How to Dress for a Modeling Audition

How to Dress for a Modeling Audition

Before you walk the runway, you need to work the audition room with nothing but your confidence and an outfit that tells the judges everything they need to know about your potential.

Ready and Researched

Before donning your audition attire, know what look is even required of you. Each call is different. Some demand designer while others are much more general. Will they want a swimsuit? Are they hoping for winter wear? Read through the guidelines carefully before putting together your ensemble.

Safe and Simple

You are a blank slate the judges are imagining in their product. The more you can do to create a canvas of your body, the better your audition will go. Men, find fitted, plain t-shirts and fitted jeans or khakis. Women, fitted t-shirts and tank tops are ideally paired with fitted jeans. Your hair should be plain but well-coiffed and any visual noise should be muted.

Casual Cosmetics

An audition is not a night on the town. Again, it is a blank slate, but you certainly don’t want to arrive without any makeup whatsoever. Opt for natural looking colors and shading. Bring out your features without the cat eyes. What if they want your mole or your freckles? They certainly won’t see those features if they’re covered by thick layers of foundation.

Flat Footwear

Shoes you’ll want to bring a few of. Ideally, begin with the flats but always come prepared with heels of different lengths. While flats play to your natural gait, heels truly show off your poise and grace when balancing. Just like the clothes and makeup before this, shoot for nudes or blacks. The focus is on your face, not your feet (unless otherwise stated in the audition requirements).

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