Parent 101

Parent 101

What to Expect When your Child Enters the Entertainment Industry

Child stars are introduced to the world every day. Some fizzle out while other manage to maintain healthy lives. Behind all of this madness are the parents. Whether driven mad by the unexpected pressures of childhood fame or adapted will to the new rigors, here’s a peek into the reality of being the parent of a child entertainer.

You Are the Balance

The entertainment industry is not a parent and, if it is, it’s one of the worst ones out there. As the family leader, it will be up to you to remain aware of the happiness of your child. Though working, they still need to be kids, have kid hobbies and know that it’s okay to stop when they want to. Remember, though, that they look to you to give them direction in these matters, making it that much more important to be an example of a healthy work and life balance.

It Affects Everyone

When your child enters the entertainment industry, so does the family. This is even more challenging when there are other siblings involved. You and your spouse must continually communicate about what needs to be done so that none of your children are overshadowed by a career that, naturally, overshadows others.

Always Be On Guard

For as many wonderful people as there are out there, there are just as many underhanded creeps trying to take advantage of both your child and you. There will be offers from people that claim they can transform your child into an Academy Award winner, and you have to be smart enough to know how to weed out the liars from the honest workers. It’s always okay to say “no” to something if the situation feels wrong. Your child deserves all the protection they can get.

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