2020 Spring Fashion Trends

2020 Spring Fashion TrendsAfter having survived the chaos that is the holidays, it’s time to reward yourself with the upcoming spring specials soon to be seen on city streets across the world.

Daringly Disco

Disco has been resurrected with the reemergence of the disco collar. Wide and angular, they are a sharp addition to the business professional. Invest in jackets that sport this type of collar in a contrasting color. After all, why do daring if it goes unnoticed?

Haltingly Hot Pants

With tights or without, short shorts are back. During the chillier spring months, strap on some stockings as a bottom layer to keep those legs warm will flaunt your new look. Couple the shorts with long sleeves and you’ve got yourself a curious contrast that bound to impress.

Wondrous Wallpaper

Developing independent of the disco revival, 60s wallpaper designs are seeing a return on suits, dresses, blouses, and everything in between. These colorful and shapely styles throughout the previous floral frenzy in favor of geometric jumbles.

Fancy Feathers

For those decadent dinner parties, feather frocks and tops were all over the runways. Bold and beautiful, they are sure to pull attention from everyone in the room. However, be sure to avoid a fully feathered outfit. Instead, pair the tops with nice jeans or pants to offer a tame contrast.

Perfectly Polka

This spring will be seeing the return of countless shapes and styles not seen since decades prior and one of the more back and forth patterns, the polka dot, joins this lineup. Big dots, small dots, colorful dots—all are welcome with its return. That being said, rumor has it that bigger is better.

Happening Highlighters

When it comes to color, the highlighter look is still as hot as ever. Just like with previous seasons, go big or go home when picking how much of your look glows.

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