Special Resume Skills

Special Resume SkillsWe all have them. The skills we are masters of but don’t really see much stage time. Maybe you’re a pro with the yo-yo. Maybe you can shoot a bow and arrow. Maybe you are fluent in three different languages. While you shouldn’t highlight everything all the time, here are the strongest skills that you should always leave room for.


Too many shows require characters that have an accent and since not every production can get their hands on a native of southern Georgia, being able to naturally replicate a pattern of speech is a highly sought-after skill. The more believable you can pull off acting with the accent, the stronger your chances of landing roles.


Whether you’ve worked with firearms or can’t stop training with swords, even the most rudimentary stage combat is looked at with a positive light. Directors don’t want to waste time every show teaching their cast how to throw a proper slap. The less time they have to spend on that information, the more time they have to put in to make the production better.


If you are of Latino heritage, expect to be asked if you can speak fluent Spanish. Many more doors will open up for you if you play to certain gender and racial assumptions. The casting crew is not seeking to be offensive, they simply need to fit the role they were told to cast, and the more you play to what is most often requested based on your background, the better off you’ll be.


As with all things in theater, no one is you and you aren’t anyone else. Play to your strengths. If you are a master pianist applying for a role that requires musical acumen, highlight your talent. Just be sure to avoid weirder things that could be misinterpreted or otherwise don’t lend anything to a show.

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