Learning Lines

Memorization is essential for every actor, whether you prefer to perform on stage or in front of a camera. Many, however, also find this to be the most challenging part. Luckily, technology is changing all of that with apps designed specifically for line memorization.

Script Rehearser Free – Android

For those in need of a more economical script memorization app, Script Rehearser Free is arguably one of the best on the market. Once a script is loaded, you have access to a text reader that will recite your partner’s lines to you so that you can practice speaking back. You can even skip areas you know very well or repeat scenes that are giving you trouble. Like most free apps, there are a few bugs but nothing that can’t be overcome.

Off Book! – iOS

Another free app, Off Book! is a great option for the iPhone users of the acting world. What makes it unique, however, is its reliance on aural memorization rather than text. To set it up, you simply record the scene you want to practice. Once done, you now can add your own unique edits by either muting your lines, cueing your lines or just letting everything play through to the end. While the set up may take some time, it’s the perfect companion for the actor that learns best by listening.

My Lines – iOS

Costing only $1.99, My Lines is a tool developed specifically for actors. In it, the entire script is shown with your parts highlighted. When ready, these lines can then be turned off so that the script is still there but you see blank space where your lines should be. On top of this, all lines can be recorded to provide you with both a visual and aural means of practice.

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