Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

Summer 2018 Fashion TrendsDitch the jackets and ban the boots, summer is here in all of its fierce, fiery fashion.

The Beach is Back

Floridians will rejoice this year to hear their daily wear is this year’s hottest summer trend. Bold patterns with bright colors and swaying palm trees lit up the runways on everything from wrap dresses to three piece fashion suits.

Fielding Flowers

Along with images of the beach, flower prints proved just as prominent. Unlike the beach theme, the floral patterns proved to be much smaller in size and muted in color. A sheer look featuring briefs on display ended up being one of the higher fashion uses of this style.

Rainy Days

Those that live in wetter climates will enjoy the return of the clear plastic raincoat so popular in the 1960s. Also like that time period, current coats come with colorful linings designed to match the outfit worn underneath.

Suit Shorts

A fashion faux pas up until this summer, suit shorts are quickly become the higher end version of cutoff jeans. Perfectly matched with heels and a nice blouse, many women are breathing a sigh of relief for such a comfortable and breathable look for the dead heat of summer.


Celebrating the 80s, puff sleeves are back. From large and in charge to barely there, women of all shoulder types can enjoy the reemergence of this trend. Paired with high-waisted jeans and different types of boots, it’s a great look fit for any level of style requirement.

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