Going International

Going InternationalWith the world becoming more and more connected, going international as an actor or model is no longer a pipe dream. In fact, many companies are embracing the expansion with open arms. Here’s how you can find fun abroad while still getting paid.


You’ll need to be tall. Women should fall in the 5’8” to 5’11” range while men should be between 6’ and 6’2”. This is even more important internationally because you’ll be auditioning for virtually every job you can find, be it print or runway. The more you fit the general mold, the better your chances. Beyond this, the more professional you are at home, the higher the likelihood a company will foot the bill to get you overseas for more jobs. Make sure your portfolio is strong. Stay physically fit. Perfect the “it” of your look, the thing that makes you stand apart from other models. Beyond this, it’s all about finding an agency well versed in international modeling. Find a good placement agency and you’ll be overseas in no time.


Unfortunately, acting isn’t quite the same. While the physical limitations are hardly as stern as modeling, the open communication across the seas isn’t nearly as open or as well orchestrated. While agencies can help, it’s important for the actor themselves to keep up on casting directors and casting calls so that every foreign opportunity is pursued. It also pays to have a strong repertoire in accents. For instance, if you’re in America and headed over to Scotland to perform in a production of Macbeth, do not be surprised if you’re expected to pick up a Scottish accent. If they know you can do this quickly, you have a much better chance of finding work. Finally, remember to keep building up your resume at home. Your previous jobs and contacts are the foundation from which you can propel yourself beyond your current country.

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Finding the Perfect Monologue

Finding the Perfect MonologueMonologues are more important than any cold read an actor can do. They are one of the few things actors can hone and perfect to such a degree that casting directors can’t ignore them. The sooner you find yours, the sooner you can make your mark on the acting world.

Tell a Story

The perfect monologue for you will tell a story. It will start, crescendo, and decrescendo. No matter what time period, no matter the speaker, your ideal choice will tell a story. The importance of this is that directors want to see your ability to fluidly go from one emotion to another. Everything should feel natural. Your anger shouldn’t give way to sadness without any sort of transition. By finding a monologue that tells a story, you’re exhibiting your talent to display realistic emotions through a practiced and rehearsed speech.

Feel the Story

The perfect monologue for you will tell a story you can relate to. Too often young performers will latch on to legendary monologues, like those of Lady Macbeth. Unfortunately, there’s not much to connect to when the performer has never been married for an extended period of time. In this case, you want to settle on something that honestly relates to your life experiences. This allows for an outstanding audition since you understand the emotional journey being traveled.

Know the Story

The perfect monologue for you will come from a story you know better than anyone else. While tying your own emotions to a monologue that feels like a natural fit is powerful, nothing adds even more weight than understanding the character inside and out. Know their motivations for that point in time. Know why these are the words they’re choosing to say. The closer you are to that character, the more perfect the monologue is for you.

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How to Tie Your Tie

How to Tie Your TieA tie is an accent that says a lot about the wearer. A classic knot can speak to tradition while a more modern take can reveal a character underneath the suit. Here are a few different ways to achieve a tied tie without being married to outdated ideas.

Four In Hand

Arguably the most common way to tie a tie (and the one most men are taught), the four in hand is an easy, quick way to achieve a small but uneven knot that is passable for a majority of social situations. To start, pull the tie through the collar with the thick end hanging lower than the thin. Wrap the thick around the thin end twice, then bring it up through the loop around your neck and down through the second loop around the thin end.

Half Windsor

Another favorite, the half Windsor is more professional as it leaves an even knot. Even so, it is a harder knot to tie. Again, start with the tie draped around the collar with the thin end shorter than the thick. Wrap the thick end around the thin end once then bring it up and down through the loop encircling your neck. Take the large end and bring it around the front of the small end and take the big end up through the loop around your neck. There should now be a smaller loop around the thin end. Pull the big end through this.


Kelvins are perfect for ties that have an underside you want to show off since the material around the collar is, in a sense, left backward, while the tie remains properly positioned. Drape the tie as usual except make sure the underside is facing out. Next, wrap the large end of the tie twice around the small end, bring it up through the collar around the neck and then through the smaller loop created around the thin end.

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The Nail Polish Breakdown

The Nail Polish BreakdownWhen heading in for a manicure to fancy up your fingers, don’t go in blind. Here are the four most common treatments and polish available for your nails.


Applied with a regular brush, acrylics are the staple for most manicures. They are mixtures of powder and liquid that set after about two minutes when left to dry. Though smelly, they do not need anything more than time to properly set. While many are just one color, a lot employ the use of glitter and metallic sheens to allow for incredible pieces of nail artistry.


Gels are a premixed acrylic that lacks the odor commonly smelled with acrylics. In addition, there’s a bit more work involved since the nails have to be dried using either an LED or UV lamp. This type of light causes a chain reaction resulting in the hardening of the polish. Most of these are extremely thin, flexible, and resistant to chipping for up to two weeks with proper care.


Opting for a different look but with similar materials, dips can be a great way to further push the capability of acrylics. Instead of painting on a mixed solution, the nail is coated with a sticky resin then dipped in acrylic powder. Aside from a little extra work cleaning the fingers of the dust, it’s a style that leads to some pretty impressive looks.


Normal nail polish is simply a lacquer that air dries. In a typical manicure, there will be a base coat, three polish coats, and the final normal polish top coat. Unfortunately for all of the time it takes to apply this polish, chips are very common within only a few days, guaranteeing maybe a week of perfect nails before the color should be removed.

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The Best Beauty Tools

The Best Beauty ToolsTech has always sought to push the bounds of how we approach everything and beauty is no stranger to this. Now including the use of even apps, the gadgets on the market today are better than ever for bolstering beauty.

Jade Rollers

Made from solid jade, these rollers are used to decrease dreaded under-eye circles, reduce puffiness, and iron out those frustrating fine lines that slowly creep their way further and further onto the face. This is done by stimulating circulation and the lymphatic system. According to legend, these items have been used since the 17th century by high-class Chinese women and have only now made their appearance in the U.S.

Light Masks

Harnessing the power of light, this tech is the latest in reigning in runaway acne. According to developers, the masks employ blue light to kill acne-causing bacteria and red light to reduce inflammation. It’s simple enough to use, requiring only a freshly cleaned face and 10 minutes of your time.

Wearable UV Sense

Launched just recently, La Roche-Posay’s UV Sense is a little tracker worn on your nail that pairs with an app. It collects information on what you’re doing and alerts you if you need to do more to protect your skin. The adhesive keeps the device on for about two weeks before needing more stickiness for reapplication. With the collected data, you’ll also be recommended beneficial beauty products based on the environment you’re forced to face regularly.

Toning Devices

Finally ready for mass marketing, microcurrent devices are out in full, helping people who want firmer skin achieve their goals. Using metal spheres to conduct electric waves through the dermis and into the muscles, these little devices are ideal for minor toning and contouring.

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Go-See 101

Go-See 101A go-see for a model is the audition for the actor. It’s a chance for the hiring company to meet the talent in person, possibly take a few photos to see how they work together, and otherwise, collect data they couldn’t get through just a headshot.

Stay Natural

Though you should put on enough makeup to highlight your natural beauty, don’t go overboard with anything. Go-Sees aren’t designed to reveal you in your highest fashion. They’re there to have you present yourself as a blank canvas so casting directors can envision what could be put on you. Be clean, be neat, and avoid anything distracting. Avoid fake nails. If there’s no getting around it, make absolutely certain they are a neutral color to hide them as best as possible.

Dress for Success

Much like your makeup, keep your clothing minimal. You want to don form-fitting clothing that allows the casting directors to envision their products on you. Stay as neutral as possible with black or darkly colored clothing. White is a no-no since the color tends to wash out many models’ faces. If you’re not comfortable in something that is entirely formfitting, you can opt for fitted jeans and a nice tank top that follows your natural curves without being too revealing.

Bring Shoes

Finally, always bring shoes to walk in. Chances are extremely high you’ll be asked to walk and if you don’t have shoes, you’ll lose your opportunity. While you can wear comfortable shoes getting to the audition, be sure to change into heels once you arrive. Whether you walk or not, you’re exhibiting the fact that you are always prepared and are well researched. That being said, make sure the heels you do bring are heels you’ve practiced walking in.

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The Pattern Mix and Match

The Pattern Mix and MatchWe’ve all been tempted. Maybe this polka dot will go well with this plaid. Then you see them together and realize what a horrible mistake you’ve made. Fear no more! Here are quick and fast rules to decide whether what you’re wearing is a do or do not.

Is there one dominant and one accent?

While it’s impossible to lay out every pattern and every fashion faux pas, these questions will help guide your budding fashion hand. For instance, if you are using two different patterns, how big are each of them? If one is huge and utterly dominant while the other is hardly noticeable, you’ve nailed a mixed pattern look. However, if both are vying for dominance, you should change.

Are they in the same color family?

Simply put, do the colors work with one another? This is good. Colors do a fantastic job of further emphasizing fun fashion. However, if you go with something garish, say a salmon with a lime green, the mismatch will be too tacky to ignore.

Are they the same pattern?

The same pattern type is perfectly acceptable if you break up the monotony. This can be done in two main ways. The first is to simply have inversions. If one is black and white, the other should be white and black. Should this not be the case, put a belt around your waist for a very clear break between the two.

Are you using neutrals?

Never forget that even when you’re looking to mix and match patterns, you can always throw a neutral into the mix. Make sure this item shares a color with both patterns to better unify the look. If it’s not doing this, it’s not doing its job as a neutral.

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Applying a Flawless Foundation

Applying a Flawless FoundationLike any foundation, this aspect of makeup is the most important since it is the layer upon which all else is added. Smudge the foundation and you smudge your look. While it can be challenging to create a glow that seems to have used no foundation at all, mastering this means the difference between a beautiful, healthy glow and an odd, unappealing sheen.

Find Your Match

This is the hardest part. Everyone’s skin is different. What works for your friends won’t work for you. Luckily, stores have testers, allowing you to sample options before purchasing them (saving you a ton of money). Take advantage of this. Try every brand you can until you find a color and consistency that blends in flawlessly with your face. Make sure it looks natural and gives you a blemish-free canvas to work on.

Clean First

Your foundation will only be as amazing as the skin it is put on. Never underestimate the importance of cleaning your face before putting on any makeup. Ideally, you’ll want to wash your face and then exfoliate to wipe away the dead skin cells that can make foundation apply unevenly.

Start Small

You don’t want to look like your foundation is an inch thick. While this will cover up all natural color on your face, it will look unnatural and be extremely apparent to everyone that sees you. Instead, start with the smallest possible amount. To take this further, only apply the foundation to areas you want to fix. Once on, blend the areas to the skin you’re not covering with makeup.

Press Only

Regardless of what you’re using to apply the foundation, remember to avoid rubbing. Rubbing is what leads to obvious streaking. Instead, stipple by gently tapping the makeup onto your skin with either your finger or a makeup brush. This small effort results in amazing effects, seamlessly blending the foundation to your skin.

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Styling Your Leather Jacket

Styling Your Leather Jacket

Let’s face it, leather jackets are cool. They’re one of the few fashion fits that is timeless. One jacket can last you your entire life. Unfortunately, you do want to change up your other clothes. Here’s how to transition your jacket to fit any look.


Tough but Cute

A great wear for spring and the more casual business meeting, throw on your favorite t-shirt, jeans, heels, and jacket. It’s a look that is as classy as it is casual. Add a bit more flair with a loud color on your fingernails.


Fresh for Fall

Leather jackets are perfect for a cozy Pacific Northwest fall look. Throw it on over a comfy sweater and wrap your neck in an oversized knit scarf. Just be sure to not forget the staple black leggings and calf-high brown boots. You can even try plaid if you’re feeling extra fashionable.


Daring Dress

Let’s not forget that you don’t have to wear pants with the jacket. If you love dresses, you, too, can enjoy complimenting your outfit further. The best dresses run about mid-thigh. Pair them with some cute pantyhose and heels along with your jacket. Scarfs aren’t required but can really do a lot to pull everything together.


Winter Wears

Sadly, leather jackets aren’t warm enough on their own to protect against the extreme frigidity of winter. To fix this, layer them with other, warmer jackets. Any will do but nothing beats a bottom layer with a hood falling over the back of the leather.


Fierce but Fancy

If you’re dead set on making the jacket work in a more formal setting, nothing beats a jacket draped on the shoulders. Is it yours? Is it someone else’s? Either way, it’s merely there to keep you warm, not act as a permanent piece of the evening’s look (even if it absolutely is).

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How to Look Better in Photos

How to Look Better in PhotosTackle these tips and tricks to make yourself even more beautiful on camera.


According to research that has recently come to light, the left side of the face is typically considered to be more attractive.

Square Off

Never face the camera square on (unless it’s for an artsy picture). Instead, always tilt your head. This adds depth to those beautiful features.

Look Up

If you’re seated for a photo shoot, have the photographer stand above you so your face has to tilt upward to face the lens. This allows for incredible jaw definition.

Money, Money

“Cheese” might be the go-to for most family photos, but it’s far from the best word to use. Instead of forcing a fake smile as you hit those hard vowels, use “money” to create a much more natural looking smile, complete with crinkling eyes.

Tongue in Cheek

If you’re still worried about an unnatural looking smile, stick your tongue behind your teeth to contain the width. The only catch is to remember to smile with the eyes, otherwise, this trick can make for an unhappy look.

Stand Tall

When posing for a full-length photo, see if the photographer can squat a little to capture shots from a lower angle. This simple change of perspective makes you look taller and thinner.

Head High

If you suffer from what looks to be a double chin in your selfies, chances are high you are pulling your chin in too close to your neck. Instead, hold your head up to clearly separate the jaw from the neck. This has an incredibly powerful slimming look.

Arm Out

No matter how awesome your arms are, they’ll always look frumpy when held close to your body. When posing, keep your arms far from your torso to accentuate the smallest part of your waist.

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