2019 Nail Trends

2019 Nail TrendsAs with every change of season, so come the exciting new styles and celebrations of fashion with it. Be the first one ready to celebrate spring with these exciting nail designs.


Truly a fashion born from the love of a bygone era, CD nails are a fashion that may not last longer than this spring, so enjoy them while you can. The secret is in the gloss, making the reflection shine like when a light is held to the back of a CD.

Galactic Glam

Certainly a trend but a trend that’s actually been taking off over the last few years, many makeup and nail artists have latched on to the mystic beauty of galaxy-inspired designs. Because this style requires a true artist’s eye due to its intricacy, don’t be afraid to pay a bit more to guarantee you walk out with a look that will catch positive attention.

Metal Magic

Metallic nails have truly found a permanent place in the general fashion line up. Appearing at most fashion shows nowadays, the only big decision to make for the season involves trying out the newly released brands and picking your favorite.

Perfect Prints

If you like changing your nails up often, this season is your season to shine. Matched nails and clothing prints are the biggest statement you can invest in this year.

Sexy Squiggles

Hearkening back to the general designs of the 80s, squiggles, and scribbles, broad lines of color without any pattern, are ideal when you wear a lot of accessories. It’s an addition to the planned chaos that actually ties everything together in a very respectable way. Currently, the best way is to choose one color and squiggle that over a clear bottom coat.

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