Styling Your Leather Jacket

Styling Your Leather Jacket

Let’s face it, leather jackets are cool. They’re one of the few fashion fits that is timeless. One jacket can last you your entire life. Unfortunately, you do want to change up your other clothes. Here’s how to transition your jacket to fit any look.


Tough but Cute

A great wear for spring and the more casual business meeting, throw on your favorite t-shirt, jeans, heels, and jacket. It’s a look that is as classy as it is casual. Add a bit more flair with a loud color on your fingernails.


Fresh for Fall

Leather jackets are perfect for a cozy Pacific Northwest fall look. Throw it on over a comfy sweater and wrap your neck in an oversized knit scarf. Just be sure to not forget the staple black leggings and calf-high brown boots. You can even try plaid if you’re feeling extra fashionable.


Daring Dress

Let’s not forget that you don’t have to wear pants with the jacket. If you love dresses, you, too, can enjoy complimenting your outfit further. The best dresses run about mid-thigh. Pair them with some cute pantyhose and heels along with your jacket. Scarfs aren’t required but can really do a lot to pull everything together.


Winter Wears

Sadly, leather jackets aren’t warm enough on their own to protect against the extreme frigidity of winter. To fix this, layer them with other, warmer jackets. Any will do but nothing beats a bottom layer with a hood falling over the back of the leather.


Fierce but Fancy

If you’re dead set on making the jacket work in a more formal setting, nothing beats a jacket draped on the shoulders. Is it yours? Is it someone else’s? Either way, it’s merely there to keep you warm, not act as a permanent piece of the evening’s look (even if it absolutely is).

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