How To Walk The Runway In High Heels

Fashion designers require models to wear high heels for a reason. If the recent global Fashion Weeks are any indication, heels are here to stay! Heels will make a model taller, her legs will look longer and her body will appear thinner. Popular opinion says the clothes will look more appealing.

A stiletto heel forces you to balance the majority of your weight on the ball of your foot. Your calf muscles tense up and your hamstrings shorten and you butt sticks outward. Walking in stilettos exposes your feet in a very small space of the front of the shoe which causes blisters, calluses, corns and ingrown toenails. Now, you are precariously balancing yourself on 5″ “spikes”, disrupting your posture and putting seven times more pressure on the ball of your foot. This can easily put at risk for sprained or broken ankles. So, it’s imperative you learn how to walk properly in high heels!

The first question to ask yourself is “Are your heels too tight? Too wide? too narrow or too big? Does the arch of the shoe fit your arch? If you answered yes to  one if not more of these questions, you need to reevaluate and invest in proper fitting heels.

Definitely consider insoles for added comfort. A model’s trick for walking on a slippery surface is to apply the anti-slip, non-skid adhesive tape on the bottom of the shoe, underneath the sole.

Do exercises to strengthen your calves and ankles. Stretching exercises are a must! Learn how to stand without wobbling. A simple exercise is to simply stand tall and straight for a few minutes. Once you learn how to balance your body, smooth walking will be easier.

PRACTICE walking in your heels! Start out slow with a short step and straight back. Walk toe to heel which helps to distribute your weight better. Remember to walk with your toes pointed straight in front of you. Practice walking on different types of flooring (carpet, tile, hardwood, concrete). Wear your heels at home so the shoe can mold itself to your feel. Practice will make perfect!

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