2019 Summer Fashion for Men

2019 Summer Fashion for MenOn the surface, it might seem men only have a choice between khakis or board shorts and polos or a fitted t-shirt, but the deeper you dig into men’s fashion, the more variety you realize there actually is from season to season.

Tempting Tailoring

Businesses don’t close for summer. Instead of grieving being tied to a suit, use this time to test the bounds of asymmetrical tailoring styles and unique color combinations. With summer often rejecting formality, it’s a safe time of the year to get a little wacky.

Clear Cut Cowboys

A fun footwear to break in is the cowboy boot. Be it leather or pleather, it’s the style and cut, rather than authenticity, that makes it a choice this year. On top of that, you can go bold with the color or keep it formal – the choice is yours.

Nod to the ‘90s

Both sexes are getting a free pass to pull from the past this summer. More specifically, male fashion is embracing the grunge of the ‘90s with tighter black pants, worn tennis shoes, and ill-fitting t-shirts. While all three aren’t necessary, don’t be afraid to grab those looks that still speak to style this summer.

Leather Looks

Depending on where you live, hearing that leather is back in fashion may or may not be the greatest news you’ve gotten all year. You can dress in full leather or go for a single article. Just make sure it’s the real deal and not imitation.

Shorter Shorts

Some seasons, it’s a sin. Other seasons, like this one, it’s in. Shorter shorts have swept the runways and offer an alternative to leathers. Getting the shorts to rest mid-thigh is the perfect length when wanting to beat the heat.

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