Going International

Going InternationalWith the world becoming more and more connected, going international as an actor or model is no longer a pipe dream. In fact, many companies are embracing the expansion with open arms. Here’s how you can find fun abroad while still getting paid.


You’ll need to be tall. Women should fall in the 5’8” to 5’11” range while men should be between 6’ and 6’2”. This is even more important internationally because you’ll be auditioning for virtually every job you can find, be it print or runway. The more you fit the general mold, the better your chances. Beyond this, the more professional you are at home, the higher the likelihood a company will foot the bill to get you overseas for more jobs. Make sure your portfolio is strong. Stay physically fit. Perfect the “it” of your look, the thing that makes you stand apart from other models. Beyond this, it’s all about finding an agency well versed in international modeling. Find a good placement agency and you’ll be overseas in no time.


Unfortunately, acting isn’t quite the same. While the physical limitations are hardly as stern as modeling, the open communication across the seas isn’t nearly as open or as well orchestrated. While agencies can help, it’s important for the actor themselves to keep up on casting directors and casting calls so that every foreign opportunity is pursued. It also pays to have a strong repertoire in accents. For instance, if you’re in America and headed over to Scotland to perform in a production of Macbeth, do not be surprised if you’re expected to pick up a Scottish accent. If they know you can do this quickly, you have a much better chance of finding work. Finally, remember to keep building up your resume at home. Your previous jobs and contacts are the foundation from which you can propel yourself beyond your current country.

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