Really Cool & Inexpensive Beauty Tips!

  • REALLY COOL & INEXPENSIVE BEAUTY TIPS HONEY will soothe a curling iron burn! Be sure to apply a first aid cream afterwards to prevent an infection.
  • Apply CLEAR MASCARA over your brows before tweezing. The mascara makes it easy to grab one hair at a time so that your plucking is precise.
  • Use OLIVE OIL or POWDERED MILK in your bath to soothe dry skin or eczema! Remember the bath tub will be slippery so be careful moving around and getting out. Scrub bath tub afterwards!
  • For a super cheap facial mask to tighten up those pores, use EGG WHITES. Just crack an egg and apply to the face. Wait 15 minutes and rinse off with cool water.
  • Soak fingernails in DENTURE CLEANER to remove those nasty stains from dark hued nail polish.
  • CUCUMBERS are the perfect cure for puffy eyes! Cucumbers contain an astringent that may help to constrict blood vessels around the eye. Cucumbers also have a cooling effect on inflamed, irritated skin.Slice two thin rounds of cucumber. Lie down and place a cucumber round over each eye. Relax 15 minutes and then remove.


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