Different Mascara Wands for Different Looks

Different Mascara Wands for Different LooksThere are a lot of mascara brushes out there. From the usual straight wand to balls and curves, choosing the right one has never been so confusing. Fret no more. Here’s the down low on what to choose when deciding on a look.

Straight Wands

For beginners, straight wands are the best. They add natural length and separation to create a fuller look. Perfect for every lash type, they are the most common option since they offer little room for error.

Curved Wands

When you’re ready to move on to a more challenging application, curved wands offer just that. The shape follows the natural curvature of the eye, lifting the lashes to create a soft yet voluminous curl.

Orb Wands

Hard to find due to their relative newness to the marketplace, orb wands were designed with precision in mind. This makes them the top choice for perfectionists. The orb shape covered in bristles allows users to apply mascara to difficult lashes in harder to reach areas.


For the previous three options, there are types of bristles you can choose from. The most common is nylon. This material is suite for virtually all lashes. The bristles are also numerous and close together, making it easier to apply a lot of mascara in one go, keeping clumping to a minimum.

Plastic Bristles

Plastic bristles are made from molds and are the single best way to achieve a perfect mascara look without any clumping. The molding process means high precision bristle arrangement. Because of this, most are designed to coat each lash, resulting in superior length and definition.

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