Can You Model with Tattoos?

Can You Model with Tattoos?It’s a question with a very important answer. After all, nearly 50% of the population sports a tattoo. So, with a one-in-two chance you’re sporting some ink, is it even possible to forge a career in modeling when ads and runways very heavily lean toward unmarked skin?

The Answer

Yes. You can pursue modeling even with a tattoo (or more than one).

The Caveat

That being said, stop getting tattoos unless you absolutely are dedicated to becoming a tattoo model for magazines and the like. It’s a niche gig, like many, but it is a pigeon hole, and if you have higher aspirations than an ink magazine, you need to put aside your hobby.

The Plan

Let’s say you have a tattoo. Here’s how you continue to pursue a wider world of modeling.

First, invest in Dermablend or another high quality, thick foundation that can cover your current tattoos. Next, practice blending the makeup to your skin in such a way that the tattoos are fully covered and the makeup is unnoticeable. While Photoshop is always an option, the less the digital artist has to do to touch up your shots, the easier the job is for everyone.

Third, don’t lie to the modeling agencies. They will find out, and when they do, they will not look kindly on your insincerity. Be straightforward and present your ability to cover the ink up should it need to be hidden. In addition, keep your portfolio free of visible tattoos unless you’re aiming for a gig that welcomes the ink. While the modeling world is certainly more conservative, it’s not necessarily exclusionary when true talent appears. Be bold. Be brave. But be flexible, and you can make it far.

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