Understanding Your Acting Age Range

Understanding Your Acting Age RangeAge plays a very important role in what you can and can’t be cast as. Instead of taking this as a limiting factor, here’s how to use your age as leverage to land more parts.

The Basics

So where do you fit? What is your age range? Generally speaking, your age range is your current age plus or minus five years. That being said, you’ll sell better adding those five years to your age rather than subtracting. With age comes experience, the experience you didn’t have five years ago. Few can actually pull off being younger but almost everyone can pull off an older role.

The Goal

The best plan you can have for yourself is to always be looking forward. Embrace that you won’t be 20 forever and instead see what you could become as you get older. This will keep you fresh and always striving to add to your repertoire so that when you do finally reach an old enough age to play King Lear, you have everything you need to land the part. Too often actors become stagnant because they got cast as a lead 10 years ago and become stuck in that image of themselves. Learn from Sunset Boulevard.

The Acceptance

Finally, own your age. Dress appropriately at auditions. Don’t joke about how people are always mistaken about how old you actually are. Research respectable and talented actors in your age range to gather an idea of how to present yourself. It’s all about honesty and realism. The casting crew wants to know that they can discuss the topics your age range would be faced within the performance without having to worry about hurting your feelings. Act like a professional and you’ll be able to keep landing roles no matter your age.

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