day living. As a bonus, they post quotes every day of the week.


Unlike most Instagrams that focus on photos, entrepreneur has an emphasis on videos. It is a fantastic collection of up-and-comers as well as established businesspeople that found their own success. Including inspiration and wisdom from those who have achieved their dreams, it’s a library of useful information that can be applied to any business venture.


It is said that you are the culmination of the top five people you interact with most. Because of this, it’s no stretch to then say that what you read affects how you think. This is where mindset.therapy’s strength lies. Videos and picture quotes are posted that focus on reminding you to take responsibility for your own life as well as remembering to let go of the things you cannot change.


When you aim for success, you will be going against the grain of what society tells you is worth pursuing. From materialism to narcissism, mindofhabit posts habitual reminders that glory does not lie in the pursuits of the everyman. Glory lies in seeing past the masses and embracing the potential of the horizon.

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Neon Trend: How to Style and Wear It in Fashion and Beauty

Neon Trend: How to Style and Wear It in Fashion and BeautyNeon doesn’t have to be an avoided color, and now that its various shades are showing up across fashion runways around the world, it’s time to learn how to wear it responsibly before investing in this year’s color scheme.

Avoid Full Highlighter

While neon is back from the ‘80s, you’ll still need some practice before the big leagues. Start safe with muted colors that are then paired with one neon article. You can go with a black tint bolstered by a pink shirt or otherwise turn a neutrally toned outfit into an eye-catcher with some neon pants.

Mix it Up

This addition might prove to be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Mixing a neon with a print is far from a faux pas if you manage to find colors that complement one another. The easiest way to do this is a find a print that already has small splashes of a neon color on it and simply wear a piece of neon that matches the print. Once you have that down, you can expand to see what else works.

Step Out in Stripes

As you transition to more neon on your clothing, stripes allow you to include a higher percentage of neon while still avoiding the highlighter look. Horizontals are the preferred choice with this though the size and angle of the stripes are points you can play with to accentuate your natural curvature. Remember, you still want the piece to flatter you.

Neon Colors

When you’re finally ready to go full neon, choose two to three neons to pair together. Because of the bright nature of the colors, which colors you pair don’t matter too much. Just make sure you can find shoes to match.

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Tips for Summer Skin Care

Tips for Summer Skin CareEmbrace the sun, but keep the tanning to a minimum. While the warmth feels great on the skin and boosts vitamin D production, it can also lead to early wrinkles and age spots when not enjoyed responsibly. Protect your glow this summer with these tried and true protectors.


Your cells require water to maintain their structural integrity and workload efficiency. If you are dehydrated, your skin will be the first place it shows, with more sag and a sunken appearance. Avoiding this is as easy as drinking water regularly. Not only will your skin look full and clear, but you’ll also feel healthier.

Protect with SPF

Whether you choose makeup, moisturizer, or sunscreen, blocking that pesky UV radiation is the best way to fight premature wrinkles and sun spots while still gaining the advantage of a natural vitamin D boost. Find a lightweight formula that your skin can absorb quickly to prevent mixing with your face’s natural oils and sweat. If you have sensitive skin, consider trying out sunscreen designed for the more sensitive needs of kids and babies.

Matte with a Mask

The heat causes a chain reaction that ends in more sweat and more oil on your face. Avoid a glossy look on your face with regular face masks. These help pull out the dirt and oil accumulated throughout the day to help you lessen the unwanted shine.

Clean Twice

After you wake up and before bed, take a gentle soap or face cleanser to those pores. They are on overdrive during the season and need help with the removal of unwanted things. Every cleanser is different, so don’t be afraid to experiment with what works best for your face. You may even find yourself using a different concoction at night than you would in the morning.

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2019 Summer Fashion for Men

2019 Summer Fashion for MenOn the surface, it might seem men only have a choice between khakis or board shorts and polos or a fitted t-shirt, but the deeper you dig into men’s fashion, the more variety you realize there actually is from season to season.

Tempting Tailoring

Businesses don’t close for summer. Instead of grieving being tied to a suit, use this time to test the bounds of asymmetrical tailoring styles and unique color combinations. With summer often rejecting formality, it’s a safe time of the year to get a little wacky.

Clear Cut Cowboys

A fun footwear to break in is the cowboy boot. Be it leather or pleather, it’s the style and cut, rather than authenticity, that makes it a choice this year. On top of that, you can go bold with the color or keep it formal – the choice is yours.

Nod to the ‘90s

Both sexes are getting a free pass to pull from the past this summer. More specifically, male fashion is embracing the grunge of the ‘90s with tighter black pants, worn tennis shoes, and ill-fitting t-shirts. While all three aren’t necessary, don’t be afraid to grab those looks that still speak to style this summer.

Leather Looks

Depending on where you live, hearing that leather is back in fashion may or may not be the greatest news you’ve gotten all year. You can dress in full leather or go for a single article. Just make sure it’s the real deal and not imitation.

Shorter Shorts

Some seasons, it’s a sin. Other seasons, like this one, it’s in. Shorter shorts have swept the runways and offer an alternative to leathers. Getting the shorts to rest mid-thigh is the perfect length when wanting to beat the heat.

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2019 Summer Fashion for Women

2019 Summer Fashion for WomenTaxes are done, days are longer, and you’re looking forward to new couture to show off during these long summer days.

Totally Tie-Dye

Once every twenty years or so, tie-dye emerges from its dormancy. The tie-dye we know today kicked off during the ‘60s and its explosion of color and creativity. While you aren’t expected to design your own clothes, embrace the prints that show off this style. Luckily, this season, the patterns available are far more varied and intricate than the typical circles on homemade t-shirts.

Suddenly Shorts

While shorts are always in, it’s the type of shorts that varies from year to year. In the wake of the yoga pants craze that has still yet to retire, find yourself a set of bicycle shorts that are just as flattering. If you like loose, board shorts are back in.

Really Ruched

Ruching is the gathering of fabric in such a way as to create a ripple effect. It’s certainly not common couture, so it’s fun to find a fit that accentuates your curves with a style known for doing a great job with this when worn correctly.

Leaping Leotards

Tying to the sporty shorts – both bicycle and board – leotards only add to the activity level of this summer’s look. While the pants worn with the leotard are typically opaque, the idea behind the look is to be ready for a swim regardless of what you’re wearing, as leotards can make great one pieces.

Respected Ruffles

Smooth silhouettes are out in favor of textures of any kind, but it was the ruffles that dominated the runways, adding to great looks while detracting from features you’d rather not highlight. Pair it with smooth shorts and bright colors, and you are set for the summer.

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10 Tips on Dressing for Success

10 Tips on Dressing for SuccessDress to impress is a long-standing rallying cry for those aiming to get hired. After all, the clothes make the person and we, as humans, are guilty of judging others based on appearances, especially in the modeling and acting world where appearance is a huge part of the job.

  1. Tailor Everything

A well-fitted outfit is the easiest way to go from frump to fab, and it’s not extremely expensive.

  1. Be Clean

Unless the audition specifically asks for dirty clothes, dress in your cleanest outfits. No stains, no dirt, iron everything, and avoid outfits with frayed edges.

  1. Accessorize

A few tasteful additions can accentuate what you want while also adding that certain spark plain clothes otherwise don’t give on their own.

  1. Remove Body Piercings

Piercings are a fantastic quirk to have and are great conversation centerpieces, but not when your work revolves around your personality or your potential appearance.

  1. Bring a Bag

This should be a portable collection of materials, shoes, and other clothes you may need for an audition or interview.

  1. Calm the Coif

Remember that interviewers want to see your face. They don’t want to deal with you pushing hair behind your ears. The less distraction, the more professional you are.

  1. Avoid Aromas

You never know what smells are pleasant or not to other people. It’s always safest to assume that no smell is the best smell.

  1. Dress Conservatively

Though you shouldn’t go formal, you should dress on the more conservative side since less conservative clothing can be cause for distraction.

  1. Mask the Makeup

If you wear makeup, keep it as natural looking as possible. Nail polish should also remain either clear or neutral in shade.

  1. Hide the Tattoos

Unless specially requested by the interviewers, tattoos are distracting and take away from your potential appearance.

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Commercial Print Modeling Basics

Commercial Print Modeling BasicsRunways capture the imagination when thinking of modeling, but walking, turning, and walking back is hardly the extent of what it means to model. In fact, one of the most prolific avenues is actually one of the faster branches to break into—commercial print. Run by companies and their need to show off products, audience appeal means a much more diverse spread of opportunities for you.

The First Look

Your headshot here is more important than anywhere else. Since this is how you are first seen, it is absolutely crucial you spend the time and money necessary to create a good one. The strongest contenders immediately connect your face with those looking at your profile. Avoid artsy shots with blur or extreme angles. Sell your face and you’re that much closer to landing a job.

Know the Market

Research companies. Research their products. Research the audience. Agents who work in this field can all agree that a knowledgeable aspiring print model is far more successful than those going in blind. Being honest about the company and what they’re selling means you can accurately assess your own traits to honestly determine if you truly fit the mold they want to fill. In short, don’t waste time.


Unlike runway models, commercial print requires a bit more control overexpression. In fact, many successful models in this line of work are actually, in part, trained in both acting and modeling. Modeling makes sense. After all, you need to know how to pose. Acting, however, may seem a little too distant, but it’s not. How many advertisements have models in a scene exhibiting one clear emotion in a single photograph? The easier it is for you to achieve that flexibility, the more valuable you become.

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Accessorizing for Photoshoots

Accessorizing for PhotoshootsWe all know clothes are extremely important for photoshoots. The colors bring out your natural glow while the cuts accentuate your natural figure. But what about accessories? How do you even go about throwing together hats or necklaces or scarves? Worry no longer. This is your guide to the awesome world of photoshoot accessorizing.

The Head

Hats, headbands, scarves, and anything else that sits on your top are considered an extension of your wardrobe more so that an actual accessory. Because of this, they are added in as a way to make your shots more fun or flirty, giving you props to mess around with as you find the look you’re trying to capture. They also run the risk of distorting your face, so be cautious.

The Jewelry

Jewelry is the heart and soul of the accessories. Earrings, rings, bracelets, broaches—the list goes on, and all have the potential to add something truly unique to your shot. At its core, jewelry is there to act as the finishing touch to the outfit. Each piece is there on purpose to make everything appear as put together as possible. If you have favorites, dress for those, but don’t be afraid to bring other outfits and other jewelry just to see what a different look can evoke.

The Miscellaneous

Everything else, including handbags and sunglasses, fall under this umbrella. While certainly not the most important, they nevertheless bring to your pictures a flair for fashion that the other pieces can’t. Similar to the head, though, these accouterments probably aren’t going to add sophistication more than they’re going to add a sense of fun and adventure. After all, who brings sunglasses to anything more formal than an outdoor event?

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Understanding Lighting and Photography Used for Photoshoots

Understanding Lighting and Photography Used for PhotoshootsWhile it is enough to simply show up to a shoot and let photographers do their thing, never underestimate the advantage you give yourself when you understand just what their job requires.


When it comes to lights, theories run deep. Textbooks about explaining light and its usage have been around for hundreds of years, and this isn’t even including color theory. You don’t need to be a master lighter, but let’s go over the basics just so you know why the general layout is usually the way it is.

Typically there will be three types of lighting you encounter. Front lighting, though flat looking, helps bring out natural details by hiding shadows. Side lights add in the depth by creating shadows. Back lights hit the subject from behind to create a glow and add depth. Sometimes you’ll be faced with all and sometimes none based on the goals of the shoot.


Much like lighting, the desired product greatly influences the tools of the trade. Photographers typically have one type of camera and a ton of different add-ons they switch between. Sometimes there’s a flash, other times they need five different lenses. While it may seem confusing, know that along with the light, they are testing out the canvas that will give them the perfect results.

Physically, most photographers are extremely active. You know how angles are important for selfies? This concept is no different for photographers. Angles greatly affect what is seen and how it is perceived. As far as their cameras go, the best thing you can hope to see is a photographer that experiments with lens length and distance from the subject. An 85mm versus a 200mm can make or break the natural beauty of a shot.

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