How To Dress For A Modeling Audition

How to dress for a model auditionA model’s appearance is everything in the modeling industry! Agents, managers and designers prefer to see a model in his/her most natural state. In other words, what you are and not what you could be.

A clean and moisturized face is a winning look. If you decide to wear makeup make sure your foundation is lightly applied, a bit of mascara and blush and a natural shade of lip gloss only. Remember that the decision makers want to see what you really look like!

Hair should be worn down and in its natural state. Whether your hair is curly or straight make sure you don’t have any frizz. Remember to keep your hair off your face during the audition.

Clothing must be simple, clean and form fitting. Don’t wear anything distracting because you want all eyes on you and not your outfit. Jeans – fitted or skinny and in dark denim is best. A simple top –tank top or simple tee or a fitted white shirt is best. Please, no cleavage! Black stilettos will give you extra height and make your legs look longer.

Jewelry should be kept at a serious minimum. Stud earrings and a watch will be the most you will want to wear. Again, remember that you don’t want your jewelry to distract from YOU!

Get a good night’s rest and wrap everything up with a smile, confidence and excellent body language and you’ll be set for a successful audition experience


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  1. Hasone Lindsey says:

    This Is my first time but I know for sure I got what it takes to get a job done

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