Spring Beauty Trends

Spring Beauty Trends

Beauty is going bold this spring as we all bid a fond adieu to a year that was anything but stunning.

Bangs, Bangs, Bangs!

Ever wondered about bangs? Don’t live in the shadow of regret. Bangs were all over the runways. They were short. They were long. They were shaggy. They were every style you could think of and most were DIY. Take this as a sign that now is the year to finally flirt with a look you know you’ve thought about trying for years.

Crazy Colors

Designers bathed runways in a myriad of bold, bright, and decadent displays of color. It didn’t matter where the colors showed up so long as they were loud and proud. Oranges, blues, yellows, and reds were only a few hues decorating the faces and hair of models.

Flirty Florals

A single hair style didn’t stand out but one thing that did unite the ‘dos was the use of flower accessories in the hair. From bobby pins to full pieces that fit like tiaras, these floral fittings did a great job adding a splash of excitement to more mundane pieces.

Do the Dew

Dewy skin has officially made its return. Helping the skin appear radiant and healthy, it’s a breath of fresh air after month of looking dry and bland. Be sure to avoid the wild colors, however, as the dewy skin paired best with muted makeup.


Eyes have taken center stage in terms of importance within one’s beauty routine. Don’t back down now. Instead, bump it up a few notches. Embrace the bold lines black can give your eyes to really highlight their expressiveness during a time when our mouths are often hidden. If black is a step too far, matte greys are a fantastic alternative.

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