How to Wear Outerwear Indoors

How to Wear Outerwear IndoorsWith winter well on its way, it’s time to once again remind ourselves how to be fashionable during such cold months without appearing new to the practice. When it comes to outerwear and the indoors, there are definitely some acceptable and unacceptable practices floating around today that should never be crossed, even by the most fashion-forward.

Coats Off

Coats are never acceptable indoors. Take them off. If there’s a jacket underneath worn to look great, however, that can stay on.


Men are virtually always required to take their hats off indoors unless it is a public place, such as a post office or airport. Women, however, can get around this rule if the hat is a small fashion accessory. Like the jacket, if you’ve worn it to make the outfit cuter or trendier, you are allowed to keep it on.


Like the hats, scarves indoors is more about the function of the article of clothing. If it is designed to be worn as an accent to your look, keep it on. Silk scarves are perfect for this. If, however, it is used to keep you warm from the elements, take it off with your coat. This is a rule that applies to both men and women, though many take offense to men wearing scarves when not outside.


Gloves, being more function than form, follow the rule of the coats. They are not to be worn indoors.

Still Not Sure?

If there are other pieces of outerwear you have floating around your wardrobe, the quickest way to determine if it should be worn indoors is to ask what its main function is. If it’s to keep you warm, take it off when you get inside. If it’s to make you look good, keep it.

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