Market Basics

Market BasicsIn any line of work, from business to art, understanding your ideal market and how to find it is a major key to unlocking success. While the execution of finding this niche can be nebulous, having at least a small understanding gives you an enormous advantage over your competition and launch you to the levels of success you’re aiming for.

What is a Market?

A market is an audience. More specifically, it’s the audience that will invest in your creations whether you’re a model or an actress. Disney, for instance, has a market that revolves around children. Marvel has a market that revolves around young adults. The more specific you can be in regards to defining your audience, the better you can shape yourself to be more appealing thereby resulting in higher desirability.

Where is my Market?

To find your market, you need to start with an honest look at yourself and your abilities. If, for instance, you want to become a voice actor, you’ll land roles faster if you audition for the correct market. Say you have a high female voice that sounds young. Your market in that case would be children and the cartoons they watch. If you have a booming, deep voice, you’ll have a better chance auditioning for villains in things geared toward teenagers or adults. Once you figure this out within your artistic realm, you can then apply yourself toward roles that you’ll have an easier time landing, increasing the rate at which you book gigs and, ultimately, increasing your notoriety and desirability within that market. As you grow, it certainly becomes easier to branch out to other markets, but as you begin, the more specific you are, the better.

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