Biggest Hair Trends of 2021

When you go through a major life event, you change your hair. It’s a simple fact of life. And what was 2020 if not one of the biggest life events ever?


Bangs can’t be overstated in their current level of popularity. And the best part? All types of bangs are welcome. Long, short, curly, or straight, there’s really no restriction on the type of bangs you can sport and still be considered trendy. This means you can finally find a fit for your face if you’ve never tried them before.

The Shag

A cut that looks good on everyone and is extremely easy to maintain, the shag focuses on layers rather than length. It is possible to have a great shag with any hair texture so long as the layers complement your unique facial shape.

The Bob

A longtime favorite, the bob is back in style. The key to pulling off a good bob is matching it to you. While straight and shiny is the most visually appealing, it’s not the only way to rock the look (or the best). Wear it longer if you need to or keep in the curls. It can even be elevated with a choppy look.

The Mullet

For better or for worse, the mullet is making its move. Luckily, this version’s rise is a lot shorter and has more added texture for a look that flows together a bit more seamlessly than previous renditions. And if it fails, it can turn into a great bob.

Crafted Color

If you’re looking for something fun, head to your nearest professional colorist and add a pop of blue or pink or purple to your hair. Anything bright is a fun way to spruce up your current haircut without inadvertently going tacky.

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