Runway Turns 101

Runway Turns 101

Nothing is more powerful in a model’s arsenal than their turns. Here’s how to master those mere seconds to wrap the audience around your little finger.

Match Your Walk

The entire time you’re out on the runway is a dance. It starts when you enter and ends only when you exit. If your turn doesn’t match your walk, it will show. For example, if you have a lot of swagger walking but show a conservative turn, it will feel very off to the audience and create a dissonance. Your turn is your crescendo. Use the walk to build to that moment and make sure that moment matches for maximum effect.

Stay in Motion

Though the turn means an end to your forward walk, it’s not an excuse to stop moving. All of the greatest supermodels keep their bodies going. At that turn, their energy is focused on fancy footwork, arm work, and body work that creates a continually shifting and interesting form.

Play with the Number of Turns

While many models stick with one good turn, don’t be afraid to play with that number. You don’t want to go overboard but don’t be afraid to own the moment and add a few half turns. Rotate to the left. Rotate to the right. Do a full turn one direction. Do a full turn the other direction. This is all a part of the dance that is your signature move.

Feel the Floor

What’s the music? How’s the audience? The better you can play to the crowd, the better success you’ll have with your turn. If it’s a fun crowd, add a little extra. If the music is bumping, turn to the beat. A lot of your success lies in your ability to read a room and perform in a way to leaves it begging for more.

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