How to Take the Perfect Headshots at Home

How to Take the Perfect Headshots at Home

With most phones sporting professional cameras, gone are the days of requiring photographers to take headshots. Now all you need is the right setup and some time to find that perfect look.

The Basics

To take a great headshot, you need to know what defines a good one. Stylistically, a well-received headshot is taken from the chest up, has you making eye contact, uses good lighting, captures your personality, and is readable even when small.

Nail these five things, and you’ve nailed your picture.

The Setup

Gather your materials. First and foremost you’ll need a camera that can capture images with a high resolution—the higher the better. Next you’ll need either a tripod or a friend. In the best scenario, it’s a friend. Another person saves a lot of time and can help introduce new ideas.

Find a space with good lighting. Images are made or broken based on how you are illuminated. You’ll need at least two soft lights in front of you and one light behind you to eliminate harsh shadows. The background should be a single color. Outdoors is typically not a good idea for beginners due to its uncontrollable elements.

Practice makes perfect. Before taking any photos, throw on the outfits you think you want to wear and use your phone’s timer to take a few test shots. This way, you’ll know immediately if something does or doesn’t work, helping you figure out what you want from your headshots. Ideally, you’ll have a good selection of flattering clothing that brings out your natural glow.

Have fun. Now it’s time to take those pictures. Turn on some music. Laugh. Get dramatic. When it’s done, pick your favorites and share your new headshots with the world.

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