Getting Started with Fitness Modeling

Getting Started with Fitness ModelingWith the rise of social media has come the explosion of fitness modeling. Professional athletes, self-made gurus, and everyone in between have all brought to light that a career can be made out of perfecting your profile.

If you want to get started through a modeling agency, here’s how you get going.

Get Fit

It seems pretty obvious but fitness models are fit. Their bodies are prime examples of what the human body can achieve when at its physical peak. Muscle tone is defined and height is pretty important. For women, this means 5’6” or taller. For men, this means 6’0” or more. There’s also the genetic factor of muscular symmetry. While you can find jobs with abs that don’t mirror one another, you’ll have a greater advantage the more symmetrical you are.

Get Social

Ultimately, your goal is to land an agent who will book gigs and handle paychecks but with the free marketing that is social media, you should get started building your portfolio right away. Buy a domain and populate a personal website. Jump on Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and whatever else is currently popular. Learn hashtags to get your name out into the community. Work toward becoming so popular that you can’t be ignored. In no time, you’ll be able to piece together an amazing portfolio.

Get Unique

The fitness world is as vast as it is small. Within each genre are a multitude of skillsets just waiting to be capitalized on. What do you do better than other fitness models? Do you have an amazing back? Focus on posing for back exercises. Are your quads sculpted? Get shots of you running and squatting. In the fitness modeling world, niche work is how you get your foot in the door.

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