Tips to Fight #Maskne

Tips to Fight #Maskne

A hashtag that would have been inconceivable a year ago, #maskne unveils the true evil of the masks—acne. Here’s how you can keep your face clean while doing your part to protect the health of others.

Wash Your Face First

Before going out and donning the mask, wash your face. This will get rid of excess dirt and oils that would otherwise be trapped under the mask and clog your pores. Make sure that face is clean before you put anything on it.

Mask with Moisturizer

Some maskne is caused by irritation brought on by friction. To reduce this, apply a fragrance-free moisturizer. Not only will it keep your skin hydrated, it will create a protective barrier between the mask and your sensitive facial skin.

Miss the Makeup

Since there’s no chance you’ll be without a mask in public, it’s time to put a stop to fixing up that area (for now). Put away the lip gloss and lipstick. Keep foundation areas that will be seen. Makeup, when under the mask, acts like dirt in that it clogs the pores and leads to breakouts.

Wash the Mask Often

Each time you use the mask, make a point to wash it. Unwashed masks are breeding grounds for bacteria exhaled from the mouth and nose. Not only does such a collection contribute to maskne, it can also lead to serious health concerns.

Invest in Gentle Detergent

With all the mask washing you’ll be doing, it’s important to make sure you invest in a cleaning product that won’t add to the problem. Many detergents contain fragrances that are harsh on the skin. Make sure yours doesn’t. The gentler the detergent is purported to be, the less of a chance it’ll add any maskne to your face.

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