Everything You Need for a Manicure At Home

Everything You Need for a Manicure At Home

Just because nail salons are closed doesn’t mean you have to let those nice nails chip and dull. Take their care into your hands with these items you need for a merry manicure this winter season.

Nail Clippers

While you might be tempted to file everything, don’t fool yourself. Nail clippers are the best way to quickly get the nail down to the length you want. It’ll look ugly, but clippers are not there for detail work.

Nail File

After clipping, it’s on to the fine tuning of the shape. Nail files allow you to shape your nail with precision to you can achieve the shape you want. Be sure to have at least one that is course for a fast file and one that is fine to smooth out the edges.

Base Coat

Base coats provide protection against staining. This is why it’s so important to make sure you apply one, especially for those darker colors. Be sure to invest in a polish that is a base coat since an actual base lacks extra shine and is sticky enough to keep the polish attached.


Remember not to forget your color! Whatever you choose, make sure it’s one that makes you feel great and compliments whatever it is you’re pairing it with. That being said, it’s okay and even expected to go through a few test applications before settling on a shade that’s right for you.

Top Coat

Finally, just like the base coat, make sure you have a polish that is a dedicated top coat. This essential third layer helps your polish color last longer. It blocks UV radiation from damaging the pigment, protects from the elements, and adds that fantastic shine that really makes your manicure sparkle.

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