Post Audition Checklist

Post Audition ChecklistJust like any job, the follow-up to an audition or agency interview is as important as the interview itself. Knowing what to do won’t guarantee a role or position but it will guarantee that your name will become a respected one for future endeavors, increasing the likelihood of success down the road.

  1. Review Your Performance – How do you feel it went? What could you improve? What did you nail? Give yourself introspection time to better understand how to perform even stronger next time. Write down what you discover in a journal. Every audition is a learning experience if you make it one.
  2. Send a Thank You Note – It’s important to let the agency or casting company know that you appreciate the time they took to judge your audition. A simple form of recognition is enough to communicate that you understand it’s an intense process on both sides and their input is greatly appreciated.
  3. Alert your Peers – If you have an agent or directors that you worked with to prepare for the audition, let them know how it went. They are eager to hear all about it. You can also use this time to thank them and elaborate on how what they did served you well.
  4. Toss Unimportant Audition Papers – If you were asked to read for a side or received any sort of paper used solely for that audition and nothing more, throw it away. You did the best you could and holding on to superfluous material makes moving forward harder.
  5. Move On – After spending time analyzing, making notes and celebrating your audition, move on. You will audition many times and need to learn how to let go. Getting bogged down on one thing only hampers your ability to see the next success on the horizon.
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