The Pattern Mix and Match

The Pattern Mix and MatchWe’ve all been tempted. Maybe this polka dot will go well with this plaid. Then you see them together and realize what a horrible mistake you’ve made. Fear no more! Here are quick and fast rules to decide whether what you’re wearing is a do or do not.

Is there one dominant and one accent?

While it’s impossible to lay out every pattern and every fashion faux pas, these questions will help guide your budding fashion hand. For instance, if you are using two different patterns, how big are each of them? If one is huge and utterly dominant while the other is hardly noticeable, you’ve nailed a mixed pattern look. However, if both are vying for dominance, you should change.

Are they in the same color family?

Simply put, do the colors work with one another? This is good. Colors do a fantastic job of further emphasizing fun fashion. However, if you go with something garish, say a salmon with a lime green, the mismatch will be too tacky to ignore.

Are they the same pattern?

The same pattern type is perfectly acceptable if you break up the monotony. This can be done in two main ways. The first is to simply have inversions. If one is black and white, the other should be white and black. Should this not be the case, put a belt around your waist for a very clear break between the two.

Are you using neutrals?

Never forget that even when you’re looking to mix and match patterns, you can always throw a neutral into the mix. Make sure this item shares a color with both patterns to better unify the look. If it’s not doing this, it’s not doing its job as a neutral.

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