Fashion Faux Pas That Can Easily Be Avoided

Fashion Faux Pas That Can Easily Be Avoided

Regardless of how fancy your fabrics are, some fashion sins are unforgivable, ruining any outfit no matter how nice. Before you buy items to flesh out your wardrobe, make sure you understand the basics of what makes fashion.

Be Clean

Does your shirt have a pizza stain? Are there dirt stains on your shoes? Can you smell something awful emanating from your scarf? If you answered “yes” to any of these, throw those articles of clothing out right now. Fashion respects clothing, be it cotton or silk. Fashion is an art that respects those that see your clothing. Make sure your look remains respected and aesthetic.

Be Kept

Underwear that fits what you’re wearing is more important than the outfit itself. You need to contain everything but also create a silhouette that helps show off the outfit to its maximum potential. It will take time and practice, but knowing that nude underwear is a must with whites and how to hide bra straps are they types of tactics that will take your fashion to the next level.

Be Cut

Your clothes should fit you. They should never be so big they’re falling off or so tight your movement is restricted. If you’re continually messing with something, that’s a clear indication you either need to ditch the piece or take it to a seamstress. Proper fashion is all about you wearing the clothing, not the clothing wearing you.

Be Crisp

Unless the material is designed to look wrinkled, make sure everything you put on is crisp. Wrinkles convey a negative sense of being carefree about one’s appearance. An ironed piece allows the material to hang correctly so that attention is brought specifically to the things that are designed to bring out the best in the ensemble.

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