Tips For An Extreme Closet Makeover!

  1. Closet MakeoverGet brutal with yourself and clean out the closet! Whatever you haven’t worn in the last 12 months consider donating to a charity, church or women’s shelter!
  2. Organization is a must! Use clear and decorative boxes and baskets for storage, specialized hooks for belts, handbags and scarves.
  3. Don’t stack boxes more than two boxes high.
  4. Huggable hangers are the best for getting more storage from that closet rod.
  5. Utilize double rods, adjustable shelves and any type of shoe racks
  6. Fold tee shirts and stack.
  7. Organize clothes either by color or divide by items (skirts, pants, jeans, dresses, etc.) or by season.
  8. Use one of the vacuum sealed storage solutions for out of season clothes.
  9. Use lavender or lemon scented sachets – forget cedar!
  10. Step back and admire your beautiful and organized closet!


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