10 Tips on Dressing for Success

10 Tips on Dressing for SuccessDress to impress is a long-standing rallying cry for those aiming to get hired. After all, the clothes make the person and we, as humans, are guilty of judging others based on appearances, especially in the modeling and acting world where appearance is a huge part of the job.

  1. Tailor Everything

A well-fitted outfit is the easiest way to go from frump to fab, and it’s not extremely expensive.

  1. Be Clean

Unless the audition specifically asks for dirty clothes, dress in your cleanest outfits. No stains, no dirt, iron everything, and avoid outfits with frayed edges.

  1. Accessorize

A few tasteful additions can accentuate what you want while also adding that certain spark plain clothes otherwise don’t give on their own.

  1. Remove Body Piercings

Piercings are a fantastic quirk to have and are great conversation centerpieces, but not when your work revolves around your personality or your potential appearance.

  1. Bring a Bag

This should be a portable collection of materials, shoes, and other clothes you may need for an audition or interview.

  1. Calm the Coif

Remember that interviewers want to see your face. They don’t want to deal with you pushing hair behind your ears. The less distraction, the more professional you are.

  1. Avoid Aromas

You never know what smells are pleasant or not to other people. It’s always safest to assume that no smell is the best smell.

  1. Dress Conservatively

Though you shouldn’t go formal, you should dress on the more conservative side since less conservative clothing can be cause for distraction.

  1. Mask the Makeup

If you wear makeup, keep it as natural looking as possible. Nail polish should also remain either clear or neutral in shade.

  1. Hide the Tattoos

Unless specially requested by the interviewers, tattoos are distracting and take away from your potential appearance.

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