ModelYour modeling pay is directly related to your experience, how long you have been in the business and what the modeling job pays. Since there are so many different types of modeling jobs and the pay differs between city to city, it is impossible to specifically say how much you will earn.

New York City pays the highest print modeling rates but in most markets the hourly rate is $100-$150. Promotional modeling ranges from minimum wage up to $40 per hour. Runway can pay from $25 -$100 per hour. Of course, there are ‘day rates (8 hours)’ and rates for wardrobe fittings and rehearsals too! Commercial models can make from $50 – $250 per hour, again depending on the market.

The top fashion magazines pay much less for editorial work and for their magazine covers (Think Vogue). Most models want a magazine cover because it’s all about exposure which increases your hourly or day rate! Even the photographers who shoot the covers earn very little money – again it’s about the exposure and the not the pay.

 If you are a new model entering the business, work closely with your agent who will guide your career but don’t necessarily turn down a modeling job because the pay is low or perhaps there is no pay….remember, you are trying to build your experience and exposure!

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