Spring Fashion Trends

Spring Fashion Trends

As winter wails its final windy songs and temperature plunges, longer days and warmer weather has everyone thinking about the coming spring.

Black and White Affair

Spring is often alight with colors, muted though they may be, but this season welcomes a shift in favor of counter colors. White and black patterns plastered the runway on pants, shirts, shoes—you name it. It’s an undeniably elegant look that works on everything.

Puffed Pants

Wide leg pants have always floated around the background, constantly waiting to see a resurgence, and see resurgences they do. Almost on cue, they rise back into the fashion forefront every decade once everyone is sick of trying to fit into tight pants. 2021 is the return of the wide legs.

Baring Bralette

To offset the figure-hiding pants, bralettes are seeing a big push, once more baring the midriff for all to see. Plain Jane or glitzed by Versace, they are experiencing a reemergence that hasn’t existed since the late 90s.

Dragging Dresses

If teasing the tummy isn’t your style, perhaps long, flowing maxi dresses more suit your tastes. Often covered in sheer material, these dresses are loose and full of flowing fabric. A solid color or boasting a printed design, bare shoulders or high necks, all styles are welcome.

Crafted Capes

Absolutely superfluous but no less elegant, nothing completes an ensemble better than a well-matched cape. Though some designers opted for full-length covers, the majority chose shorter styles in a bid for functionality over form.

Stunning Stripes

Go big or go home with this season’s stirring of stripes. They should be bold and boastful in a bid to welcome back the energy of warmer weather. Wear them on pants. Wear them on shirts. Wear them on dresses. And if you’re really aiming for custom couture, don’t shy away from a neon pairing.

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