Best Poses for Modeling Clothing

Best Poses for Modeling Clothing

Arguably the hardest thing to figure out when modeling clothing is what to do with your body. How do you even begin showing off the clothes you’re wearing? Fear not! Here are the best poses to practice to nail your next booking.

The Three-Quarters

This is a gold standard in modeling. It requires you to be angled so that only three-quarters of your body is visible to the camera. This could be as easy as sticking one foot behind the other and angling your upper body toward the camera. It could also be more complex based on any flair you decide to add.

The Profile

Profile shots are fantastic for really embracing all the interesting ways the body can contort itself and the clothing on it. Practice different ways to hold your shoulders and where you rest your weight. Get the arms and legs into it and see what kind of unique shapes you can create.

The Straight On

Though debatably the hardest one to master, facing the camera straight on is nevertheless a requirement. The faster you get this pose down, the stronger you will be for it. It’s up to you to pose in such a way that breathes life into the clothes you’re wearing. Isolate your different body parts and see what they can do.

The Over-The-Shoulder

More fun than fashion, a good over-the-shoulder adds a lot of character to what could otherwise be a boring outfit. There’s motion and there’s focus off camera, something that attracts the interest of people looking at the image. For this pose, remember that the challenge will be not overdoing your eyes. Keep the gaze in line with the nose and be very aware of unwanted shadows obscuring rather than accentuating.

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