Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

Fall 2018 Fashion TrendsAnd, just like that, fall fashion is on the horizon. Get an early start year with the latest and greatest showcased down this year’s runway.

Oversized Outerwear

Go big or go home with your fleece and your parkas. Though it doesn’t have to be as loud as some of those runway looks can be, bold colors coupled with the larger look are a no-brainer. The usual fall color options are favored, such as deep reds, golden browns, and beautiful blues.

Quality Quilts

Hearkening back to America’s heartland, quilted clothes and quilt patterns proved to be one of the more surprising choices this year. Excitedly accepted, look for long dresses made in this style or comfy shawls perfect to protect you from the chilly breezes.

Bringing Back the 80s

A fashion slant we’ve seen for the past few runway seasons, the modern 80s inspiration is still going strong. Broad shoulders, angles, and faux leather all made their way into the hearts of fashion lovers across the world. Still, even with the variety of shapes, the colors remained limited to black.

Tall and Thin

If the 80s wasn’t your favorite silhouette, there is still another choice. Seen in very calm colors, including off-white, clothes long in length but thin in shape were also incredibly popular. Dresses and pantsuits dominated this genre with simplicity being this style’s keyword.

Faux Fur

Fur always makes a reemergence. There’s something elegant in look in addition to its being incredibly warm during these colder months. It’s definitely preferred to go faux if you enjoy coats that have the longer fur, but if you want actual animal fluff, sheep’s wool was just as popular, if not more. The best coats were long but a few mid-length options had a positive showing.

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