How to Transition from Student to Professional Actor

How to Transition from Student to Professional ActorAfter leaving school, the real world is quick to remind you that things are different now. There are no schedules, no grades and if you want to succeed, it’s entirely on you. This is an experience that leaves many aspiring actors lost as to what they should do to become what the industry would refer to as “professional”.

Go Big or Stay Home

Once school ends, you’ll be faced with a big question: do you stay in a small town and build up a resume or do you head to a major city and try to make it big? Even if you’re a student in a major city, like New York or LA, the question is still there and both choices come with their own set of pros and cons. If you stay in a small town, you’ll build connections faster and have a greater chance at landing lead roles. Unfortunately, you’ll probably outgrow the area very quickly and either move or stagnate. If you head to a major city, you’ll learn from some of the greatest talent currently working and possibly get the chance to become a star. Unfortunately, you’re up against people that have been training since they were five.

Hone Your Craft

The only thing that separates a student from a professional is how you think of yourself. In fact, the greatest professionals refer to themselves as lifelong students. Learning is the only way we continue to improve. To truly have a shot at making it in your field, you have to seek out mentors to train you so that each time you audition, you have something new and better to offer. With little jobs here and there coupled with continued study, you’ll find yourself with the success you always wanted.

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