To Wing or Not to Wing: Which Eyeliner is Best for You?

To Wing or Not to Wing: Which Eyeliner is Best for You?Your face is the palette and makeup the paint. But not every style will work, especially around the eyes. With so many different shapes, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what makes your eyes really pop. Wonder no more. Here’s how to figure out the eyeliner style that best suits you.

The Eyes

Before buying anything, you need to pin down a few things about your eye size and shape.

First up is the size. To determine this, compare them to your nose and mouth. Average eyes are about the same size as these regions on your face. Small eyes are smaller and large eyes are larger.

Next is the shape. This is determined by the whites of your eyes. While looking in a mirror with a relaxed expression, if the top and bottom of the iris are slightly covered by the eyelids, you have almond eyes. If there’s any white at either the top or bottom, you have round eyes.

The Liner

Now that you have keywords to assign to your eye shape, you can mess around with different styles that are best suited for your specific look. In regards to wings, try to avoid them if you have almond eyes as the added length makes your eyes seem narrower. Wings are best when used with round eyes.

Eye size affects where the liner is placed. If you have small eyes, you can help them pop more by using the liner only along the outer corners of the eye. If you have large eyes, this can be emphasized even more by using the liner to really highlight the upper contour of your eyelid.

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