Natural versus Stage Makeup

Natural versus Stage MakeupThere is a big difference between natural and stage makeup. Where one is to be enjoyed in natural lighting, the other must be bold enough to be seen from across a room as you are showered in very intense lighting. Never should the two be swapped.

Natural Makeup

In general, lighter is better when it comes to natural makeup. The colors used are there to accentuate your natural features while smoothing out some of the less desirable parts. Tones that match your skin color are favored and when you go heavy for a bold look, it’s only done on one area. Be it smoky eyes or red lipstick, every girl gets a favorite feature she can emphasize without any backlash. Too much, however, and the gossip begins.

Stage Makeup

For stake makeup, take what you know of natural makeup and throw it in the trash. On the stage, it’s all about extremes. How big is the venue? What color are the lights? Will you be using period makeup? Are you playing an animal? What age are you? What does your costume look like? Is the production realistic or fantastical? All of these questions and more go into designing your makeup for a stage show. In general, you are required to have your own makeup kit to achieve the costume designer’s dream. This typically means a box of colors to be mixed and matched. While Ben Nye is usually the brand stage performers turn to, there are other options out there. You’ll find these makeups are more like pastes and the colors are bright, even when going for the more natural shades. On top of such a heavy makeup, there’s the outercoat that is then applied to lock the makeup in place so that it doesn’t run when you inevitably begin sweating.

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