2019 Spring Fashion Trends

2019 Spring Fashion TrendsWinter woes be gone! We are done with the gray days and are ready to launch into spring with these feisty fashion features that took runways by storm.

Solo Shoulders

If there’s one look that will most definitely find its way into cities across the world, it’s the return of the single shoulder tops and dresses. Alluring without being garish, single shoulder straps are a wonderful way to welcome the return of warmth.

Bold Butterflies

In the early 2000s, butterfly accessories were all the rage. And now they’re back. However, instead of nesting themselves in the hair, these winged wonders are making their mark on tops and sleeves, acting as lapel pins more so than bobby pins.

Cheeky Checkers

Black-and-white checkerboard patterns were all over this year, and what better way to celebrate the idea of spring and the picnics that follow? While tops were the preferred choice for where to don the pattern, a few dresses and the occasional sandal featured this classic as well.

Baby Blue

If color is what you’re really looking for, then look no further than pale blues. Clearly the main color for this season’s couture, you can have a lot of fun with this fashion. Go for solids, celebrate patterns, or simply decorate with accessories.

Ornate Orange

Fear not if blue isn’t your color. Orange is another beloved choice this season. Aim for a bright version of the color and, again, have fun pouring it into whatever style you prefer. The more orange in your outfit, the better.

Cut Colors

To tie everything together, let’s assume your outfit contains more than just one color. How do you pull it all together? With very broad strokes. Known as color-blocking, the fashion-forward are keeping their colors in solid shapes, juxtaposing them against one another, rather than trying to blend.

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