Grooming TipsHAIR:  Should be clean, well cut and no split ends. Don’t go crazy with hair product or neon hair color.

HANDS & FEET: Nails should be clean and well groomed. Avoid extremes of nail length and polish color. If your toes are exposed, get a pedicure!

SHOES:  Buy the correct size and make sure your shoes are polished and the heels are not worn down.

CLOTHES:  Clean, pressed and fit properly! Pants, slacks and jeans should be hemmed to the proper length and not dragging on the floor. Hemlines should be flattering to your leg shape and the occasion. Make sure your clothes are odor free!

DETAILS:  Clothes should be free of dog or cat hair, no lint, no missing buttons or broken zippers. Remember to remove external tags too!

ACCESSORIES:  If you are carrying a wallet, handbag, backpack or any other item, make sure they are clean and in good shape.

By observing these grooming tips, you will always make a good first impression!

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