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The Model ModelAchieving a model body is possible for anyone so long as you are willing to put in the time and hard work required. Luckily, that’s the biggest challenge since the recipe for an incredible body is straight forward.


As a model, your goal is to be skinny but maintain an aesthetic shape. Your muscles are what give you this look.

You need to lift weights four times a week with each day targeting two specific parts of the body. Each muscle group should be worked with a total of three different exercises with four sets of high reps (8-12). The different muscle pairings are the deltoids and the back, the chest and the triceps, the hamstrings and the biceps, and the quadriceps and the glutes. As far as the weight goes, use weights that are challenging to push through the repetitions but aren’t so easy you don’t break a sweat.


Cardio is well-known as the fat buster and rightfully so. That being said, it’s important to know that not all cardio helps you lose fat. In fact, only what’s known as aerobic cardio does this. The simplified reason for this is that once in the aerobic zone, the way the body creates energy to keep fueling your workout is one that forces it to use the fat molecules stored in your body. In terms of heart rate, aerobic cardio is cardio that keeps your heart rate at around 75% of your Max Heart Rate (MHR). A great cardio session lasts 30 minutes and can be either steady state or HIIT. Do this 3-5 times per week.


What you eat is the final pillar of this triumvirate. It is as important as working out. Without a proper diet, all of the hard work you put into your body will never be seen. Keeping it simple, your diet needs to be clean. Anything that goes into your mouth should not be processed. Brown rice, chicken breasts and lots of veggies are the go to. This diet is what keeps you from putting on extra fat so that you can lower your overall body fat percentage low enough to see muscle definition. That being said, with this much physical work, you’ll need to be eating at least 1600 calories to maintain a good looking cut. Anything lower than 1500 should only ever be done prior to a show or shoot.

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