Types of Heels: Finding Your Signature Runway Shoe

Types of Heels: Finding Your Signature Runway ShoeThere are a lot of different heel types out there. For the aspiring model, being told a find a heel for the runway is far more daunting than learning how to do makeup and hair. Instead of burrowing into the books, play to these fast and loose rules regarding what shoes work best for you until you find your signature sole.

Go Light

We’ve all worn heavy shoes before. Sure, they fit like a dream and hug your feet like a pillow, but after twenty minutes your legs are burned out from having to lift so much extra weight. Now imagine how poorly this would translate on a runway. During a show, you’re supposed to glide elegantly with total control. For this reason alone your search needs to start with light heels.

Find a Fit

Now that weight is out of the way, it’s time to buckle down and search and search and search until you find the right fit. Nothing short of perfection will do here. Your heels should be an extension of your legs, and that’s not going to happen mentally if you feel your foot slip every time you take a step. Size up and size down until that hug happens.

Avoid Platforms

Showing off confidence on stage is far easier if the ground you’re walking on is solid. Platforms do not provide this. They rob you of your foundation because of the curvature of the bottom of the shoe. Don’t worry about your height. Worry about your strut. Jumping off of this, 4 foot heels are generally recommended as the ideal to aim for.

Name the Name

As you go out on your search, keep these heel types in mind:

  • Stiletto
  • Cone
  • Comma
  • Spoon
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