Steps to Prepare for a Zoom Audition

Steps to Prepare for a Zoom Audition

Now, more than ever, auditions are going digital through the use of Zoom. While your in-person audition skills might be incredible, online is an entirely different medium. Take these steps to ensure your auditions aren’t duds.

Ditch the Smartphone

While it might seem useful and convenient for you, smartphones are terrible options for quality. You need either a laptop or a desktop computer with processing power capable of utilizing all the functionality of Zoom. In the world of auditioning, the more features at your fingertips, the better your chances.

Plug In your Ethernet

To maintain high quality throughout the audition, do not rely on Wi-Fi. It breaks up occasionally, increasing the likelihood those watching you will miss out on an important part of your scene. Making sure you have an Ethernet cable plugged in is a simple way to guarantee a professional connection no matter the length of the audition.

Buy a Mic and Headset

Zoom auditions are no less active than those done live. You’re still going to act out the monologue and a laptop or webcam’s speaker isn’t going to cut it in terms of audio quality good enough to showcase your emotive potential. Invest in a good quality microphone you can pin to your shirt. In addition, a wireless ear piece means you can respond immediately to possible directions.

Upgrade Your Camera

1080p is the bare minimum you can get away with in terms of video quality, but if you truly want to push the bounds, avoid webcams entirely and opt for an actual camera that can be used with your computer. Webcams are often multipurpose and are only good enough for basic business. Cameras, however, are specifically designed to fully capture high-quality video.

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