What to Expect to be asked in a Modeling Call Back

What to Expect to be asked in a Modeling Call BackThey’re definitely going to ask you to walk. That’s a given. But what are some other areas you’ll be called out on when you go in for the next step of the audition?


Sometimes a callback is simply standing in a room with the other hopefuls and posing for just a little longer. This, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come prepared. As a successful applicant, you should have put more time into studying the company behind the gig to better prepare yourself for the products and look they sell. The more you know about what they need from you, the better you can offer them more than just a pretty face.


Other times, the call back will be more in-depth. In this case, you’ll no doubt be asked about your own aspirations in terms of what type of modeling you’re aiming to pursue. In that case, make sure you’ve prepared a plan. It doesn’t have to be the exact course you take and you don’t even have to be married to the idea. The trick here is to sound both educated and driven on the subject matter. This promotes an image of professionalism most major companies expect from their models.


As with every part of the audition process, make sure you have your portfolio with you. Should you know the role you were called back for, you can even alter the portfolio to better suit the look and attitude. Following any discussion they may have with you, you’ll no doubt be asked to give them your collection of work. Again, research is important here. Know what they want and adapt your answers and your look to better fit it.

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