Modeling Audition Etiquette

Modeling Audition EtiquetteAs a model, you will work with countless individuals. From makeup artists to photographers, nothing is more important for nailing repeat work than practicing proper etiquette both at shows and auditions. It communicates that you are respectful of everyone’s time and are a true professional.

Don’t Complain

Jobs get stressful. Deadlines make people easy to anger and frustration. Sometimes perfection takes time. While it can be easy to complain about how long makeup is taking or the length of time you had to stand as clothes were draped on your body, bite your tongue. You’re not the only one that feels inconvenience and pointing it out will only get others to associate negative reactions with you.

Be Flexible

As a model, it’s your job to bring the photographer’s or clothing designer’s vision to life. If they want you to start with your left foot instead of your right, do it. If they want to go through 50 different poses around one street lamp, hit every one better than the last. The easier you are to work with, the more you communicate your understanding of the jobs around you and what those require to achieve success. It’s a great way to show respect.

Arrive Prepared

Show up early with everything you need. This is a simple rule that will get you extremely far in the modeling world. Believe it or not, there are a staggering number of would-be models that either can’t or won’t do this, leading to countless missed opportunities. Be responsible and prove your reliability.

Never Backtalk

There will always be a temptation to backtalk those you aren’t fond of. No matter how much you want to or think you can trust someone, avoid this at all costs. The modeling industry is smaller than you think and word travels fast.

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