Argan OilArgan Oil contains a high concentration of Vitamin E and Carotenes (Vitamin A) which are two vital components that make up healthy skin. Its vitamin rich content can produce instantly noticeable effects when applied topically to the skin.  Argan Oil is typically found in high-end cosmetic products like moisturizers, shampoos (for dry, damaged or brittle hair) and sunscreens.

The texture is light and less greasy but still moisturizing so even if you have oily skin, it’s great to use. In fact, it contains antibacterial plant sterols that help curb acne.

Argan Oil is derived from the Argan tree only found in Morocco. The oil is obtained by pressing the tiny seeds from the Argan fruit (nut). Its gets its ‘liquid gold’ name because it has the appearance of a golden liquid at room temperature!

When buying Argan Oil, make sure it is 100% pure with no extra preservatives. We really like the Shea Terra 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil for $24.00.

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